Finding My Fantasy Pt. 02


It isn’t very often you take my advice, so when I suggested the hooky night away from work and you agreed… I was ecstatic! I only just got moved into my house over the past week, so when you get there I’m looking and sorting through some boxes. I stand to greet you, and you look disappointed and irritated.

I ask you what’s wrong. You reply that you took a night off work to come stay with me and I didn’t even get ready before you got there… I look down at my baggy shirt and very loose fitting pajama pants. I start to explain that I had worn this to be comfortable while unpacking and had lost track of the time. Talking back and not apologizing wasn’t the right choice. You slap my face and grab a hold of my arm so quick and firm I let out a small gasp. You don’t even flinch. As fast as you grab a hold of me, you turn me toward my room.

The whole way there I’m apologizing and begging you to let me go change for you or to please hit me and take your anger out on me. When we get to my room you let go of my arm and tell me to strip while you find me something suitable to wear for our evening together. You find a low cut shirt and some tight shorts. After I put on the shirt you step in front of me and grab by chin hard-forcing me to face to the side. You take your hand down around my panties and work them down letting them fall to the ground. Surprised at first I start to try to move my head against your grip. You let go long enough to slap my face, then grip harder and jerk my face back to exactly where you had it. I hear you let out an aggravated sigh as I tell you how sorry I am, and I didn’t mean to move against you.

As I speak to you I reach toward your pants and rub your huge cock. I can easily feel the bulge through your pants. As I’m trying to please you and make things right, you slowly take your hand around my side and down my back to my ass-slapping it hard. I don’t dare move, but my breathing gets heavy momentarily. You put your hand between my legs from the back and force my them further apart.

I hadn’t thought about how turned oni thunder gods tale izle on I was at the fear of you being mad. You slowly work your hand toward my soaked pussy. I can tell by your body language that you are very happy with how wet I am for you already. You rub around and briefly in my pussy just long enough to make me dripping wet, then stop. You raise your finger to my mouth and tell me to clean it off. You say anytime I put something this close to your mouth you better just open instead of making me tell you to.

With your finger still in my mouth you grab my face and turn my head. You tell me to put my shorts on and leave my bra in my room, then turn and walk out. I start to get dressed and decide to only wear the shorts since you didn’t just say get dressed. You specifically said shorts, so that’s all I put on and come out to where you are.

Walking out of my room I can feel the hard jean seam rubbing against my pussy… oh man- I smile as I think about how this is going to make me so wet and hot for you! As I enter the room and start to tell you again how sorry I am for losing track of the time, but you disregard everything I’ve said as if I wasn’t speaking and reach toward your belt and undo your pants. You look at me and I’m already kneeling in front of you.

Once your hard cock is free from your pants I take it immediately in my mouth. I start a little slow taking you in and out, letting little moans of pleasure out as I suck. I’ve been waiting for so long to taste you and please you… doing everything you say and making you feel good excites me so much. I start to move a bit faster, but not fast enough. You grab the back of my head and force your cock halfway down my throat. I struggle and gag hard. You pull my head back and replace your cock with two fingers, shoving them down my throat… in and out. I gag every time, but as you pull them out you wipe the excessive amount of saliva all over your dick.

As soon as I see you’re done I start again, taking your enormous oussekine izle cock in my mouth. I try to force it down, but only make it about halfway. You grab my head again and push a little harder than last time getting it much further down my throat. This proceeds for awhile until I have learned to get your cock in my throat myself. You start to relax and enjoy how good it feels and sounds hearing me gasp and choke on your cock in my throat. Not long after I get the hang of it -kinda- you pull my head back and unload your cum all over my face.

Before I am allowed to clean my face you tell me to clean your cock off. I lick all around your cock and suck at the head to get every last drop. After that I make sure your hands and fingers are clean before I use my fingers to get the cum off my face and lick it off.

You tell me that I disappointed you, and that you know how worked up I am and how wet. You say we are going to focus on me pleasing you tonight and keep me worked up, maybe without release. I tell you thank you for letting me suck your cock and slapping me… and I’m so sorry I disappointed you.

You reach down to my pussy and feel it through my shorts. You ask me if I put my panties back on or not. I said I didn’t because you only said shorts. Good girl you say. You tell me that you want me to make my shorts visibly wet for you without me touching them, then maybe you’ll get me off.

We get something to eat and sit to watch a movie. Before I sit down I move behind you to rub your shoulders and arms. I love touching you, and I try to make sure I’m always pleasing you. After a little while you tell me to come sit down. All through the movie I rub your leg and your noticeably hardening cock. With your arm around my shoulders you reach down from time to time and make sure both my nipples are hard and visible through my shirt through the entire movie.

Once the movie is over you pull me on your lap, straddling and facing you. I start to move my hips against your dick to make sure I keep rubbing it for you. paper girls izle You raise my shirt over my head and begin to suck and bite my nipples. My breathing increases and I start to moan more and more frequently. You reach down to my pussy to see if you can feel any wetness from me yet. At your touch I let out a breathless moan. You move your hand away, but comment on how good I’m doing… my shorts are a little damp, but not visibly yet.

I start kissing your neck and shoulders as I feel all over your arms and chest. You stop me briefly to take off your shirt. Through my kissing I can’t hide the fact I’m moaning and so worked up. You push me back away from you to a standing position. You stand up too, and start to pull your pants down.

I take off my shorts and you reach for them to see how wet I got them for you. Looking inside my shorts you don’t have to touch it because you can actually see the wetness; they are soaked. You smile and tell me you love how wet I get, and that you’re very proud of me. I say thank you, you’re the only one that can get me this way.

You walk up to me and push me back against the wall behind me, and bite around on my neck once I’m pinned in place. I let out a yelp of pain but you continue. I reach for your hard cock and begin to stroke it. As I start to sink to my knees again you stop me and we head to my bed. I go to get on the bed and you grab my hair and pull me back toward you, tilting my head and kissing my neck. You bend me down onto the bed and rub my pussy… it’s almost dripping I’m so wet.

After a few quick strokes you smack my ass and move closer to me. You rub the head of your cock against my aching pussy and tease me. I try to push back and meet you but you pull away. This happens a couple times until you run your cock into me, it feels like full force. I yell out in shock, pain and pleasure. You roughly pull my hair back as you slam your hips into me again and again. To keep your balance you grab my arm, but keep pounding into me.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore you push hard into my stretched out pussy and stop. You pump a couple more times and stop, breathing heavy. You let go of my arm that will certainly have a few bruises from your tight grip… sit, then lay down on the bed beside me. I then quickly turn to you and lick all around your balls and all over your cock to clean you up.

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