Gail’s Gambols Ch. 07


This is part of a series. This Chapter does not stand on its own. Please read from Chapter one.

* * * * *

The Sunday after that brought a very big surprise: Jackie turned up! She phoned me from the station. I wasn’t really ready to introduce her to my new lifestyle after only three weeks, but she was my closest friend, so I couldn’t put her off.

“I was worried about you!” she said when I asked her why she’d come, “What’s going on Gail?”

I told her the story of how I’d met the boys and how I’d taken the chance to come up North with them.

“Two! At the same time? Really at the same time?”

“On Fridays and Saturdays, yes. In the week I have them one at a time.”

“Jesus! So you’re getting sex every day? No, wait, except Sunday!”

“Well, actually…” I explained about Gavin too.

“Christ! Three lovers! You lucky cow!”

I have to admit I felt a certain sense of pride, triumph even at Jackie’s reaction. I’d expected her to disapprove.

“You’ll be able to meet them. It’s Tommy tomorrow and Tuesday.”

“Don’t you want me to make myself scarce?”

I shrugged. “That’s up to you. I don’t mind you being here.”

We talked it through some more. I promised her I’d resign from my job properly and find one in Harrogate. She was very concerned that I was losing my independence, but I assured her that I’d get a job and get myself properly sorted before too long.

On Monday I showed her round what I knew of Harrogate. We had a nice lunch together. I do love Jackie, we fit together well.

When Tommy turned up I introduced him. He looked a little doubtful, but Jackie gave him her best smile, which would melt a frozen Finn, to which he smiled back. Five minutes later it was obvious that they fancied each other very much indeed. The smouldering looks and the body language! I couldn’t believe it.!

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, you two,” I said after I’d been completely ignored for a full half hour, “go and get on with it!”

“What?” said Tommy.

“You’ve obviously got the hots for each other. Go and fuck each other senseless. Don’t mind me.”

“Are you sure, luv?”

“Go on!”

Jackie gave me a quick kiss as they headed for the bedroom. I watched TV, trying to ignore the sounds they were making.

When Tommy came out, looking sheepish he paused as he passed me.

“Look, luv…”

“It’s OK, Tommy,” I said getting up and putting my arms around his neck, “No strings. You’re free.”

“Aye, well. I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise it’ll be you tomorrow, OK?”

“Looking forward to it.”

Sometime later Jackie emerged and sat on the settee next to me.

“Jesus,” was all she could manage. A little later she added, “Are we OK?”

“Yeah, course we are. I told you, there were no strings, no complications. He’s good isn’t he?”

“Oh God, good isn’t the word. I lost count of how often I came, and he only came once! You are such a lucky cow!

“I know!” I said smugly.

“And he’s coming again tomorrow?”

“Yes, but you’re not having him all to yourself, girl!”

“No, of course not,” she replied obviously disappointed, “He’s yours. I know that.”

“We could share him,” I suggested.

“Really? Would he go for that?”

“Would we give him any choice?” We both laughed.

He went for it in a big way. We both stripped slowly for him as he lay on the bed stroking his huge cock. Then we knelt one each side of him and began licking his erection and running our mouths up its length. As we met at the top we kissed with a giggle. Jackie took him in her mouth as I straddled him pressing my cunt onto his mouth. He took the hint and began licking me out, alternating probes into my cunt with sucks on my clit. He was very good at it, going very slowly. In fact Jackie succeeded in sucking him off before I came. I moved aside for her, taking her place at the cock station. I sucked and licked him until he grew hard again, then I lowered myself onto him, putting my arms around Jackie and pumping my hips up and down. Jackie leant back into me her head on my shoulder, her hips moving backwards and forwards slightly on Tommy’s face. I hugged her gently and we moved in unison until we both came at much the same time. Tommy shot his load soon afterwards. That was nice. Jackie and I had never actually shared a man before, though we’d swapped a few times.

“Bloody hell, girls,” was all Tommy said, typically. But he stayed in the bed for longer than usual with us on either side of him before he climbed out and left.

“Not much for foreplay or afterplay, is he?” said Jackie.

“No. But he can fuck, that’s all that matters.”

We had a nice day together again the next day, but things were different when Darren appeared. He was much less relaxed about Jackie being there. They didn’t have the same spark at all. Jackie retreated to her room leaving Darren istanbul travesti and me to ourselves. The sex was pleasant enough, but Darren was definitely a little on edge.

“You never mind doing it with Tommy around.”

“Well, that’s different. I’ve known him all my life. And he’s a bloke.”

I couldn’t really compete with such non-logic so I didn’t bother. Darren left early.

“I didn’t ruin it for you, did I?” asked Jackie.

“No. There’ll be plenty of other opportunities. Darren’s a bit sensitive, that’s all.”

“Sensitive? He’s a drip!”

“Jackie! He isn’t! He’s actually rather lovely. And he has more techniques than Tommy, I can tell you. His tongue is, well…magic.”

“I’ll take your word for it, Gail.”

We took a bus out into the country next day, and had lunch in a nice pub up there. We only just got back in time for Darren. I wondered if he’d turn up after the previous day, but he did. Not only that but he seemed less ill-at-ease so we had a fairly good shag or two. I half wondered whether I should call off Friday night, but I guessed that Tommy would be only too happy to see Jackie again so I said nothing.

The boys wined and dined us very well again on Friday, though Tommy monopolised Jackie. She’d made a special effort with her appearance, I noticed. But their good humour and manners made it very easy to tumble into bed together once we got home. Tommy and Jackie hardly got in the door before they were stripping each other. I grabbed Darren, stuck my tongue halfway down his throat and started undressing. He was a little slow off the mark but by the time I had him inside me he was his usual self. I was holding my knees up by my ears as he was ever-so-slowly pulling and pushing his cock into me. I looked across at Jackie who had Tommy pumping her doggy-style. We grinned at each other. I knew she was thinking ‘Just like old times’. At that moment, Tommy pulled out and said “Come on, Daz, swapsie time.” I wondered if Darren would demur, but he pulled out, making me gasp. Tommy was in like a flash, making me groan loudly. I looked across at Jackie again, thinking that she might not be too receptive to Darren, but, bless her, she held her position and looked back at Darren with a smile, albeit a forced one. Darren stroked her sopping cunt a little before positioning his cock head at her entrance.

“Is this ok, luv?”

I thought it was lovely of him to ask before he fucked her as they’d not exactly hit it off.

“Go on then,” she said a little grumpily.

Five minutes later she was yelling and moaning for all she was worth as Darren used all his considerable expertise on her. Tommy even stopped and held station inside me for a few minutes to watch her have a loud, shattering orgasm. We all relaxed after that, lying in a heap together until the boys had enough energy for a second round. Darren plugged Jackie again, but she made sure Tommy had her last. I was perfectly happy with Darren as he licked me out, unconcerned about the amount of come in my cunt.

We stayed in the bed as the boys left, too tired to move. Jackie moved closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Ok, I admit it. He’s not a complete drip. In fact he’s a bit of a stud!”

I kissed the top of her head. “Not at all bad is he?”

“I’d better go to my own bed,” said Jackie.

“Oh, stay, luv. We’re settled now aren’t we?”

Jackie and I had shared many things over the years, but never a bed; well, never had we been naked in bed together, we’d bunked together a few times but this was something different. It felt nice, I thought. I’ve never had the slightest sexual feeling for any woman, not even Jackie, so I was happy to fall asleep with her in my arms and enjoy the intimacy without any pressure.

When I woke late the next morning, Jackie was till sleeping. She’d rolled away during the night and now had her back to me. I actually considered spooning her, but decided against it. I just lay still until she woke some time later. She rolled over, yawned, stretched and smiled at me.

“Hmmm, that was some night. You are a lucky cow, Gail.”

“Less of the cow, if you don’t mind. I know I’m lucky. It probably won’t last. But I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Damn right, love,” she said cuddling up to me again, a little to my surprise. I kissed her on top of her head, then went to get out of bed a little embarrassed.

“I’ll make some coffee,” I said a little hurriedly.

Jackie joined me a little later in the lounge. We sat, unshowered, in our dressing gowns discussing last night’s manoeuvres.

“That Tommy just takes me to such heights so quickly. I can’t get enough of him,” she said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, he’s a marvel, isn’t he? Not much of a talker, though. You should try sucking him off. He’s so thick it’s almost impossible to get any more than the end of his cock istanbul travestileri in your mouth.”

“Perhaps I’ll have a chance before I leave tomorrow. Don’t they come around again today?”

“Hmm, yes. I meant to tell you about that.” I was seriously embarrassed now. I thought Jackie would disapprove strongly of me playing such a submissive role on Saturdays. She’d always spoken strongly against such things. But I had to tell her how it would go.

“What? You? Being a sub to both of them? This I have to see!” she said when I explained.

She thought for a while. “They’re not really dominant types though are they? I mean they’re not shrinking violets, obviously, but they don’t have that commanding air I’d expect from a Dom.”

“You’re right. It’s just a game. They’re not out to break me or anything like that. They just like to order me about a bit,” I hesitated, “and give my bum the odd slap. And perhaps tie me up.”

Jackie looked at me a little askance, but said only, “Kinky! Well, I wait with interest.”

“We’d better get showered and dressed. They’ll be here in a couple of hours.”

“Breakfast first, love.”

I was surprised, later on, how much trouble Jackie went to with her appearance. Her hair was shining, her makeup perfect, if a little heavier than usual, and she had on a short, front-fastening dress. Easy to remove quickly, I thought to myself. I did much the same, except I had a short skirt and blouse on.

The boys arrived at twelve. They looked excited, kissing and hugging us both. Jackie gave Darren a big smile, I noticed, but very quickly attached herself to Tommy.

The TV went on.

“What’s that for?” asked Jackie indignantly.

“None of your business, luv. Go fetch us some beer,” ordered Tommy.

Jackie gave him a hard, outraged look.

“It’s like I told you, Jackie,” I said quickly.

“What we’ve started have we?”

“Aye, luv. We don’t waste time. You’re sure you want to do this? If you want to opt out, now’s the time!”

“Fuck it! Bring it on! Do your worst!” she answered, a light in her eyes.

“Thatta girl. Get that beer, then.”

Once the boys were comfortable on the couch with their beers and the football had started, Tommy barked, “Ok, girls, kit off!”

I began undressing straight away, slowly. Jackie looked at me seeming a little unsure, then started to unbutton her dress. She had tiny scarlet underwear on. The thong showed off her neat little bum very well, while the bra did nothing to hide her pretty pink nipples. I’d seen her naked a few times before, but not really to look at. She’s gorgeous. Petite, not like me, and well-proportioned.

The boys had their cocks out by now and ordered us to suck them. But after just a few minutes, Tommy said, “I’ve got an idea.” He had such a wicked look on his face that I began to tremble a little.

“Oh, yes?”

“How about some girl-on-girl action? Kiss each other. Go on!”

“No way!” I said instantly.

“Oh, Gail! It’s just a kiss!” said Tommy.

To my astonishment Jackie piped up, “Come on, Gail! Where’s your sense of adventure? And didn’t we agree to do what they wanted?” She came over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“That’s it! Go on, girls” You’re gorgeous!” Yelled Tommy. Jackie was very keen on pleasing him, so she kissed me even harder. I wasn’t revolted by it, so after a few moments I kissed her back. I found the feeling of her tits pressed against me was n nice. We soon had our arms wrapped around each other and were quite happily tongue-fencing, in between giggles. The boys vacated the settee for us, so we lay down together. I felt Jackie’s hand go to my breast. I was surprised to find my nipple hardening. Up to then it had just been a little game, but suddenly I was getting aroused. I broke the kiss and looked at Jackie. Her eyes were saying “I want you!” Something inside my head said “Go on, do it! Take that step.” I stood up, took her by the hand and saying “follow us, boys,” I led her to the bedroom.

She lay back on the bed her legs spread wide, her eyes shining. I climbed on top of her, kissed her hard on the mouth, then moving down a little took a nipple in my mouth. I’d never had any sort of sexual contact with a woman before; I didn’t really know what to do, but I just followed my instinct, sucking and licking her nipples in turn, feeling them harden. The boys were standing, naked now, stroking their cocks and encouraging us. I felt Jackie’s hand go to my cunt so I opened my legs a little to give her better access. She slipped two fingers inside me straight away. I was very wet. I moved so I could do the same thing to her and we masturbated each other slowly. The boys had moved in and were fondling our tits somewhat awkwardly because we were so entwined, giving plenty of attention to my bum as well. We were ordered travesti istanbul to stop and move over so we could be fucked at one stage, but we looked at each other, giggled and continued until we’d both come. Only then did we let the boys fuck us. They were absolutely rampant by that time so we were very thoroughly fucked by each of them.

When they’d finished and gone Jackie and I lay in each other’s arms.

“Well, that was different!” I said, “I’ve never done that before.”

I expected Jackie to say the same, but she remained silent.

“Jackie? Have you?”

She shrugged, at least, as well as she could as she was lying in my arms, “I, err. I have had some experience before, as it happens.”

“You never told me!”

“It was before I met you. I was young and thought I was gay. I found out I wasn’t. But I also found out that I can enjoy sex with another woman. And you just found out the same thing, didn’t you?”

“Hmm. Yes. But only because it’s you, I think. And because the boys wanted it. I’ve never felt even the slightest attraction for a woman before.”

“That’s because you hadn’t seen me naked before. I’m irresistible, you know!”

“You’re not so bad, I guess.”

We laughed. As the laughter ended, Jackie gave me a significant look.

“Gail? We did it for the boys, right? It was good, right?”

“Ye-es,” I said a little doubtfully.

“So why don’t we do it now? For us!” She was stroking my hair as she said this, and before I could reply, she was kissing me again. I kissed her back. It just felt right to do so. We had a nice, gentle mutual masturbation session again with lots of looking into each other’s eyes and smiles. Jackie came first, pushing her cunt hard against my hand. She was a little clumsy after that, but she hung on to give me an orgasm. We fell asleep still entwined. I felt very good having someone in bed with me for two nights in a row.

In the morning, I woke first. Jackie was lying with her back to me. This time I did spoon her, gently so as not to wake her. I liked the feeling of her little bum against my thighs and my tits pressed into her back. After some time, she murmured and stirred a little.

“Mmmm, s’nice!”

I kissed her gently on the shoulder. She shifted around enough that our mouths could meet.

“Morning!” she said as she broke the kiss.

“Morning, sweetie!”

I wanted her again, but I wasn’t sure whether she was up for it or not. But she kissed me again, turning over so our tits pressed together. Her nipples were already hard.

“Fancy a sixty-nine?” She murmured, but before I could answer she was manoeuvring herself into position. Her cunt smelt nice. Musky but not too strong. I licked tentatively at her labia. She thrust her tongue straight into my vagina. I yelped, but kept position as she began tongue-fucking me. I continued licking her quite gently, gradually probing a little deeper into her vulva. Then I found her clit and nibbled it gently. This time she yelped, but with pleasure as she pushed her pelvis down onto my face. I reached up and caressed her cute little bum as my tongue went back to her vagina and pushed its way in. Now we were tongue-fucking each other in earnest. It was delicious! We both came at much the same time. Jackie went back to her previous position of being spooned by me. We lay happily together for a long time.

“I never thought it could be so good!” I whispered.

“Are you giving up men, then?” she asked, but I knew she was joking.

“Never! Not even for you, darling!” We laughed together.

She left that evening. We kissed fondly on the platform as she boarded her train.

“I’ll see you soon, hun. I’ve got to come down to sort out my things and…and Graham. See you then.”

Back at home that evening alone, Gavin not having called, which I was quite pleased about though I’d have shagged him if he’d turned up, I had time for more reflection. My life had changed totally in just a few weeks. I was certainly happy. In addition to the other changes I now found I liked sex with a woman. The sex was subtly different to that with a man. There were no whiskers involved for one thing! But there was a gentleness about it, a languor too, girls didn’t have to worry about coming so quickly. I didn’t think I’d go for anyone other than Jackie; I had enough to think about with the boys, but I hoped we’d have sex again. Not only had I enjoyed it, it had deepened our attachment to each other, I felt. We were already best friends, now we would have an even closer more intimate bond. I decided there and then that I’d travel down next weekend, finish with poor Graham, get my things and come home (I thought of Harrogate as home now). I’d stay with Jackie and hopefully we’d shag to exhaustion! It was an enticing prospect. I told Tommy on Monday, leaving out the bit about shagging Jackie.

“That means you’re making this arrangement permanent, then, luv?”

“Yes. Well, see how it goes. You might get tired of me.”

“I doubt that, luv. If you need owt, let me know, won’t you?”

“Thanks, but I’m fine,” I said as I stroked his cock before pulling him into me.

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