Fun House


I’ve set myself a writing challenge here, to capture an entire, erotic vignette in the minimum 750 words allowed by . It follows a story in the same format, called “Ferris Wheel”, but hopefully can stand on its own. If you want a fully developed story this will not be for you, so please don’t rate it low simply because of its length; the shortness of these stories is the whole point. Remember, the brain is the biggest sex organ! I hope you will let these short stories serve as a starting point for your own imagination. Please tell me where you go with them in the comments section, and please do give it a rating.


“Not that kind of girl?!,” I chuckled. “You just gave me the best handjob of my life on top of the Ferris wheel.”

“Best of your life, huh?” Micah replied. “You’ve had others?”

“Ok, it was the only handjob of my life, but watching you put the jizz onto your ice cream and eat it down…wow. Have you…have you done…was that your first time too?”

“I had a boyfriend before we moved here,” she said, “But we never went all the way. Still, is it so wrong to think about experimenting a little, if it’s with just one person?”

“One person? Me? You…you want to, you know, tonight?

“No! Caleb! Not tonight sadakat izle and not even soon. We’ve only been on a handful of dates. For now, let’s go have some fun!”

She ran into the county fair’s Fun House, while I gave our tickets to the barker.

“You kids enjoy yourselves,” he said, “This late, most folks have had their fill of the fair. You have the whole place to yourself,” he added with a wink.

I felt ecstatic. Micah was gorgeous: jet black hair, snow white skin, blazing blue eyes. Her athletic figure was tight and toned, yet with softness everywhere you’d want it.

I found Micah playfully bouncing between several small trampolines and a large one in the first room. She stuck her tongue out and quickly bounced away, with me in hot pursuit. We eventually collapsed in a heap on the large trampoline, having fallen with her legs spread and me fully between them. Time froze.

“Apparently we’re alone in here,” I said suggestively.


She kissed me, then planted her feet and pushed hard, rocketing us off of the trampoline. With a happy squeal, she ran through another door, into the hall of mirrors.

“Micah—where are you?”

“Over here!,” said a thousand girls simultaneously, sadece arkadaşız izle adding quietly “Find me, and you’ll get a reward.”

Lost in the illusion of so many images, Micah didn’t realize the power of the incentive she’d given me. Standing still, I listened for her footsteps and quickly had her in my arms in an area where the mirrors alternately magnified, shrank, or distorted each reflection. I pulled her tightly to me and kissed her neck from behind.

“Found you! Now, what’s my reward?”

She ignored me, laughing, “Does this skirt make my butt look big?” She thrust her hips slightly forward so that the mirror made it look enormous; we both laughed, and I nibbled her earlobe.

“My reward?”

I leaned her forward from the waist, so that her breasts swelled tremendously in the mirror. “Maybe these?” I asked.

“Guys are all the same, interested in nothing but a girl’s boobs. No, your reward…” she looked hesitant again, as she had on the Ferris wheel, “…Your reward is that I’ll let you touch me, just once, anywhere you want, but only with your hand, or maybe your lips, but not with this,” she said, reaching behind herself to squeeze the bulge that was currently nestled şahmaran izle between the wonderfully firm yet soft cheeks of her ass. “But only one hand, and only once, so choose carefully.”

I thought immediately how amazing her breast had felt earlier, and reached for it. Suddenly, I remembered what she’d earlier denied, that she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Her breath caught as I slid my hand down behind her loose belt, until my finger was surrounded by sopping wet warmth, sliding inside her of its own accord.

“Yes…yes…just like that.”

I continued that way for several minutes before adding another finger; her breathing increased steadily. Breaking her rule, I freed one button of her blouse, then squeezed her breast and pulled its nipple. Her eyes were closed and her brow furrowed, as she moved toward orgasm.

She panicked briefly, when the barker called from the entrance “Fun House closes early, hurry up in there!”

Distracting her, I pressed my palm onto her sopping mound, sliding my other hand inside her bra. It was utterly soft, unlike anything I’d ever felt. I whispered into her ear “I think I might love you.”

Her orgasm came quickly and forcefully, her legs crushing my hand before she released it. She was dazed briefly, before quickly rebuttoning her blouse, and pulling me toward the exit.

“Did you mean that? You might love me?”

“Nah, I’m more of a love ’em and leave ’em type,” I said with a smile, jumping away from her punch on my shoulder.

“Shut up. Now, what’s next?”

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