Falling for a Stranger


As Tom stepped off the train, he was surprised by the chill gust of wind that greeted him. Although it was late September, the summer weather had hung around this year and he’d yet to feel the need to take a jacket with him on his daily commute to work. Sadly, it appeared that this was going to have to change now. Just as sadly, the light, floaty, and decidedly revealing outfits of the warmer months would disappear in favour of heavy overcoats and the like. Tom always noticed how good women looked in summer with a bit of leg on show. But, he hoped, he would still have the pleasure of seeing her – whatever she was wearing.

For a few weeks now, as he walked along his street on the way home, he’d seen her walking the other way. At first, she’d just been one of those girls you admire from afar. Someone to pique your interest for a moment during the drudgery of the daily grind. Someone you try to steal an extra glance at from behind your mirrored sunglasses, never expecting to see again. But he did see her again, and soon he began to look forward to that part of his day where he would hope to pass her.

Occasionally she would not be there and he would worry that she’d changed something in her life that meant he would no longer see her. But she’d always been back the next day. He would resent those times when he had to stay late at work, knowing that he’d miss his chance to catch her eye and share in that subtle contact. A slight nod of the head, a barely perceptible smile.

Tom had realised that she must live just a few doors down from him on the other side of the road but he’d never been able to pin down exactly which house it was. He didn’t think it’d be quite right to just stop and watch her until he saw which house she went into. She probably thought he was stalking her as it was.

So now, as he turned on to his street, he felt that familiar tingle in his stomach in anticipation of seeing her. And there she was. He could tell it was her even though she was still a fair way away. As they got closer, he could see that she had done a better job of anticipating the colder weather than he had. A snugly tailored coat hinted at the slender curves that Tom knew lay beneath. The way it hung accentuated the long, jeans-clad, legs that he’d admired from afar. Her long, dark-brown hair hung loose today, its tight curls giving it a life of its own as it bounced along with her.

He waited for the moment when she would look up to meet his gaze. But that moment never came…

Nikki had never been one to make too much of an effort in her appearance. She liked to look good of course – who didn’t? – but she wasn’t one of those girls that spent hours in the morning putting on make-up and doing their hair. In fact, she tended to avoid make-up altogether, apart from the odd splash of lip gloss for a night out.

But recently, she’d caught herself having an extra glance or two in the mirror before leaving the house. Or, more specifically, when leaving work for the short walk home.

Men were such simple creatures at times; it was so easy to get their attention with a hint of cleavage or a flash of thigh. And Nikki wasn’t averse to teasing them occasionally. She knew that she had a good body and it amused her to see men trying to act all nonchalant when they were secretly (and not as discretely as they thought) trying to ogle her. In any case, it was nice to know someone found her attractive. It had been a while since she’d had any form of relationship and her Mother’s constant hints about finding a man were starting to make her feel just a little “left on the shelf”.

So that’s how it had started with him; a little fun after she’d seen him eyeing her up on her walk home. Once it became clear that she’d be passing him a lot in the street she’d started making sure she was worth looking at. Treating herself to a few new outfits. Nothing over-the-top you understand; just clothes that she knew highlighted her best features. Perhaps a skirt that was that bit shorter than she would usually think to buy. She’d even taken to making sure that she was wearing matching underwear, though heaven knows why since she wasn’t exactly planning to show them off, it just gave her that little bit of extra confidence and swagger to her step.

After a few encounters with him, a strange pattern had formed in their little game: As they approached, she would watch him take in her appearance. She would watch as his eyes would linger a while on whatever part of her caught his fancy that day. But always, just before they became near enough that he would have to turn his head to continue looking at her, his eyes would meet hers and she would see the approval in them as the faintest of smiles would touch his lips. And he would never turn and look back at her. She knew because she often turned back to look at him. Sometimes hoping he would catch her in the act, although she had no idea what she would have done about it if he did.

So, in a way, she had been ogling maternal izle him too. Although only from behind, which was fine by her since he had a very fine behind indeed. She wondered if he knew how well those jeans of his showed off this particular part of his body.

But today was different. She saw him turn the corner onto their street, saw him notice her and begin his endearing attempts to casually watch her. But, as they approached, a familiar old feeling crept up on her. Almost like she was having a… but no, it had been years since her last one. She’d convinced herself that she’d grown out of it. She’d even considered not wearing her medical alert bracelet any more. It couldn’t be…

She went down like a sack of shit. That was the unflattering but best description Tom could think of.

One minute she was walking along, then a look of puzzlement crossed her face and then her legs buckled and she just collapsed. He was lucky it was a quiet street because he sprinted across it without the slightest look for oncoming traffic and crouched down next to her. It was pretty clear to Tom that she was having some kind of seizure; her arms and legs were twitching, her mouth was slack and her eyes closed. Looking around, Tom couldn’t see anyone else. Not knowing what to do, but worried about her bashing herself on the hard ground or choking on her tongue, he gathered her head onto his lap, rolled her onto her side and gently tried to restrain the worst of the spasms in her arms. She had a few big twitches and a couple of times she caught him in the ribs with an elbow but, after a few minutes, she seemed to settle down.

Tom was just starting to wonder what to do next when a phone started ringing from inside her coat. Not knowing what else to do, he managed to find the right pocket and dig out the device. The screen said: “Parents calling”. Great, perhaps they’ll know what to do. “Hello” he answered. There was a short pause, then a confused sounding woman’s voice replied “Oh, sorry, is Nikki there?”

“Well, yes but no” Tom said. “I mean, she’s here but she’s having some sort of fit. She just collapsed in the street. I think I’ve stopped her from hurting herself and then her phone rang so I answered it.”

“Oh dear.” Her mother replied . “We thought she’d grown out of that. She’s got a mild form of epilepsy. It’s been years since she had a fit. Is she OK?”

“She seems fine, she’s breathing OK and I don’t think she’s bumped her head or anything. What should I do? Do I need to get her to hospital?”

“We used to take her there at first, but they can’t really do anything for her so, after a while, we just used to put her to bed instead. Once the shaking stops, she’s really in a kind of deep sleep. She’ll usually sleep until the next morning and wake up as if nothing’s happened. Oh, I wish she hadn’t moved to live so far away from us. Who’s going to look after her?”

As she was speaking, Tom realised just how cold he was getting sitting on the ground and that helped him to make his decision. He gave her is home phone number and address so she wouldn’t worry that her daughter had been abducted by some madman and told her to give him a call in twenty minutes when he’d managed to get her into the warmth of his house.

That last bit was easier said than done. She was far from heavy but, she wasn’t exactly cooperating either. God only knows what anyone would have thought he was doing if they’d seen him carrying some incapacitated young woman into his house over his shoulder. Once he’d got her into the house, mindful of what her Mother had said about her sleeping through ’till the next morning and not wanting to have to pick her up again, he just carried on upstairs and dumped her (rather harder than he’d intended) onto his bed. He knew that, in the films, this is the moment where he would undress her to “make her comfortable” but he doubted the outcome of that would be quite as successful as happens on the big screen so he made do with taking her boots and coat off and trying to arrange her under the duvet.

Then the phone rang and he was treated to a surprisingly pleasant conversation with both of her parents. No doubt her Dad had been informed of the situation and wanted to make sure his daughter was in good hands. They were both easy to talk to once he’d assured them of his good intentions and they’d assured him that she wasn’t going to die suddenly in the night and leave him with a lot of explaining to do. One useful piece of information he gleaned from them was that Nikki usually awoke with a ravenous appetite after one of her “funny turns”. So, after he’d finished speaking with them, and after a quick check to see that Nikki was OK (sleeping soundly now), he took a quick trip to the shops for supplies.

It was Friday night and he needed food for the weekend anyway so he picked up a few extras that he hoped would go down well the next morning.

On his return, he quickly went method izle to check on the patient and found her still sleeping soundly. After fixing himself some food, he went upstairs and sat on the large sofa he had in his bedroom. It was an old thing, having been replaced as his lounge furniture a few years ago, but it was still comfy and made for a place to dump his clothes when he couldn’t be bothered to put them away. It also made the perfect spot for him to keep an eye on his guest.

She seemed peaceful now, and he spent a long time studying her face. Her smooth skin and high cheekbones wouldn’t’ have looked out of place on the cover of some glossy magazine he decided. But, for now, she was in his bed, sleeping. And it wasn’t long before he too drifted off…

Nikki woke slowly. She had been dreaming of something. She couldn’t remember exactly what, but she was sure it was a nice dream because she felt happy. She was also warm and comfortable and there was something else too. Something she couldn’t put her finger on at first. Something was different. The bed felt different. The duvet was a little lighter than normal and smelled different; of man. Not an overpowering stench you understand, just something unmistakably masculine. And why was she still wearing her clothes?

Then she tried to move. And every muscle in her body seemed to complain at once. Like a collective voice of protest from body to head that said: “Not today. We’re having the day off”.

That’s when she remembered what had happened to her. She let out a groan, partly due to the pain and partly in realisation that she hadn’t grown out of her seizures as she’d hoped.

In response to her groan, a nondescript pile of clothing on the sofa opposite suddenly sprang to life. He appeared from the pile, hair tousled, bare-chested and clearly confused and unrested from a night on his ad-hoc sleeping place. Nikki also couldn’t help but notice his well-muscled arms and chest. Not the kind of muscle you get from hours in the gym either, this was muscle that actually got used for something. Some sport she guessed but would have to wait to find out what exactly.

Despite his confused state, Nikki was touched by his obvious concern for her as he stumbled off the sofa and towards her.

“Nikki? Are you OK? You had a seizure. Collapsed in the street. I didn’t know what else to do so I brought you here.”

“Yeah, I remember.” She replied. “I feel like I’ve been hit by a train but, other than that, I’m OK I guess.”

“That’s a relief. I got a bit of a fright when you just passed out like that.” There was genuine worry in his voice.

Then, as if suddenly noticing his state of undress, he seemed rather flustered and began rummaging around for some fresh clothes. He mentioned something about making breakfast before hastily leaving the room. A moment later, he popped his head back around the door and said:

“Oh, I forgot to say. Your parents phoned last night. They kinda told me what to do with you. You probably should ring them as I bet they’re worried about you. I put your phone on the table by the bed.”

And then he was gone again.

“Wait!” She called after him. And when his head poked around the door again: “I don’t even know your name.”

“Oh, sorry. I guess I forgot the formalities. I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.” This last was accompanied with a smile before he disappeared again. Soon, she could hear the shower running and decided to call her parents.

The sofa had seemed comfy at first but it made an awful bed. It wasn’t long enough so Tom’s head had been bent at some stupid angle which meant his neck was killing him. He must have taken is T-shirt off sometime in the night and buried himself under the assorted clothes on the sofa. Old habits die hard and he’d never been good at sleeping fully clothed. Just as well he hadn’t taken any more clothes off in his sleep.

By the time he’d shrugged off enough of the confusion of being woken up in the way he was and realised his state of undress, he’d been a bit flustered. It was hardly a scandal to be topless but he was very conscious that Nikki had to have been feeling a bit vulnerable in her current state and he didn’t want to make her any more uncomfortable. So, after his swift and ungainly extraction from her presence, he set about trying to regain some composure.

First up: shower. No sense smelling bad. The shower did a good job of soothing away the worst of his neck-ache and he was soon feeling a lot better. Then he was dressed and heading downstairs to prepare some breakfast. As he passed his room on the way, he couldn’t help but catch some of the conversation Nikki was having with her parents.

“I’ve seen him a few times on the street but I’ve never spoken to him.”

“Yes, he does.”

“For God’s sake mother, give it a rest.”

Tom smiled quietly to himself. Sounded like a typical mother-daughter conversation. milf manor izle

Soon, he was merrily cooking away and he realised that he was pretty ravenous himself. He hoped Nikki was too because he’d overdone it a bit on the produce.

Eventually, Nikki was able to explain to her parents that, yes she was fine and that Tom seemed very nice but no that didn’t mean she was going to settle down with him and start a family! “Oh but he seemed such a nice boy when we spoke to him yesterday.” And: “Why can’t you find yourself a nice boy like that?” In the end, Nikki mumbled some excuse about having to go and hung up. She noticed that the shower had stopped and, more interestingly, some very appetising smells were wafting up from the kitchen. Her stomach growled in appreciation and she realised that she was famished. But, first things first, a trip to the bathroom was in order. With some effort she was able to raise herself to a standing position and shuffled out of the room and to the bathroom.

Having relieved herself, her desire for food drew her towards the stairs. The smell alone was keeping her protesting muscles moving but, when she arrived at the top of the stairs and contemplated the journey down them, her body decided that enough was enough and gave up on her again. She managed to lower herself to a sitting position at the top of the stairs to gather her strength.

After a while, Tom appeared. A look of surprise crossed his face when he saw her.

“Hello, what are you doing up? I was just coming to ask you what you wanted to drink and then bring you breakfast in bed.”

“The food smelled good. I was coming to get some but my legs don’t seem to work as well as I thought.” Nikki replied.

“Here, let me help you.” Tom offered. “Where do you wanna go? Back to bed or downstairs?”

“I’ll try downstairs. I’ll feel worse if I stay in bed. I really don’t think I can stand though.”

“Then I’ll have to carry you. Should be a bit easier than getting you up there last night. You ready? Put your arm over my shoulders like that. Here we go then.”

With that, Tom put one arm under her knees and the other round her back and managed to stand up with her in his arms. Nikki lolled her head on his upper chest as he carefully, but without too much difficulty, negotiated the stairs.

“My hero.” Nikki mumbled.

This brought a chuckle from Tom. Nikki could feel it rumble deep inside is chest. She could also feel is strong arms supporting her and decided that perhaps it wasn’t so bad to be a damsel in distress every now and then.

Tom lowered her onto a sofa and slid his arms carefully out from under her. In this position, their heads were briefly very close together. Nikki found herself staring into a striking pair of green eyes. She’d never really noticed them before.

After the briefest of pauses, Tom hurriedly straightened up.

“Shit, the eggs!” He blurted out and sprinted back to the kitchen.

“It’s OK.” He called back. “They’re not burnt. What did you want to drink? Coffee? Tea? Orange Juice?”

“OJ sounds good. I’m not sure I can handle caffeine just yet.”

Despite Tom’s initial concern that he’d bought too much food, Nikki made good inroads and he was soon left worrying that he’d not got enough. Her parents weren’t joking; she really did eat like a horse. Eventually though, she slowed up and came to a halt with a small piece of toast remaining. He’d taken a chair opposite so that she could rest her feet up on the sofa. This gave him the added bonus of being able to watch her as she ate. When she finally laid her plate on the coffee table, he asked:

“Feeling better?”

“Much, I’d forgotten how hungry I get after… well you know. Still feels like I’ve done ten rounds with a heavyweight, but at least I’m not hungry any more.”

“Well, perhaps I can tempt you with a hot bath then? Just the thing for aching muscles.” Tom said.

Nikki paused for a while, Tom thought she was going to say no but, eventually, she seemed to decide something.

“Sure, that does sound good. I don’t want to put you to any trouble though, you’ve already done so much for me. I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing with your Saturday than to look after me.”

“Sadly not. But even if I did, the rules of chivalry dictate that I put on a brave face!”.

This drew a smile from her and Tom went off to run the bath.

“I’m afraid that, being all manly and stuff, I don’t have any bubble-bath or candles so you’ll have to make do with hot water.” He announced on his return.

“Oh dear, what’s a girl to do? You just can’t find the right type of rescuer these days.” Nikki said with a dramatic roll of the eyes. “Seriously though, don’t make it too hot, I don’t want to pass out in there.”

“I was thinking about that, perhaps it’d be better if you leave the door unlocked just in case something happens. I promise not to come in unless there’s an emergency.”

“But how are you going to know if I’m in trouble?”

“I’ll keep talking to you from outside the door, if you stop speaking to me then I know that you’ve either passed out or you’ve stopped finding my conversation stimulating. Either one of those counts as an emergency as far as I’m concerned.”

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