First Day in the Caribbean 01


The cute dark-haired flight attendant gave him a nice smile and handed him a visitor packet. “Have a wonderful time during your stay. This should give you some ideas for things to do.”

Asch had waited until last to disembark so he could chat with her. He had the impression that she had paid more attention to him than was strictly necessary during the flight. “It’s liable to be a long stay. I got a one-way ticket. Gonna check the island out rather thoroughly, I hope. Does this packet happen to have anything for longer-term visits, like a boarding house or something?”

“I know a good restaurant in town. Maybe they could help you.” She tilted her head and smiled.

Asch was no dummy. “Does that mean you could show me a good place to eat this evening? My treat, if you care to join me.”

She looked thoughtful. “Take the jitney to a place called Momma Rita’s—the driver’ll know where it is—get some coffee, and study the packet. I’ll join you and we can go over what you find. I should get there about half an hour after you. Okay?”

“Deal. Are you spending the night here by chance?” He blinked. “Wait—that didn’t sound right.”

She smiled. “That’s okay. I know what you meant. I think.” She looked him sideways in the eye. “But yes, they put us up at the Islander and we fly out in the morning.”

He looked around as he stepped off the plane. Warm breeze, palm trees irregularly everywhere, mountainous hills in the background. “Not half bad for a start,” he thought.

Momma Rita’s was about as full of local color as a restaurant could get. Local artifacts all over the walls; plenty of regulars, judging from the banter; well-worn floor and tables; and well-used menus that everyone seemed to ignore. He found a corner booth, ordered coffee, told the attractive young waitress he was expecting someone, and settled in to look over the promotional material. From habit, he pulled out a pencil to mark the mistakes he knew he would find.

Presently he detected a body headed purposefully toward him, and looked up. She still had her uniform jumper on, her hair was down, makeup gone, and the neckline of her top without the blouse underneath accented the curves of her figure. He tried not to stare when he stood up to greet her.

“Nice job of not staring,” she quipped as she sat down.

“Nice job of making it hard not to stare,” he replied. The dress was a wide scoop neck and the top of her breasts was a pleasant sight.

She smiled at the compliment, then changed the subject. “Okay, rule one,” she said pretend-severely, “Let’s don’t talk about the airline industry or anything related to it.”


“Rule two: I dress like this because I like to be looked at, so you can look, but don’t touch.”

“Okay. And I’ll try not to ogle. Besides, you have perfectly nice eyes and you’re cute when you try to look stern. And I’m pretty sure you’re an excellent conversationalist.”

“Thank you. Her eyes twinkled. “Okay, I recommend the quiche. Every single place on this island has excellent seafood, but this place has quiche to die for.” They ordered, and she reached for the packet. “Now let’s see what this packet actually contains.”

She leaned forward to see the brochures. The motion pressed her breasts against the table, causing them to bulge. He suspected that she didn’t have a bra on.

He summarized what he had found. “Your guess was right—all resorts and places to spend money at, plus a few excursion-type things. A couple state parks.” He spread out the brochures. “Also a couple realtors, and this one place that looks like a mom-and-pop rooming house to stay at, back in from the coastline.”

“Hm. That is back in and high up. For nature lovers, not scuba divers. Not that any place here is very far from water.” She raised her eyebrows and looked at him. “Might be interesting.”

“I think if the Islander has a room for me, I’ll stay there and check these folks out in the morning.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

The food arrived and they dug in. He kept making reflexive furtive glances at her neckline, even though his intention was to glean info and have pleasant conversation, not a one-night stand. Those sure were nice curves, though.

She eyed him and sucked on the celery stick from her drink. “Okay, I know you flew here from the northern tundra, and you mentioned that you plan to stay here for a while. What else?”

“Hm, unexpected widower—bad spousal health—retired for the time being, even though I’m too young for traditional retirement. Mainly I’m collecting myself, I guess. I like the outdoors and indoors both. Folk and classical music, bicycling, scuba maybe, Disney movies.”

“To which I can add that you take care of yourself physically and I’ll bet you’re good with your hands and well educated. And you seem like a gentleman.”

“Guilty as charged. I hope. I like woodworking and I tie decorative sailor knots on occasion. What about you?” He took another bite of quiche. “This is really good, by the way.”

“Single. I like to travel, the makanai cooking for the maiko house izle no interest in settling down yet. Which means at least one sad guy in every airport in the country.” She snickered. “And they can stay sad for all I care; they were all no-good bums anyway. Hence my no touch rule. Flying, snorkeling, sculpture, especially pottery.”

“That means you have strong hands.”

“I suppose. Here, try my grip, but don’t hurt me.” She offered her hand and he took it, expecting to easily match whatever her grip was. It was almost all he could do to match it. And then she held his hand a little longer than necessary before releasing it.

He nodded acknowledgement. “Impressive. Do you model for any art classes? Your geography is certainly impressive, too.”

“Geology. And yes, a long time ago.” They debated a bit about whether measurement or actual shape was more apropos, until he settled it by suggesting that her hyperbolic paraboloids were eye-catching indeed. “Ah, the saddle shape. At least the part above the dress. I’m okay with that.” They grinned at each other and he pretended to look at her breasts analytically, one eyebrow cocked, head tilted.

She arched her back a little to “help” his analysis. Then settled back. “I’d suggest dessert, but I’m on the full side. We’re pretty close to the beach, though. Shall we take a stroll to settle our suppers?”

He stood and handed her out of the booth; she bent well forward, affording him an excellent view. This time he held her hand a little longer than necessary. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” he said.

She had indeed, but said, “Now that’s a question you should never ask a woman,” she said airily.

“Okay. Because I didn’t look.”

“I bet.” They both smiled.

Dusk was just starting, and the sunset was spectacular with huge storm clouds building in the west. They found a bench and watched the ocean for a while, talking about marine life, sailing, the likelihood of a storm, airborne turbulence, astronomy—He pointed out Venus and Jupiter—their childhoods, and different clays.

When they got up, this time he didn’t let go of her hand, and she didn’t withdraw it. They got to the water line, and took off their footwear. She supported herself by holding his shoulder as if it were the most natural thing in the world, and they played a bit walking in and out of the water.

When full dark arrived, the wind picked up and they headed back, stopping at a seashell store/ice cream shop. They both ordered chocolate chip, then headed for the hotel, getting inside just as the rain started.

He got a room and they headed for the elevator. “This has been a most pleasant evening, ma’am. May I see you to your door?”

“Sure. I might even let you kiss me goodnight.”

“Then I’ll try not to steal one in the elevator,” he quipped.

The door opened and they had the cabin to themselves. He glanced over at her and she took his other hand, leaned forward, and kissed him. The kiss lasted several seconds. Lightning picked that moment to strike nearby, vibrating the whole place with a huge crash. “Wow!” They said simultaneously.

He chuckled and said “I hope I still get to give you a kiss at the door.”

She took a deep breath. “Count on it.” And led him down the hall. She unlocked the door and turned to face him. He took her head in his hands and brought her lips to his. Her mouth opened to meet his and she put her arms around him. Their tongues began to explore and his hands descended to her shoulders. She moaned, pulling herself against him, squeezing her breasts against his chest and pushing into him with her hips. He put his hands around her waist. The kiss turned into several.

Finally they came up for air. She said, “Forget the no touching rule,” and fairly dragged him into the room.

Inside, she began to unbutton his shirt, standing closer than necessary as she did so. “Undo the buttons on my shoulder straps.”

He obliged. “Mmm. Nice shoulders. Soft and strong.” The dress slumped down, hanging up on her breasts as he massaged the back of her neck and her shoulders.

She wiggled herself against him as she pulled out his shirt, helping the dress fall to the floor. He reveled in the feel of her moving against him. It turned out she was completely naked underneath that sun dress, while he still had his pants to deal with. He put his hands on her behind and pulled her into him, interfering with her removal of his belt. She leaned her chest against him to kiss him, and pulled her hips back so she could finish undoing his trousers. Then she grabbed his waistband and pulled down both pants and underwear, bringing her face near his privates. She looked at his erection for a moment, then slid herself back up his body. Her face was inches from his, and she said, “You have some pretty good geography yourself.”

They kissed, then they french kissed, then they french kissed some more. She the midnight club izle ground herself into him, feeling his hardness against her belly. Together they rocked opposite directions, side to side, enjoying the feel of breast moving against chest. At one point she lifted a leg and pushed his member down so she could straddle him. She knew he’d want to go inside, but that could wait. She just enjoyed the pressure of him pressing up against her.

Abruptly she pulled away and grabbed him by his penis, leading him over to the bed. “Lie down on your back, mister. I want to show you how strong my grip really is.” And she pushed him onto the bed. He sat, knees over the edge.

He smiled and frankly admired the sight of her full, round breasts. “You can do anything to me that you want, but I get a chance to show how good I am with my hands—and tongue—later.”

She climbed onto the bed, slightly facing him, pushed him onto his back, and started playing with his erection. “Let’s see, does it hurt if I bend it?”

“Depends. At first it feels good, but eventually it feels like you’ll break it.”

“Okaay, don’t wanna do that, at least not until I’m done with you. Do you like this?” She pulled on his scrotum.

“Anything down there is nice, except don’t squeeze the balls. That not only hurts a lot but it triggers a really destructive reflex, and I really really don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Anything but squeezing, eh? Well, I like to play around in other ways, so I think we’re good.” She cupped his balls while stroking his member, alternately stretching his skin up and down and practicing her clay-strengthened grip. She watched the expression on his face as he kept moaning his pleasure.

Then she shifted her position so he could reach her better, moving onto all fours with her behind toward him. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and gently caressed her mound. Finding her slit already wet, he slid his finger just inside, slowly, not going in, but along, stimulating her clitoris. She rocked her hips in time with his hand, and she pumped on his member with the same rhythm.

Then she spread her knees and sat back onto his hand, never letting go of him, but making it easier for him to reach her. He continued to stroke her clit with his middle finger, spreading her labia with his other fingers, and since his thumb rested against her back door, he made little circles there, too. She moaned that he was indeed very good with his hands. He moaned that she had an excellent grip.

He sat up enough to grab her far hip with his free hand, and rolled her right over him onto her back. He hitched himself onto all fours between her legs and said that now he was going to demonstrate his meagre skills with his tongue; maybe she could give him a few pointers.

He put his hands under her hips and lifted her up, bringing her shaved pussy to his mouth. She spread her legs apart and back to make her mound as accessible as she could, and he bent down to worship, sliding his tongue along the outside of her treasure, gradually sliding deeper and deeper into her slit, concentrating more and more on her clit, going up and down, making circles, sometimes drawing parts of her into his mouth, sometimes humming a vibrator-low sound. Her head rocked from side to side as he stroked her, and her belly convulsed whenever he stimulated her clit just so.

Presently he set her down and she sighed in relief. “That was nice, sir.” She whispered. You have a magnificent tongue, but you have one other part that’s even more wonderful, I think. I invite you to use it.”

She pulled herself into a sitting position, their legs still entangled. “I want to be in charge.”

He smiled, his hands on her waist, their privates less than an inch apart. “I’m okay with that. I do have a compliant streak.”

“Okay, keep me from falling backwards,” she said, wiggling her hips closer to him, and reaching down to grab his member. “Now let’s kiss.”

He pulled her torso toward him, pressing her breasts against him. She pulled his member up to give herself a little playing room, though even so, her hands hardly had any room. They stared into each other’s eyes and slowly he kissed her slightly open lips, several times, and kissed the corners of her mouth, cheeks, under her jaw, her neck.

She experimented with running her hands over his belly and crotch, pulling on him and rubbing the tip of his penis on her belly. As she pushed his skin down, he leaked some pre-cum, and she ended up getting it all over her hands and belly. It was slick, and she liked sliding her lubricated hands down his member, especially his twitching reaction.

Like that, do you?” she asked.


“I’d call that a ‘yes.'” she snickered. “Now lie back. It’s my turn to play with you again.”

Obediently he leaned back until he was supine. He reached up and tucked a pillow under his head. She untangled her legs from him and kneeled between his knees and took hold of his the midwich cuckoos izle manhood in her left hand. Gently cupping his balls in her right, she squeezed hard with her left hand and slowly moved downward, stretching his skin. Then she moved slowly up, stretching him in the other direction. With her right hand she played with his scrotum. After several trips up and down, she gently ran her thumb over the head, spreading his moisture all around, then, with a grin, she grabbed him with both hands and twisted in opposite directions, stretching the skin sideways. He bucked and moaned and began to reach for her, running his fingers along the outside of her thigh. She started to speed up her stroking, and he became more excited. “Be careful or I’ll ejaculate all over you,” he warned. She slowed down a little and he kept moaning. She enjoyed the idea of keeping him on the verge of climaxing.

He was looking at her as she played with him. “Y’know, I can’t reach anything but your knees, even though I sure enjoy looking at you. You have magnificent breasts. I like those erect nipples, the positive curve of those paraboloids, and the silky skin.” She smiled wickedly, and arched her back to emphasize her curves. He moaned droolingly. She ran a hand up over a breast to make it stand out. “Nah, I like both hands on you. But I can help you touch them…” She leaned forward and he reached for her. But the laws of physics intervened, and she lost her balance and began to fall forward. He caught her, but let his hands slide to her shoulders.

“Don’t want to crush those beautiful parts. You can lie on my chest, though.”

“Then I can’t reach you very well with my hands,” she pretended to pout.

“Well, I know another part you could touch me with,” he suggested.

“Oh yeah! Your geography” She hitched her hips and pushed his member down so the head rested at her entrance. Propping herself with her hands on his chest she pinched his nipples and looked into his eyes while she rocked her hips, pushing him slowly into her, deeper each time. At about the halfway mark she pulled her knees up, froggy-style, and sat back enough to drive him the rest of the way in.

He obliged by arching his back. Both of them closed their eyes and moaned, and she lifted herself up and down, slowly, reveling in the sensation of him penetrating her, from barely touching her entrance to as deep as he could go. Every time he stretched her open as he entered, she gasped, and every time he felt her tightness pulling his skin back, he moaned.

They began to move faster, a little bit at a time, until they were pounding fiercely into each other. She felt his member swell even more as he got closer to climax, and the sensation drove her over the edge, just as he convulsed in orgasm, emptying his seed into her as she cried out and trembled out in ecstasy of her own.

Finally she collapsed onto him, leaving his member inside as she caught her breath. She smiled happily. “Remember what I said after that kiss in the elevator?”


“Well I gotta say it again! Wow!” she raised herself onto her forearms and kissed him all over his face, settling into a series of deep open mouth kisses, erotic enough to turn them both on again and make her squirm against him, making his member move around inside her. “Man you feel good. Can I just leave you inside me forever?” She rotated her hips again.

“As long as I’m erect, sure. You’re sexy enough that I should stay hard for quite awhile.” and he rocked his hips, moving himself inside her. “Pretty soon one of is going to need to pee, though; which we could do in the shower. We should probably clean off. Besides, I really like the idea of rubbing soap all over you.”

“Hmm. You’re right. But I get to scrub you. too.”


They climbed off the bed, and he remarked, “You know, my room is a suite. I’ll bet the bathroom is fancier. Wanna shower there? It’s only about three doors down.” He cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You go first, and hold your door for me.”

He poked his head out the door. The coast was clear. “I’ll call when the door’s open” and he rushed out, key card in hand, swiped it, and slipped inside. He looked back out, checked both directions, listened for noise and winked at her. She scooted into his room, carrying their clothes and a couple bottles of bathroom things.

He closed the door behind her and they fell into each other’s arms laughing. “I don’t know whether I’m frightened or turned on,” she gasped.

He chuckled. “Let’s see what the bathroom looks like. We might decide to go back.”

“Not on your life, at least not naked! At least not yet. Well, we’ll see. Let’s look. I do like the idea of my shower stall.” The bathroom turned out to have a good-sized jetted tub and a large shower head, not to mention a large counter surrounding two vanities. The toilet featured a bidet. “Wow! You fly first class!” She leaned over to turn on the faucet and he ran his hand down over her posterior, then gently back up directly between her legs. She immediately hitched her feet wide apart. “I expect you to clean me once we get in, but you can certainly look.”

He leaned back against the counter and admired the view. She had shaved the area, and her labia were nice and round, swollen from all the excitement, maybe, and he could detect a hint of glistening moisture in her crack. “I declare. This bathroom certainly has a wonderful view.”

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