English for Sinners Ch. 10


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I looked, dumbfounded at Superintendent Cross, the woman I had just fucked less than an hour ago, and then back to her daughter, one of the three students I had been fucking for some time. I searched for any clue that Vivika knew what I had done, or if Cross would tell her. Judging by the older woman’s smile, it wouldn’t be the latter, at least not right away. Perhaps she wanted to toy with me; it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. I was getting used to it.

“You’re Vivika’s mother?” I asked surprised, already giving Vivika a reason to suspect something was wrong. “But, your last name is Cross, and I thought Vivika’s last name was Briarheart.”

“It is,” they said in unison, and then shared a giggle. Val answered the riddle for me while the mother and daughter shared their amusement. My attention turned to Val, whom I hadn’t had a chance to get a good look at as Superintendent Cross entered the room so abruptly. Val wore a tight, bright green, sports bra, clearly visible underneath her black mesh tank top. It all left her defined abs visible behind the net and unobstructed as it stopped inches below her modest chest. Wide hips filled out her tight, black, denim shorts well, not that there was much fabric there to fill out. She had undone the button and folded down the hem, baring her pelvic bone but still denying visage of her tight, shaved, pelvis. The cuffs of the shorts were only a couple inches away from the hem, so both of her legs were entirely on display. It wasn’t until her tennis shoes that any skin was hidden again. She sat crudely, with her athletic legs spread apart, one foot on the floor and the other resting on the couch cushion she sat on. This pose allowed me to see the beginning curve of her ass poking out of her barely-there shorts. As I always do, I admired the tattoos that were inked into her dark skin. I had learned them well as she had made sure I had cum on each one at least once. Her many piercings didn’t sparkle in this dimly lit room the way they did under the school’s far brighter lights, but the silver still stood out against her caramel coloring.

“Desirae is Vivika’s step mother. She changed her name back after-” Val was interrupted once the giggling stopped.

“After I was no longer married to Vivika’s father. I didn’t want people to think I was advancing in my position thanks to some wealth they attached to me as soon as they heard my last name,” Desirae explained. “And do I need to remind you that you are to address me as Ms. Cross, Valentina, or do you need another lesson?” Ms. Cross threatened. I had never seen fear in Val’s green eyes, but there it was. She straightened up and pursed her lips in silence, something that I had been trying to get her, or really any student, in my class to do on command.

“Mr. Harper,” Vivika said softly, leaving my side to stand in front of me, catching my gaze and holding it with her own. “Remember what I said about you having nothing to worry about? It still applies, so relax.”

“Yes, Mr. Harper,” Ms. Cross said with amusement in her voice before taking a sip from her glass of dark liquor, “you seem tense. Is something wrong?” She teased, knowing very well what was wrong.

Vivika turned my head back toward her, and gave me a peck on the lips to narrow my focus further onto her. “Don’t worry, Mr. Harper. I know about you and my mother.”

“You do?” I asked, shocked and unnerved. My eyes leaped from woman to woman, and their faces all conveyed that they knew far more than I did – something else I had grown accustomed to.

“I do. I know you fucked my mother – in fact that’s why you’re here,” she explained. So this would be the place of my execution then, or so I thought. “And I’m so delighted that you did!” she surprised me further with. “Was he as good as I said, mother?”

“Better,” Cross said with lust on her tongue. “You girls trained him well.”

“Oh, he was really good even at the start, Ms. Cross,” Nessa chimed in with a compliment about my sexual performance. Another girl whom I neglected to properly look over when I had arrived. There was no way to begin a description of Vanessa without first mentioning her breasts. I thought to compare their size and perkiness to Ms. Cross’s, and I came to the conclusion that they were roughly the same size, though Cross had brown nipples whereas Nessa’s were bubblegum pink. Speaking of bubblegum, Nessa was chewing on yet another piece, something she often liked to enjoy. She said it was because she had an oral fixation, and if she wasn’t sucking on a titty or a cock, she had to be chewing some gum or licking a lollipop. Back to her breasts, once again Nessa’s outfit did nothing to convey modesty about interior design masters izle their size; quite the opposite in fact. The faded blue rock tee was stretched beyond its limit, as holes had been naturally torn in the fabric in a few spots around her milky tits. While not as toned as Val’s, her tummy was still quite flat, though still with a bit of softness, as was found all over her body. While Val had worn a pair of shorts that would be considered too small to be worn in any public place, Nessa wore a skirt of the same category. Though longer than Val’s shorts, she showed the same amount of skin thanks to how she sat, her torn-stockinged-legs crossed, but her body turned slightly so I could see the skirt riding up, and spot the start of her baby blue panties. She wore no shoes, even though I’m sure she arrived wearing some. She just must have taken them off when she came in. Nessa was quite considerate like that.

“Eh, he was alright,” Val contradicted, as was her nature to do. She gave me a wink and licked her lips, letting me know she just liked to tease and actually agreed with Nessa.

“Wait, so, you wanted me to have sex with her?” I asked Vivika. “With your mother?” I clarified, just in case she thought I meant someone else, though I don’t know how she could. I was just so set off balance by the whole affair that I had to confirm things I used to believe were obvious.

“No, I wanted you to fuck my mother after I told you not to,” the vivacious redhead replied, pressing a red painted nail against my chest. The metal, large gap, bracelets clattered together from the sudden show of force from her arm. “It was just another test on your road to becoming completely corrupted. That you would betray my trust after I made it clear I didn’t want you being with anyone else, just so you can get off, in more ways than one?” She made a show of being sad, disappointed. Hugging her arms around her midsection, just below her creamy breasts, only half covered by a black and red corset, which in turn only covered half of her stomach. Her low cut black leather pants, seemingly painted on, didn’t help matters – exposing much of her pelvic bone and the lace at the hem of her red panties. “Why, it made me so proud!” she exclaimed. “Mmm, just thinking of you banging my mother in her office,” she swayed on the spot, her dark-red shadowed eyelids closing softly over amber eyes, and a red smirk forming on her face. “I hope you thought of me, Mr. Harper, while you fucked my mother in the ass.”

I looked over to Ms. Cross after Vivika mentioned the anal sex. Cross just smiled and gave a shrug. “There can be no secrets between mothers and daughters, Mr. Harper,” she rationalized before closing her dark lips over the rim of her glass, taking another sip of dark liquor.

“I knew I chose well when I picked you, Mr. Harper,” Vivika whispered into my ear, following up with a sharp bite, digging her incisor into my earlobe. I lurched back from the sudden pain and my determination to get some answers.

“Okay, this has gone on long enough,” I said, standing my ground. “I’ve been kept in the dark for far too long and I really need to know what’s going on here before my heart stops.”

“Of course, Mr. Harper,” Nessa said, sounding so sweet and genuinely concerned.

“All you needed to do was ask,” Val teased, sounding so sarcastic and questionably concerned.

Vivika took me by the hand and led me over to the love seat that sat 90 degrees from the couch where Ness and Val were seated. She slid into my lap, hooking her legs over the right arm rest while her back rested on the left, her ass grinding into my lap until she got comfortable. Even though it was clear Cross didn’t care if her daughter was sexually active, with me of all people, it still felt odd to be felt up by a woman whose mother was looking right at me – even if it was with desire in her violet eyes. “Alright, Mr. Harper, what would you like to know?”

I was hoping she would just lay it all out there, beat by beat, and I could just listen. It was never that easy with any of these women, though. I had to ask specific questions to get specific answers, so there was a chance I would still be left in the dark on something if they chose not to add in that information. So, I decided to ask about what had confused me last: the mention of corrupting me. “You talked about a test, on ‘the road to becoming corrupt.’ What did you mean?” My question was set up to get two answers that I wanted, just in case she had some strict limit on how many inquiries I could make.

“Well, Mr. Harper,” Vivika started, tracing shapes on my chest with her finger, studying her invisible art work while she answered me. “We needed you to become corrupt, sinful, selfish and perverse in order to become the perfect lover: an incubus.”

I should have known any answer she gave would just raise a million more questions for me to ask.

“An incubus? Isn’t iyi adamin 10 günü izle that like a demon?”

“If you like,” she said with a shrug. “It’s not a demon in the sense that you may know, and it’s not some life stealing monster, either. But ‘incubus’ and ‘demon’ are the best ways to describe what it is in words you would understand.”

I played along, for now. Having Vivika in my lap, caressing my body, did put me at ease, made me more comfortable with all this new information. It wasn’t like she had just tossed me into this strange new world in that moment. Vivika had already demonstrated that she, and possibly the other women in the room, had some sort of magical powers, so I supposed demons wouldn’t be too farfetched if I were believe in magic.

“And how would me fu- having sex with you all make me into this demon?”

“An incubus, and it wouldn’t, not directly,” Vivika clarified. “See, we needed to corrupt you, to make you into the proper vessel for an otherworldly power. That’s what will turn you into an incubus.”

“You want me to become possessed by some kind of spirit?”

Vivika gave a heavy sigh and rolled her eyes at my choice of words. “See, this is why I find it easier to keep most things a secret. You start applying your own negative assumptions to something new and wonderful. I never said ‘possessed’ and I never said ‘spirit.'”

“Sorry,” I said, doing my best to appease her and convince her to continue. “I just…I’m not very clear on all of this. It’s all very new to me, you understand. Just tell me whatever you think I need to know,” I asked of her. Hopefully that would clear up any more secrets that I didn’t know about, and thus couldn’t ask directly about.

Vivika looked to cheer up from that, now that I was asking the right questions. “Well, first off, there is no heaven and hell, so don’t start thinking this ‘demon’ is some kind of fiery hellspawn that wishes to devour your soul.”

“Yea, Mr. Harper,” Val piped in. “We’re the only ones who will be eating you up.” Another wink later, and since she was too far away to pounce on me, she decided to pounce on the attentive Nessa and playfully chomp on her neck with a growl. Nessa yelped and giggled when Val started licking her ‘wound.’

“When you die, you go to one of two places. If you lived for others, selflessly, and sought to expand your spirit and your mind, you go to a place where you will forever learn new things, fill your heart with new kinds of love, and embrace the beauty of the spirit and mind!” Vivika explained, making a big show of how wonderful it actually sounded. Then she dropped her head back down from speaking up into the sky, her face now with an unamused scowl. “It’s terribly boring.”

“And lame,” Val added between nibbles on Nessa’s neck.

“And not fun at all,” Nessa agreed.

Honestly, it sounded quite nice. Though she said heaven and hell didn’t exist, her explanation of this afterlife sounded just like what I imagined heaven would be. I didn’t want to tell them that, as they all seemed quite against the idea of it.

“And the other place?” I asked.

Vivika smirked and gave her lip a quick bite at the thought of it. “Well, if you lived for yourself, sought to expand your definition and perception of pleasure and pain, test the limits of the human form and feel all the known and unknown pleasures this realm has to offer us? You go to the other realm. The Realm of Flesh.”

Ms. Cross must have seen the concern on my face, as she decided to clear a few things up before I ran out of the mansion screaming. “Vivika speaks very colorfully, but more or less what she says is true. While alive, if you sought to expand your mind and spirit, when you die you enter into a realm with others who did the same. If, instead, you preferred to sample the pleasures of the flesh, you go, well, to the Realm of Flesh.” My brows still furrowed in concern, so Ms. Cross added, “Don’t be confused, though, Mr. Harper. As Vivika said, there is no heaven and hell, and the Realm of Flesh is not some divine punishment for evil people, no more than the other is a divine reward for the good. Good and bad alike occupy both planes of the afterlife. Both act as new realities to ascend to, where you can continue to pursue what you found most important in life.”

She had answered my concern directly. With the mention of demons, and corruption, and the afterlife, plus all the guilt and taboo activities these girls had convinced me to take part in, I had become concerned they were talking about some kind of hellscape. Though, she hadn’t addressed all my unspoken questions, so they had to come out verbally on my own terms.

“So, then why choose me to be this ‘vessel?’ I’m not exactly the kind of person who…pursues the ‘pleasures of the flesh,'” I said using their vernacular. “I mean, I’m an educator, I do believe in the pursuit of, and betterment of self and others through, knowledge.” jungle izle

“True, you weren’t. But, after these past few months, we’ve certainly molded you into someone who does prefer the former,” Vivika corrected. “After all, fucking your students? That’s a very taboo activity, Mr. Harper. To risk losing your job, ruining your reputation, and going to prison just to get some easy pussy? If that’s not someone who loves the pleasures of life, I don’t know who is. Plus, have you even read a book this year? Used a lesson plan that wasn’t prepackaged? Done anything to ‘expand your mind’? Or have you just been thinking about fucking us three?” She drove home the point by grinding her supple ass into my raging erection.

“Fair point,” I admitted. “But then why not just get someone who was already like that? Some…sexual deviant who would happily go along with this? Why take the time and trouble to…corrupt me?”

“Because it’s fun,” Val again felt the need to interject, still playing with Nessa’s body, her hands now massaging her huge tits, and Nessa cooing quietly and losing more and more interest in the conversation.

“Yes,” Vivika said coldly to Val, upset that she had interrupted her thought, “but mostly because we needed to corrupt you, Mr. Harper. Not find someone who was already a ‘sexual deviant’ like us. To become a vessel for this power, the person must first be a person of mind and spirit. A just soul who lives in the service of others and selflessly does whatever they can to aid in the betterment of mankind, as well as their own mind through the acquisition of knowledge. Boring stuff,” she said, summarizing her point with two curt words. “Then that person must become corrupt. They must become someone who lives only for themselves, someone who will do whatever it takes to increase their own pleasure, even to their own detriment, or to the detriment of others, if need be. They can’t just be in that state from the start. They have to become corrupted. And who better as our moral, upstanding, knowledge-seeking citizen than a celebrated teacher whom the students and staff love and admire? The more uncorrupt a person is, the more corrupt they can become, and thus become a larger vessel for more power.”

“I was the first choice!” Nessa perked up to say, and for the first time felt more interest in the topic than the foreplay.

“Yes, even with that body made for sin, rumors led me to believe that Nessa was as pure as the driven snow,” Vivika elaborated.”I had chosen Vanessa before you because of what I knew of her. She was sweet, innocent, on all the charity clubs, and a proud virgin. Or so I thought.”

“Blowjobs don’t count!” Nessa exclaimed, defending herself.

“They count enough for my purposes, though!” Vivika snapped back, as if they had had this argument before and she didn’t want to get into it again. “Oral sex aside, she was also vain, and only interested in helping others because she loved the admiration she got for doing so. Of course, by the time I had learned that, I had already recruited Val to seduce her and bring her to our side. Half way through that process, we learned she was not pure enough to begin with to create a large enough ‘vessel’.”

I looked to Vanessa who could only shrug and smile innocently, like a child who had been caught doing something they knew they shouldn’t have.

“But then I learned about you. The dear Mr. Harper. Teacher of the Year nominee on only his second year of teaching, beloved by the students for his diligence in making sure each student was tended to with their specific needs and strengths. Not many teachers go to those kind of lengths for their students, Mr. Harper. You were special. You were also single. I learned you spent so many late nights working on special lesson plans and tutoring sessions that you couldn’t possibly have had a very active sex life. You were perfect. We would corrupt you, and you would become the ideal vessel for the power.”

“And this…power? What is it exactly? I know it’s not a spirit, like you said, but…?” I trailed off in my question, hoping she would fill in the blanks.

“In the Realm of Flesh, sex is a constant. They have orgies that can go on for eons. All that lust and desire builds up and becomes an ethereal power that can be pulled into the Realm of the Living, and placed into a proper host body. This makes them a kind of avatar of lust and desire. An incubus. Or succubus if it’s a woman,” Vivika explained, her hips twitching eagerly on my lap as she thought about the orgies and beings of raw sexual energy walking the earth.

Finally, I had reached my limit. I had played along long enough, but I couldn’t act like I believed another word of it all. I had kept asking questions because I was hoping she would give some explanation that would turn me around on the idea. After all, I had already decided I wanted to stick with these women, despite the consequences, but if this is what it was all for, I didn’t know if I could keep my mouth shut forever.

“Vivika, I have to be honest, I-”

“Find this all hard to believe?” she finished my thought for me. “We thought you might say that. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Demons, an afterlife of nothing but sex, becoming some kind of vessel for some kind of ‘sex power’? That’s alright, though, because we’re confident we can convince you. Mother?”

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