Elf Boy and Elf Girl’s Frolic


© 2008, A Humble Tinsel Polisher

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note: This is the last of a trilogy, surrounding a fantasy girl named Christobel. It’s just a fantasy and I would not advise people doing this in real life. Very large things don’t belong inside a person’s body and continued injury is dangerous to your health.


A most scintillating thing took place that touched me very deeply in a manner so subtle I was stupefied. It all took place by accent actually amid a series of sexual explorations between myself and a woman named Christobel. I heard a song by some little known song writer named James W. Bolton entitled A Simple Answer where he puts in some vocal effects at the beginning of it which sound like elves frolicking in a garden within some enchanted woods. Well that part of the song stuck in my mind. The lyrics were far too erudite for my tastes in music as I tend to like listening to rock more than his laid back sounds, but that part stuck in my head.

Later I was messing around with my photo manipulating software and took a photo of myself and then one of her and pulled our ears out and up to a point, then elongated the feet and hands on both of us. I just couldn’t believe how cute the two little elves that emerged from it were. She looked so freaking sexy like that, I just had to go take her right then!

Now we have played a great many sexual games and done a myriad of fantasies together but this one, for some unknown reason, truly appealed to me more than any other. Oh, we played Daddy and his little girl, she likes that one. We were two wild deer in the woods, the rich woman and the pool boy, each other’s Master and Slave and many more, but for some reason Elf Boy and Elf Girl really touched me and made me love the kinky chick. She couldn’t help but notice I was particularly frisky because I just went to her and ravished her, so after I pumped a gallon of golden seed into her, she asked, “What’s gotten into you, all of the sudden?”

I grabbed her by the hand and dragged that sultry sexy body into the computer room saying, “Come with me and I’ll show you.”

I’ve gotta admit I go a little crazy watching that sweet booty sway as she walks especially when she is unsure of what is happening. She steps with such careful grace and each sinew of leg muscle individually tightens just to the exact amount needed. Her muscles ripple in such feminine splendor! She’s such an exquisite creature.

So I turned the computer back on and showed her the two photos that I had put together. She got the hottest little smile on her face and that little impish grin which borders on evil. She wrinkled up her little nose and then one of the sweetest things I love to hear time and time again blessed my ears as she started to chuckle. I can’t tell you how much I really love to make this woman laugh! So much of our lives are so serious with all the stress and worries that are thrown our way mucking up everything, when I hear her laugh she melts me completely.

She looked up at me kinda giggling and asked, “Ya wanna?”

I drew my gaze up from seeing my sperm dripping down her silky tanned leg and I looked as deeply into her eyes as I could, and slowly, shook my head affirmatively while curling my lips and humming out, “Mmmmm Hummm!”

She reported, “I have a friend that makes those Hollywood plastic masks and all that. And he’s gay but he’s really good at what he does. I bet he could make long feet for both of us and the ears too!”

“Wouldn’t that cost a lot of money?” was my immediate response.

She did one of those sexy moves where she glides her hand and finger over my chest as she turns to show me a profile while she sticks her gorgeous breasts out sensuously, and she cooed, “Well if you fuck me like you just did it’ll be worth it, no matter how much it costs! I spend a grip of money in the beauty shop and that doesn’t bother you. Besides, if I tell him what we’re going to do then he’ll probably do it for free just so he can fantasize about it too.”

I couldn’t help but notice she left out the hands completely. She loves the tactile sensation of hands touching, feeling and the idea of hands being covered with plastic didn’t appeal to her at all. Not even if those elf fingers were long and gangly and could reach deeply into her womanhood and stroke places that normal fingers could never reach.

Oh did I mention that she is younger than I am, considerably younger. She says she’s in her mid twenties but she’s actually a little older than that … oops I told … Sorry Christo! So her colloquialisms are much hipper than mine. She brings youth and vigor into my life and I love for that too.

Her long brown hair goes down almost to that gorgeous full ass. She’s got the most perfect ears and the slope of her neck and shoulders is so feminine, yielding and luscious. Her eyes are a soft brown color but she wears contacts and changes the color of her eyes to match what she’s wearing usually, but sometimes when we touch izle sometimes just does it by how she “feels.” When she does the blue contacts it’s all about The Fireman and the Dumb Blonde with her little pussy cat up a tree and she loves Firemen. Her nose is small and blends into her face so beguilingly that she is totally stunning when she’s giving me or anybody else head. And those succulent full lips feel so soft and good.

She sets a bon fire off in my groin every time she kisses me and she deliberately does that to me at the most embarrassing moments. Then she calls herself a bitch for doing it and gets depressed from that. Secretly I love it but I don’t really like being embarrassed all that much, and especially not in public. I’m just not into that deprecation thing.

Her sweet juicy breasts are the most amazing firm mounds of tenderness. The way they sway when she moves and the way they seems to know just which way to point is absolutely captivating. They are topped with big full porous nipples that just beg for my mouth and show every time she even starts to think about anything that turns her on. And everything in the freakin’ world turns her on! She has medium sized areolas that are the perfect separate shade even when she’s got an “All Over Tan” but especially when she lets her flesh lighten a little. A little tiny waist that makes me afraid I’m gonna break her if I play too rough and of course she keeps telling me that she won’t break … cuz most times she likes it rough!

She loves to strain as hard as possible when we’re having sex so we do get into some strange positions to make that happen. The young thing knows a whole lot more about it than I do. Her legs look like they are very thin and slinky sometimes and other times they seem to be so full and strong that she looks like she pumps iron. When I eat her pussy, and she is really getting off on it, she tightens her grip with those legs so tight it makes my head buzz but I actually love that because I am swimming in her love juices totally hypnotized by the scent and the sweet taste of her womanhood that when she tightens up I feel like I’m lunged right into the present. I never told her she commands that in me and I love her for it.

Her flesh is so deep and sensuous that no matter how much of a tan she has (and she gets all into that) it’s like the tiniest touch conveys directly to my soul. Her skin shines in low light and it seems like it glows to me but then in the bright light it appears to soften and blend in such a mysterious way that I just need to dive into her and consume every inch of that wondrous body. Naturally I saved the best part of her description for last.

I really haven’t been with a lot of women and almost all of them were silt with a hole but not Christobel. She has puffy labia that gets so full and red when she isn’t tanned and so dark when she is that they are like two soft pillows kissing whatever part of me is on them. I love to press my tongue into each of them and watch as they puff out all over.

Her majora are the most festinating and captivating things I’ve ever seen! Until she is turned on they lay protruding and crinkly soft, just poking out of her taut labia, begging to be tickled softly so they can send secret messages to her clitty. When she gets turned on they get so full of blood and have a lighter shade that matches her complexion in a deliriously enticing way. The heat she radiates from them is the warmth I need to feel for the rest of my life. When that glistening pussy juice starts moistening them I’m like a man possessed! They get so big and full that they lay out on both sides of her love tunnel and are the most divine sustenance my mouth has ever experienced.

I could eat her until my tongue fell out of my head! Gliding my turgid member into her is so easy because of those sweet majora. I don’t have to be concerned about my cock finding home. It just slides right into her like she was made for sexual intercourse.

And her beautiful clitoris hides in such a pouting, needy way and then struts itself out with so demanding a fashion that I just love to softly flick it and watch it run back into the shelter of her soft clitty hood. When I suck that clitty into my mouth her whole body becomes my orchestra and I AM the symphony conductor. Cumming inside that sweet little pussy is heaven. Collapsing into those acquiescent arms and feeling her pet me in the afterglow bring me such peace and contentment the whole world can feel the love that passes between us radiating out into the cosmos.

So we put a plan into action. She loves to show off in front of her friends. Before me she was off into the lesbo partying and that group exhibition titillation thing for a while. I agree it did make her more sensuous and more adventuresome. She calls it liberating but I don’t think that is what it was at all myself. I’m just glad she came back to the pole special forces worlds toughest test izle because she’s just so damn good at it. What we did was we got a projector and filled it with slides of a forest garden so we could put a wide angle lens on it and see the “garden” on three of the walls of the living room. We also got a long sound effects .wav file off the net that has what sounds like a small brook in it and the sounds of all the little creatures of the woods that we could loop on the ‘puter.

Then after she talked with her friend we went in for fittings. She was right he wasn’t busy so he did it for free. She’s just so damn smart some times it really amazes me. She knows how to play people and get them to do stuff nobody would ever do for her otherwise. I’m glad I wasn’t around when she was exercising her demons as she surely put a lot of people through hell. I actually liked the guy that made the plastic parts. He wasn’t really flaming but he did fag out more than I’m used to, but we had one thing in common. He swooned over Christo simply adoring her. Of course he wanted to be just like her and I wanted to consume her but that was enough common ground for us to get along. So he fitted her and then me by making a casts and then he turned them into molds that he’d put the plastic on later.

Now comes the part I surprised her with. I have to tell you I just love this chick so much I need to please her in every way possible. When she was into the lesbo thing she got into fisting and she hasn’t done that in a long time. Her sweet pussy isn’t wayyyyy tight but it’s tighter than a woman who’s had a baby is. The only thing is, I understand that she gets the feeling that she needs to be completely filled some times, and even though she has a big dildo that she uses when she feels like that I wanted to do something special for her. I wanted to feel like I was a part of it.

She tells me that my average cock feels so much better than the girlie dicks and “real” beats the hell out of plastic. Then she talks about how she loves to feel me shrinking out of her slippery pussy and how the pulse of my cock feels so good to her and the feeling me shooting ropes of living sperm into her uterus is such a psychological turn on to her.

But I know that sometimes she needs to be filled completely. I even fisted her a couple of times. At first I didn’t want too because I consider that a form of sadistic mutilation but she was already mutilated so I wasn’t the one that did it to her. I decided we should have a “fist day” at least one time. So I started the morning off with one little session. She looked like it hurt so much ringing my hand down into her I almost stopped but she kept telling me to go on. She had such a hungry look on her face I couldn’t deny her that.

Then I did her standing up while I sat in a chair in the afternoon and then with her sitting on the sofa that evening. Damn! Her face was so pretty when she was sitting there with those sexy legs drawn up and spread so willingly wide. By evening she was used to me and putting it into her so that didn’t bother me anymore. I didn’t really get off on it though because I know it was continuing to weaken her uterus and even though she says she doesn’t want kids I know she secretly does. She’s afraid she’ll molest them and I know she would be stronger than that.

That night I fist fucked her into a total frenzy. She actually past out completely. I made her strain for it and beg me to shove my big arm up inside her. I ripped that fucking pussy up so bad it actually did take a week before she could feel anything after that. But she was still fuckable the next day. A little sloppy but sometimes I really like that! It does make me cum faster though. All that juicy, slippery, gooshy, searing heat and those velvet soft, pussy walls, with her straining so hard, like a wild animal beneath my thrusts … makes my spine tingle just thinking about it. I also have to admit I got some freakin’ unbelievable head for about a week after that.

Since then she never has done what she told she would do if she needed to be fisted again. She said she’d cuddle up with me and make a real show of adoring my arm and fondling it and building her desire until she couldn’t take it any more. Then she’d beg me to fist her. I guess she just loves the way I fuck her with my normal sized cock. Maybe love has something to do with it. That or she hated how it made me feel to hurt her that morning.

So after our fitting I went back to see her friend and I asked the guy if I made a cast of my cock would he make me one of those slip over cocks so I could fill her to the brim! I know he was toying with me when he volunteered to make the cast himself but I took the stuff home and did it when she wasn’t there. He had been to some of their open gay parties and knew from watching her just how big to make the massive thing.

After she went hoffman family gold izle to get the other stuff he made for us I went over there and got the giant plastic extension and he was just gushing at what a sweet thing I was doing for her. He probably did make an extra one just for himself and I did notice he kept the cast of my cock but that’s okay. If he wanted to get off a couple of times pretending he was her and had my dick up in him I suppose that doesn’t hurt anything. The real one is going into her and only her. That’s where home is. That’s where it belongs.

So we practiced and played it out a few times before she had her “kinky” friends over for the big party, and I guess that’s when it started. There was just something about the look in her eyes that threw me for a loop. They danced in an enticing fiery manner while she warmed her way up next to me. The character she envisioned for a what an Elf Girl meant to her was capricious and yet tantalizingly sexy. Even with her I had always been kind of standoffish, I usually don’t like people touching me but she was the exception. When she slipped into her Elf Girl character I found myself welcoming her into my space and even felt like I could feel her when she got near and longed for her to come closer.

I guess it was the endearing fun of it all that did it for me. It was kind of like the feeling you get standing at the refrigerator door taking a big gulp of cherry kool aid when your dehydrated in the summertime. A little bit wicked, but fun, and so satisfying.

I kept the surprise hidden until “dress rehearsal” just the night before her big party. We had gotten our act down pat. Her real name sounds like what an Elf’s name might be but mine is just too plain and too human so we decided I’d be called Gondersnuffle. Gone down der’ to snuffle some up!

So there I stood in the bathroom with this 15 inch fake plastic cock fitted over my real one suddenly feeling totally inadequate on my own, which I hadn’t expected. I was trying to get it not to show in my pants and that was pretty difficult but I wanted to surprise her. I needed to fill her up completely! I wore these baggy light brown cargo pants made out of some soft suede or something and with a little practice I could move around and it didn’t show too much. I couldn’t actually get my hand around the monster phallus but the gay guy assured me she could take the whole thing and especially up her ass.

Some times I’m not real sure of things I’ve decided to do and that was definitely one of them. I had on a kaki safari shirt that was two sizes to large for me and it helped hide what was in my pants. So I went out to the living room/garden to meet her.

She looked so radiant with a rustic skimpy dress made out of a car shammy and held together with leather strips for stitching. It was off one shoulder and the front was slit down from her neck so that one breast was ready to slip out any second and the other could be seen clearly every time she bent over. The course micro fiber was so thin you could see the outline of her rock hard nipples that just grew larger and larger every time she moved against the rough surface of her dress. That soft, sweet, supple, flesh grinding against the rough shammy material was such a turn on! The hem was so short you could see her firm ass cheeks hanging down like a pair of sweet, tangy, pomegranates swaying on the end of a limb in a hot summer breeze and the leather stitching stopped well before the hem so there was a lot of open thigh flesh showing too. And of course, she didn’t wear any panties at all. Elf women never do. She even put some glitter on her hot little rump and I think she had made sure she moisturized just before getting dressed.

I just stood there in shock and I could feel that damn plastic extension holding down my rock hard cock like a vise. So we began with a little dance at arms length and started making funny faces at each other. I guess we looked more like trolls than elves oogling each other and playing with one another’s bodies. It truly thrilled me to watch her giggling and messing around without a care in the world.

The heavy aire of sexuality hung in the stillness between every passing second and from my point of view she instinctively knew how to work each image of our being there together into a fury of sexual desire. She just knew how to move that well.

I traced the line of her collar and slid my hand down into her dress onto one of those molten mounds and she let out a low thankful animal sound as my softer hand now held her creamy breast in it. In a second I had her succulent orb out and was sucking it and blowing hot and cold air over what my lips and tongue had moistened and I could smell her thick sweet woman aroma permeating my whole body.

Those sexy little elf ears of her’s poking out of her hair just made the whole picture turn out so real it was incredible. I had to reach up with my other hand and stroke my little elf lover’s lobes. She ran her hand down to my cock and then got the strangest look on her face. I Panicked but tried not to let it show! With her it was part total surprise and part hurt because she was afraid that what she found would be something that demeaned me. I really don’t know exactly how she sensed the under feelings of inadequacy that go along with a male conceding to the use of a cock extension but she did.

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