Drinks After Work


This story is a completely true depiction of one of the best sexual experiences of my life (at least so far)

It was the summer after my freshman year of college. I was 19, and life was going great. I just started an internship for the summer and I looked better than I ever had. Honestly, I had a body to kill for. While I was growing up, I had always been overweight. Not obese or anything, but definitely noticeably larger than most. While a lot of girls tend to gain weight their freshman year of college, I actually started eating extremely healthy and worked out every day until I had the body I had always dreamed of. The best part about this new body was that I lost all the weight in my stomach, arms, and legs, while my breasts and ass stayed nice and plump. Here I was, a 19 year old girl with medium brown hair, haunting light green eyes, and an all-around tight body with a juicy ass and DD breasts. I looked good and I knew it, and I knew that men knew it, too.

While I was definitely not a prude before college, I had never had sex until the first semester of my freshman year. I had never seen sex as a big deal, so I kind of just wanted to get it over with and do it already. Once I did, I realized that I absolutely loved cock. I couldn’t have enough of it. I was horny all the time, and I would use any guy that was around me just to get my fix. Even with as much sex as I had, I never considered myself a slut. I always saw sluts as girls who have sex just to please guys. I was doing it for myself.

As I mentioned earlier, I started an internship at the company that my stepfather owned. While I would love to say that I got the job on my own, I know the only reason I got it was because of my family connection, and everyone else did, too. Luckily I still ended up making some pretty great friends at the job.

There was one guy in particular that I was incredibly attracted to. His name was David. He was 25 and he had dark brown hair, nice scruffy yet well-kept facial hair (which I have always found sexy), and a great body. He also drove a big pick-up truck, which is a huge turn on for me, there’s nothing sexier than a guy in a truck, in my opinion. He was probably around 5’11” and very muscular. I figured that with his body and height, he probably had a nice sized cock as well.

After work one afternoon, David asked if I wanted to go get a few drinks after work (I had a fake ID so I would go out for drinks every once and awhile). I obviously agreed and said I would meet him after work then head to the bar.

Once we got to the bar we each ordered a beer and sat and talked, clearly flirting the whole time. I could tell he knew that I wanted it, and I could see that he was definitely willing to give it to me. We were only a few beers in before we were both so horny that we decided to head out.

He touched the small of my back right above my ass (which is a huge turn-on for me) and whispered “Do you want to head back to my apartment?” in my ear. I nodded eagerly and we both got in our cars to drove to his apartment, which was luckily only a few minutes away.

As soon as we got into his apartment, he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me up game of thrones izle against the door. I was slightly surprised but extremely turned on by his sudden show of power. I’m not into anything kinky and submissive, but I do think it is insanely sexy when a guy is confident enough to take control of a woman’s body (college guys are often so tentative, the older guys aren’t afraid to be a little rougher).

He immediately pressed his lips against mine with a decent amount of force, and within seconds we were making out aggressively. I felt his hand graze down to the bottom of my dress, then he broke our connection for a few seconds to pull the dress over my head, exposing my sexy black bra and thong. He continued to kiss me as he removed my bra.

As he started kissing down my neck towards my breasts, his hand also trailed down and slipped between the top of my thong, sliding his fingers in between my legs.

“Holy shit, you’re wet,” he whispered as his thick fingers pushed towards the entrance of my pussy. All I could do was moan in response as pushed his full finger deep into my cunt.

I started to rub his fast growing cock through the thick material of his pants, but before I could unbuckle his belt and release it, he started kissing down my stomach and pulled the thin fabric of my thong all the way down.

I gasped when he simultaneously pushed another finger into my now dripping pussy and started licking and sucking my clit. He was finger fucking my hot wet cunt hard now, and he alternated between flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking long and hard on it.

Before I knew it, I could feel my pussy start to tighten around his fingers and I braced onto the doorknob as I felt my first orgasm coming. My legs started shaking uncontrollably as I came onto his fingers and into his mouth. Once I stopped shuddering and was able to (at least slightly) control my own body again, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and stood up.

“Want a taste?” he asked, putting his dripping fingers up towards my mouth.

“Mmm,” I replied, sucking my cum off of his fingers. “I’m more excited to taste something else, though,” I cooed as I reached down to unbuckle pants. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, then knelt down between him and the door and pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles.

I licked my lips in excitement when I saw that his package was exactly what I was expecting, and hoping for. He wasn’t the biggest I have ever had (I’ve fucked a few black guys in my time), but he was a solid 8 inches and a thickness that made my pussy tingle with excitement and my mouth water at the thought of it being filled with it. I love sucking dicks, honestly. I could get off while giving a blowjob without even touching myself, purely because of the amazing mixture of the dominance a man has standing over you and the control that I have knowing that his pleasure is in my hands (or in this case, mouth).

I started to tease him a bit by licking the very tip of his dick. I then licked down the shaft, and he moaned when I took each of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked on them. Once I was done with gibi izle that, I licked my way back up to the head of his cock and finally took it in into my mouth. My left hand was pumping the bottom part of his shaft that I couldn’t easily reach as I bobbed and sucked on the top part, and my right hand was fondling his balls. He gasped when I reached one of my fingers back further and gently rubbed on the sensitive part between his testicles and his asshole.

I continued sucking on his cock and pushing it as deep back into my throat as I could without gagging. I moaned when he reached down and started rolling my nipples between his fingers, which in turn made his moan from the vibrations I made around his dick. He practically shouted in pleasure when I reached around and grabbed onto his ass and pulled his hard cock into my mouth. My lips briefly touched the base of his cock when I gagged and pulled his prick out of my mouth.

I repeated this again, except this time loosening my throat so that once his entire dick was buried in my mouth, I started bobbing my head up and down as I deep-throated him. I finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, a string of spit still connecting it to me, and looked up into his hungry eyes with my own equally hungry glare.

“I want you to fuck me,” I muttered, and he pulled me up and turned me around. He bent me over so that my forearms were pressed against the door, my back was arched and my ass was up in the air with my legs spread apart, my sopping pussy waiting in anticipation to be filled by his cock.

Now it was his turn to tease me as he grabbed my ass and started kneading it, making me sigh each time his fingers slightly grazed my pussy lips.

“Please fuck me, I need your cock inside me NOW,” I begged, barely being able to contain myself.

He finally gave into my pleas and in one slow motion he grabbed onto my hips and eased his cock into my pussy. My moan started off quiet and got louder as his dick pushed deeper and deeper into my cunt. Once he was fully inside of me, he wasted no time and started thrusting hard and fast into my hot pussy.

He reached his right hand around to start playing with my clit while his left hand reached up and started rubbing and rolling my nipples in between his fingers. By this point I was moaning and shouting, and he was grunting with each deep thrust. Every once in a while I would hear someone walk by his door and I would chuckle when I looked through the peephole and see their reaction when they realized I was being fucked right on the other side. A few people were appalled, while others were curious or turned on. I laughed when I saw one guy usher his friend over to the door and push their ears against it to try and hear everything that was happening.

“Oh god, fuck yes your cock feels so fucking good in my tight 19-year-old pussy,” I shouted, partially for our observers’ benefit, and partially because his cock did feel absolutely fucking fantastic going in and out of my dripping wet cunt.

He leaned over and started nibbling on the spot right where my neck meets my shoulder blade and I moaned even louder, since this is one of my most sensitive and erotic gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle spots on my body.

“Does my cock feel good thrusting deep inside your hot wet cunt?” he groaned into my ear as he fucked me harder and harder, his balls slapping up against my ass.

“Fuck yes, oh my god I love your fucking dick deep inside of me,” I half moaned, half shouted.

I inhaled sharply when he moved his left hand from my tit and pressed his thumb against my asshole. I let out a huge groan of pleasure and pain as he pushed his middle finger into the entrance of my pink rosebud, all the way in, deep into my asshole.

“OH MY GOD,” I shouted as he started pulling his finger in and out of my ass while continuing to fuck me just as hard and still play with my clit.

“Yeah, you like it when I finger fuck your asshole while I shove my cock in and out of your pussy, don’t you?” he said while leaning into me, making sure that every possible inch of him was inside of me.

“Yes… oh YES…fuck…oh god… OH GOD,” I shrieked, my pussy starting to tighten as all three sensations were starting to push me over the edge.

“Yeah, baby. Squeeze my cock with you cunt. Come for me, come all over my cock,” he moaned, knowing that I was going to burst any minute.

“Oh… oh…OH… OH GOD… FUCK… FUCK I’M GONNA CUM…. OH GOD I’M CUMMING… I’M CUMMING!” He held me up to keep me from collapsing as the most intense orgasm rushed over me. It seemed to last forever as my body was shuddering from intense never-ending pleasure.

As I was finishing, he slowly continued to pump his cock in and out of me. Once I was done, he started going faster and faster again, and I knew he was coming close to finishing, himself. He grunted loudly as he pumped his cock harder and harder inside of me.

“SHIT, I’M GONNA CUM!” he shouted as I felt his balls tightening every time they hit my ass.

“Come all over my ass, baby,” I pleaded. With that he pulled his cock out of my cunt and shot his load all over my ass and lower back. His warm jizz felt so good against my skin, and my own cum started dripping out of my cunt down my leg. He got down and licked my cum from my ankle all the way back up to my pussy and slurped the rest of my juices out of my cunt. Then he scooped up his jizz from my ass and reached around and fed it to me. The taste and his warm, salty spunk going down my throat made me want more.

I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth, savoring the mixture of his cum and my own juices. I sucked him until his cock was completely clean, then I stood up and he pulled me hard against him, kissing me with even more force than the first time. I pulled back and smiled at him coyly.

“You know I should probably take a shower. I don’t think my parents would approve of cum dripping down my leg, and I’m sure my stepdad would not take it well if he found out that cum was from one of his employees,” I laughed, and we both made our way to the bathroom.

In the shower, we rinsed each other off and rubbed soap all over each other’s bodies, him paying special attention to my tits and pussy, and me paying special attention to his dick. This made him hard again and I ended up sucking him off in the shower until he came all over my face and tits. I rinsed off again the got out and dried off. After I got dressed, he walked me back out to my car, kissing me one more time before I left.

And that was the beginning of a fantastic summer fling…

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