Extra Steam for the Steam Room


*This is what happens when I’m sitting in a steam room by myself and let my mind wander*

God I was hot and sweaty! My heart was racing and my breathing just beginning to return to normal. I was exhausted and sore, but satisfied.

I took the towel and wiped down as the screen started blinking my workout summary. A nice run, I’d done some weight lifting, god if I wasn’t set! I loved coming to the gym, especially this late at night. There was next to no one here at midnight and most of the machines were completely free. I was able to get through my workout in record time!

On my way down to the women’s locker room I glanced in at the pool and hot tub area with the co-ed dry and wet saunas. They were completely deserted. I mulled this over while I went to the lockers. I bypassed mine and checked out the womens area with its own steam room and sauna. Both were closed for cleaning, just my luck. I hadn’t brought a swimsuit and that was required in the co-ed area. But my legs were so sore and the idea of an engulfing cloud of steam relaxing worked muscles was so tempting…….

I tiptoed into the pool area quickly to scope it out one more time. All clear. I hustled back to disrobe, tossed my stuff in the locker and grabbed the towel I had had the foresight to bring. Unfortunately it was only a little bigger then the gym-issued towel, but it covered me enough to warrant only a PG-13 rating, R if I bent over.

I snugged the towel above my D cup breasts. There was an inverted V of exposed flesh along my side starting at my waist and widening at my hips and thighs. I don’t think I’d ever had anything show off my hourglass like this little towel did! It was too bad no one was there to appreciate it. The white towel made my tanned skin look even darker, it was a nice affect. I went to the vanity area and undid the severe ponytail I was wearing. I shook out my deep brown curls (not as bouncy due to being severely abused in my preferred workout coiffure) and ran my fingers through my hair and took a quick look at myself in the mirror.

Lets see, wide dark brown eyes, nicely arched brows, high and well defined cheekbones, check. Rose-y complexion showing through the tan and full dark lips that are always quick to smile. I wasn’t displeased with how I looked, I’m willing to admit I’m pretty, attractive even, but hardly pinup material.

I loosely pulled my hair up into a messy bun, ignoring the escaping tendrils, eager to get to my clandestine steam rooming I quietly padded across the cool tile and peeked around the women’s entrance one more time to make sure the coast was clear. Finding no chubby old men in speedos nor women uncomfortably adjusting their swimsuits I made my way to my target. The glass was completely misted, which was great, since no one would be able to see me. It didn’t occur to me that this thick of a fog could only be attributed to someone maintaining it recently. All I could think about was the soothing heat seeping into knotted muscles.

I opened the door and was welcomed by a wave of wet heat. I slipped in quickly not wanting too much moisture to escape. The room was impossible to distinguish and any noise I made was covered by the whoosh of fresh steam being pumped in. I knew from experience that I was surrounded by white tiles with the occasional blue motif added in to break up the starkness. There was a rubber blue mesh mat on the floor ensuring that no lawsuits would be made and 3 tiers of the seating all around the edge. Along one side of the room was only 2 tiers due to the Plexiglas windows that looked out at the rest of the pool room.

I headed to the back of the room, near the hose and the sensor. About half way there realized that I wasn’t alone. I slowed as I neared the far end and a figure became distinguishable in the haze. He was sitting in the middle of the rear area on the second row with his head resting on the seats behind him and legs stretched out in front of him. He looked pretty comfortable and I could barely make out that his eyes were closed. I decided that now would be the time to turn back and had every intention of using my leet ninja skillz to sneak out before he was aware of a mostly naked woman in the room.

Just as I started my retreat I was stopped by a soft, sonorous masculine voice, “Hey, I don’t mind if your in here if you don’t mind that I’m here.”

I turned back to face him and saw that now he was leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and I could make out his smile.

He looked me up and down, taking note of the ill fitting towel that bared a lot thigh and barely reached the bottom of my ass. “I’m not in much longer,” he said, “If you can stand the company.”

He was cheeky, I liked that. I returned the conspiratorial smile and moved closer to where I had originally been heading (back corner top tier). Upon closer examination I realized he was pretty hot. Even though he was sitting I could tell that he was taller then my 5’7 frame with long muscular legs, wide shoulders, and tapered waist. His magarsus izle body was nice and toned without being overly muscled, his chest bare of hair except for a neat love trail extending from his navel down to his….lower areas. He had a nice strong jaw with slightly wide lips set into an impish grin (even when he was resting the corners still seemed to turn up), nice bright blue eyes, straight nose, olive-y complexion topped off with black (could be brown, he was wet, I didn’t care, it was sexy) hair that reached just below his ears. He’d obviously been running his hands through it and it was falling quite rakishly. He looked like he might have a little Italian in him, I wouldn’t mind having a little in me for that matter……

I had managed to make my assessment pretty quickly, since there wasn’t much space between where I was and my favorite spot and even less between him and me. Once I had achieved my perch I had to take in the different angle. Yes, very nice legs, nice waist and where they met was……covered up by Mickey Mouse boxers! I couldn’t stifle the giggle and when he looked up at me with a cocked brow I couldn’t help but do a little ribbing.

“Nice boxers”, I said. “Nice towel,” was his quick return. I couldn’t help blushing since I knew I was breaking a rule and he was within bounds, damn lucky men with their easy loopholes around dress codes!

“Don’t worry,” he was quick to reassure me,” It’ll stay between you and me. Besides, how often am I ever going to get the chance to share the steam room with a sexy chick in a skimpy towel? I’d have to be crazy to say no to that!”

Laughter bubbled up again, “Thanks, I’ve always wanted to be the center of a conspiracy! I was lucky to get the steam room with a man who likes to live dangerously!”

The laughing and chatting had loosened the towel and I had to snatch the edges quickly so as to leave something to the imagination. His eyes had caught my sudden movement and followed my hands. They then scanned down my body, taking in my legs (thank god I’d shaved this morning). I was well aware that he could probably see a fair bit of muff due to his angle and my leg placement, but I didn’t bother correcting it. Thank god he didn’t have too much to undress with his eyes or I’d have to sit here quietly for a lot longer!

We sat in companionable silence, eyeing each other from time to time, waiting for the other to say or do something first. I’ll admit, my mind raced. He was hot, I was horny (thank you adrenaline), and we were in a public place. This situation had two adventure variables, a stranger AND a public arena! However even I can be shy sometimes and need a little encouragement from the Penis Gallery. I let my thoughts run in lazy circles, getting myself worked up to the point that my heat and wetness was not due entirely to the steam room.

I eventually became aware that the hissing had stopped and the steam was losing a little of its oomph. I didn’t say anything, I just watched and waited for him to make a movement or say something. I was almost hoping for the movement. His boxers had a white back ground and the only thing keeping him this side of decent were the well positioned black mouse ears. I sighed a little and ran my hand down my leg, appreciating the slick smooth skin and the fact that he had turned when he heard me sigh and watched me leisurely stroke my legs.

“What do you say we get another good batch going?”he said. I nodded and he kept looking at me and then the grin was back. “Your right below the sensor, as much fun as it would be to hose you down, you’re going to have to come down here while I get this all started!”

I stuck my tongue out at him and descended the tiers while he nabbed the hose and turned on the cold water. The water splashed a little and felt good on my heated skin. It didn’t last too long since I warmed up the moment he stood up and moved close to me, very close. He aimed and started spraying the censor, brushing up against my bared leg with the back of his hand. I shivered. It was casual contact but there was something about it that made my knees a little wobbly. I closed my eyes and darted my tongue out to lick lips that managed to dry out in a steam room.

I looked over and caught his eyes on me again. There was a very unrepentant glint in his eyes, I felt a little more wobbly and was it me or did it get WAY hotter in here?

The sound of the steam core turning over broke through my senses. “I think you’ve forced it into obedience,” I said a little more huskily then I intended. He kept an eye on me as he bent down to turn off the hose. I clutched the towel to me to keep myself from grabbing his shapely posterior, get a hold of yourself! Its not like I’ve never been in a room with an incredibly fuckable man! Granted this was a special situation, we were in a steam room after all!

He turned and sat back down on the bench and I was about to mount the steps and return to my place when he reached out and gently grabbed my manifest izle hand.

“Why don’t you sit down here with me, its better then being all the way up there by yourself,” he intoned softly.

If his words hadn’t stopped me his eyes alone would have. They weren’t the paler blue that I had noticed earlier, they were now a deep midnight shade close to dominated by the pupil. I know I shared the same look of desire and lust and did nothing to hide it. I was tickled he felt the same way.

There was a tingling sensations spreading out from where his hand grabbed mine, reaching out to all my limbs before settling into a little ball of tension in the pit of my stomach. My limbs became flaccid and unresponsive as he drew me down next to him. Hell, practically on top of him. His other hand reached up and tugged at one of the little corkscrews that had formed around my face.

“I like your hair, I’ve always thought curls wer sexy.” His voice had grown deeper, quieter with my proximity. I was turned towards him slightly, my breasts pressing into his arm and my naked thigh against his. Smooth and supple meeting steel and slightly furry. Farther north Mikey was looking a little rounded out….very rounded out, widely longly rounded out….. Thank god we were surrounded by water or the puddle forming around me would be waaaaay obvious, I still wanted to play it nonchalant and make him think I was in complete control of myself.

“Thanks, I guess my parents chromosomes knew what they were doing when they split.” Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Not thank you, not , I’ll show you sexy, no, it has to be something biological and incredibly UNSEXY. Good one! Wait, he’s smiling and getting closer…..

“Yes, yes they did, I like a girl with looks, body, and brains.” Nothing else was said. Nothing needed saying. His mouth was on mine. I didn’t need any persuasion to open my mouth to this new guest. His kiss was perfect. Not too wide, no suction or excessive slobber, no tongue trying to make friends with my uvula, my lucky day! The tongue play was a fun little dance that was an attempt at distracting me from what his hands were doing. Mainly playing Lewis and Clark with my lower half.

One arm was resting along the level behind me while the other went a questin’. His well shaped fingers carried a bit of pressure but slipped along my sweat/water soaked skin easily. They felt along the contours of my leg muscles from knee to the barrier of the towel, which was right about waist.

I brought a hand to his chest and let the other one run up through his slick hair, giving it a little pull back, forcing his head back and myself into a more dominant position, causing me to lift my body slightly above his. This got quite a pleasant reaction. Both hands came down around my waist to squeeze and pull me tighter against his hard chest. I had to straddle him on my knees to keep my balance, but kept myself elevated. The kiss became longer, harder, deeper, more penetrating, giving a sample of what could be coming next.

I freed my hand from his chest and brought it around his neck, digging my nails in slightly along his spine before sliding them down his sides, down his flat abs to his long, hard erection. When my hand found its destination he moaned into my mouth and fought the towel. It was only a moment til I felt his hands kneading the skin of my back and ass, tracing nails up and down my spine. The towel soon slid loosely to drape across his knees exposing me completely. At this point “fuck the towel” wasn’t on my mind, all I could think of was “fuck me”.

I grasped the shaft through the thin fabric of his boxers, squeezing slightly and doing a little pumping motion, not wanting to chafe the sensitive area with the rough fabric. I wanted to feel him. I fumbled at his waistband and then made my mark. Even in the nearly suffocating heat my hand warmed further. I slipped my fingers around the head and sensitive ridge before going to the “sweet spot”. I moved my hand up and down, holding to where I wouldn’t slip along the skin but work the skin itself over the swollen tissue.

His palms pressed into my lower back, urging me down on top of him. When this proved fruitless, he brought one of his hands down, cupping me , and sliding his fingers along my wet slit before plunging his middle finger right in, working it in and out.

I gasped and moaned, letting his mouth escape, throwing back my head. He used the momentary separation to his advantage, kissing my neck and moving to my breasts. He took one of my nipples in his teeth and applied just the slightest bit of pressure and flicking the nub with is tongue. The movements made that ball of tension start to spread across my body. I felt my vaginal muscles tensing and begin to ache with the need to orgasm.

I pressed myself down on him, forcing his hand to retreat back to my waist as I began to rub myself along the his hot, twitching dick still covered by his boxers. He looked down at my pussy and the manifesto of a serial killer izle thin layer between us, his mouth parted and his eyes rolled back as he lowered his head back.

“I can’t fucking believe this! God you’re so fucking hot!” he managed between clenched teeth and squeezed my hips hard. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he left marks.

I just smiled before dropping my mouth to his jaw line and gently nipped to his ear while I continued to gyrate on top of him. The minute I clamped down and sucked lightly on his lobe he went crazy. I felt his body spasm slightly as he arched up, flattening my breasts to him and catching me a little by surprise. I had found his g-spot and t definitely wasn’t in his pants!

As much as I wanted to explore this new bit I think he was ready to move on to phase II. This became apparent when he lifted me up to where I had to drop my knees to keep from falling as he pulled his boxers down around his ankles, joining the towel on the lowest stair.

“You’re sure….” he strained as he reached for a handful of breasts and squeezed them both. I nodded as I bit my lip and threw my head back, reveling in the rough handling and heat.

I reached down and grabbed hold of his throbbing cock. It was already nice and slippery from the steam but I still ran the sensitive head long my labia, making him shudder and rock his hips. The tip hit my opening and he pressed up, dipping his head into me. He groaned as I remained in my position, but bounced just slightly, enough to bring the head in and out. He was a big guy and I wanted to be able to accommodate every inch which meant a little prep. Every few strokes I went farther down the shaft, taking a little more in. I held his shoulders when I got to the halfway mark and suddenly pressed myself down, engulfing him suddenly and quickly.

“Holy fucking shit!” He was a talker, that was fun. A stray thought flew through my mind, I didn’t even know who this guy was! Here I was in a steam room, preparing to ride a guy into the tiled ground and I have no clue about him at all! I felt fierce, dangerous, and wanted to fuck.

I moved my hips in a circle instead of bouncing. I loved being on top. I could feel my clit griding into his pubic bone with ever motion. I could feel every inch of him inside me, my poor tissues straining as they held onto every bit inside me clamping down, refusing to let go.

My nails dug into his shoulders as I felt my orgasm build. I prolonged a bit more by moving to a bob and then back to the circling. He kept up a steady stream of nearly unintelligible groans and grunts as I rode him. I wasn’t gentle. I could feel my knees scraping against the grouting, his upper back was pressed into the edge of the next tier hard. All the little discomforts were inconsequential compared to the building tension. Everything received from this was going to be a war wound and damned if I wasn’t going to make it worth it!

His hands moved all over me, groping, holding, stroking, tweaking wherever he felt inclined. His breathing was getting harder and his noises more insistent, matching the little noises escaping my throat as I gasped in the burning wet air around me. He finally brought back both hands and grabbed my ass, forcing me down harder and faster. The pace was bruising but titillating.

The tension and force building inside me reached every muscle and nerve ending. My clit was engorged and throbbing, my pubic bone was doing its best to merge with his, and my nipples were hard and erect. Next thing I know he found purchase for his feet as he arches up, making me lift myself enough that he can start furiously pumping in and out of me. This is too much, the tension burst flooding through me, escaping from my lips as I called out in surprise and triumph.

My head was thrown back and to the side, eyes scrunch up and mouth drops open as my body is wracked with an extended orgasm as he continues to fuck my tightened sheeth. My muscles are tight, clamping down even tighter, I’m surprised he can move in and out of me at all. The speed reaches a crescendo, a look of pure focus and animal lust crosses his handsome face as he brings me down with 1, 2, 3 more bone jarring thrusts as he cums inside me.

We both sag down into the seats panting and finding it hard to breathe with the hot air. The water condensing on our exposed skin is commingled with the sweat of our bodies.

“Dear Diary: Steam room+Girl in towel= amazing sex! Eat that Einstein! Heh,” he managed. We both dissolved into laughter which quickly turned to gasps from him as my laughter caused my insides to jostle and tighten.

I leaned down and kissed him before gently extracting myself. He ran his hand through his hair and watched me stand up and stretch. “Thanks for the unexpected workout! Its a good thing I was a rebel tonight!” I winked. He laughed as I leaned over to pick up my towel and his boxers.

“Definite good thing,” he said as he grabbed hold of the wrist attached to the hand offering the boxers, drew me down in and kissed me hard.

“Will I get to see you again?” he said. I laughed, “Well, there is a good chance, I’m a member here and I like to workout late. You’ll just have to check the steam room a little more often and I’ll conveniently forget my bathing suit.” I turned to leave and opened the door.

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