Earth Day Encounter


I celebrate my birthday on Earth Day, the twenty-second of April. This special day was made even more so when, after I gave a presentation to a crowd of Torlson University students, an attractive coed approaches me with a question, “Dr. Hughes, you being the expert, what are the most important items that a campus can recycle?”

“First. Please call me Carl. What is your name?”

“Sandy. Sorry, I should have introduced myself.”

“Sandy, the benefits of recycling all possible items, especially those that don’t degrade or contain harmful metals, such as cell phones and other electronic devices, is to prevent these items from entering landfills.”

I continue suggesting other items to keep from the landfills when she asks, “Carl, can I treat you to a smoothie? They are really good.”

We sit on the lawn just off of the quad sipping the refreshing smoothies. A soft breeze moves over us offering me glimpses of her full yet shapely form. She is wearing a billowy white blouse, hiding her sumptuous unencumbered tits, very short shorts, and leather sandals define her attire. Had we been living in the early 70’s she would fit the profile of a ‘hippy chick.’ I’m at least fifteen years her senior, a few inches taller, medium build average looks. I am attracted to her, if she is really flirting with me, I have a surprise for her.

By 5:30 I ask, “Would join me for dinner?”

She smiles broadly, “I’d like that very much.”

“Where do you recommend?” I ask.

“I know this great cafe for falafels and other middle eastern foods. It’s only a few miles away.”

“Sounds good, my car is over here in the lot.”

After eating some of the best falafels and hummus I’ve had in halo izle recent years, I drive her to her apartment. She invites me up for coffee. I suspect she has a different motive than discussing her school work. We talk about a paper she is writing for the campus newspaper. The object is to encourage the campus to do more recycling, to develop a composting facility to handle the large quantity of fall leaves, grass clipping, and waste produce from the dining operations. As she leans over me to refill my cup, her straight long blonde hair flows around her face. I see over the top of her low-neck blouse to her naked breasts, nice full breasts with extended nipples.

She refills her cup and asks if I would like a little dessert.

I reach to her ass and give it a gentle but firm squeeze. “What have you got?”

She smiles slyly, “Fresh pie.”

“Oh, what kind?”

She slides off her shorts exhibiting a pink and artfully shaved pussy. “It is nice and hot, just for you.” She steps over to me and slowly moves her hips and pussy to my face.

What is a guy to do, especially me, I haven’t been in this position for months? I respond automatically with a quick lick of her pussy lips. I rub her firm ass with one hand and move the other up under the blouse to a waiting tit. She takes the hem of the blouse and pulls it off over her head. I use both hands to knead the creamy mounds of her nubile breasts. My fingers circle round her quarter sized areolas, as if on queue they change shade from soft pink to strawberry red. I her pinch very extended and hard nipples.

Using my tongue to separate and massage her folds then circle her clit. She shakes, but I want her to wait. I high rise invasion izle move her back a little so I can see her swollen pink lips, pulsing the dripping with her juices. She pulls my head again to her. I continue to lick then I insert two fingers in her while licking and sucking her hard clit. I move my fingers till I find the spot that causes her to shudder and moan. My massaging continues through her spasms and contractions.

I lick slowly in circles, building tension, and then just as suddenly I stop. I hold still, but she wiggles her hips and pushes her pussy hard against my face. I again move my tongue back in contact with her hard bud, swirling it in small circles. Back to her dripping lips and then to her tight little hole. Back and forth, I lick long and hard, repeating the process in agonizing slowness.

I pause again remove my fingers from her juicy pussy. I unzip my pants and release my bulging eleven-inch cock. I slide my hands up her hips over her stomach to her breasts. I knead and pinch in rhythm with my tongue manipulations.

I feel a shudder of her legs and pelvis. She moans pushing my head hard into her pussy, she comes as I suck her swollen lips and clit. She starts to lean away from me as if to sit on my lap. I assist her in settling down to my surprise for her. I guide my large cock into her well lubricated pussy. She exhales a moan, a gasp and as she slides onto my cock another pleasured moan. We make eye contact, I see a look of surprise followed by a smile. She holds my gaze, she must know there will be pain and pleasure in varying combinations. Pain and pleasure that will end in a massive climax. She leans to me and we skymed izle kiss, a hot explorative kiss. She kisses and whispers in my ear, “You feel so big and hard.”

I remain still until she is ready to move toward another climax. She leans back holds onto my shoulders. I go to a breast to suck, the other I tickle and grab the nipple between my thumb and index finger. Rolling her nipple lightly I see her mouth open and hear a low moan escape. She lifts up an inch or so then settles back onto my cock. Her movements continue with increasing length of stroke, I assist slowly and gradually increasing the thrusts to the point of her next spasm. I pause as does she, slowly I push into her until my entire length is deep inside her. Stretching her, filling her, we increase the thrusts again.

She yells, “Oh Fuck you are huge, . . Don’t stop. Carl . . . More, Ahhhh! Fill me. I’m coming. . . I want you now!” She stops with a shudder, pulls my face to hers and kisses my face and lips. I pulse my rod, she responds with a squeeze of her pussy muscles. We begin the pumping and thrusting again. In less than a minute I feel her tighten around me and then I thrust deep into her and eject a series of copious cum spurts. She joins me with spasms and she contributes to the flow from her love tunnel. She screams, “Ohhh, . . No more. Ahhhh! . . . Fuck! . . . You fucked me you bastard. Ahhhh! Wonderful.”

She pulls my head to her breast and hugs me so hard that my ears begin to burn. We remain in this position for several minutes. Gently she kisses me from forehead to ears and to my mouth for a tongue duel.

As our heartbeats slow toward normal and muscles calm, she sighs, “I never expected that. When I first saw you I hoped I could screw you, but as good as this, wow! Can I keep you?”

“Sandy, I never expected this, either. We should do this again.” We embrace, we kiss. “Hopefully before the next Earth Day.”

She nods, smiles, and says, “Yes, then I can recycle this fuck, again.”

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