Dr. Robertson’s Cure Ch. 04


For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

Authors note. Thanks for the support, and helping me find a great editor for this story.

And a huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read my first three chapters of the story, or you might miss out on some of the references in this part.


We were ready for testing and had the selected subjects lined up to come into the Lab for the final in-person interviews, one couple at a time. This would allow us to determine which of those that made the cut into the program before the trial would be starting in two weeks.

The Lab was built, and the production area was being built, coming along nicely. Tony had that all well in hand. I asked Wendy and Ian to take the first leg of the journey, and they were currently stationed in a hotel in Vegas right now awaiting word from us. I texted them their flight details for the next leg, and Ian put on his tinfoil hat, so no one could read his mind.

A few hours later, I got a text from Wendy that they had arrived at the local airport, so Mia and I drove out to get them.

“You are very beautiful, Honey.” I said, as I watched Mia driving.

“You seem to want every other woman on the farm but me.” Mia said with no expression on her face or in her voice. I needed to spend more time thinking about how I shared my love around the facility.

“It might be that I’m not supposed to be doing that to my daughter. It has been ingrained into me all my life. Now we are in a position that we all need more sex, and now I am faced with a moral dilemma. As much as I want to throw you down on the ground and thrust into you whenever you pass by me, I force myself to stop. With a grin I added, “Most of the time anyway.” I said, putting my hand on her leg.

“I need you as much as anyone else, Dad. Why is it so bad for you to love me too.” Mia said, her emotions now clearly showing on her face.

“I love you, Mia.” I said, and my heart started breaking as she teared up.

“But are you saying you are not in love with me?” She asked, her lip trembling now. She had obviously been keeping this in for a while.

“Mia, do you believe you can love more than one person at a time or should love mean having only one true love?” I asked, sliding my hand up her thigh.

“The movies say it’s only one, but now I am sure it can be more than that. I’m in love with Mom and you, and I love to make love to that brat of a brother of mine too.” She said with a grin, brushing her hand over my cock before slowly putting it back on the wheel.

“I had always noticed your cleavage and the stunning shape of your body before all this, but I forced myself to pull my eyes away. Now I can see even more of you, the wonderful crease under your ass cheek and the freckle on your right pussy lip.” I said, I slid my fingers under her skirt and circled the spot with my finger.

“I love Eve and Em and you, and I enjoy making love to the twins. That might be tough for you to accept, spreading my love around like that. But the forbidden part makes it even more exciting.” I said, running my hand up under her top and playing with her nipple.

“I love you too, Dad. Please just don’t forget to make love to me as well.” Mia said as we pulled up at the airport and spotted our two travelers.

“How was the trip?” I asked, after we bundled our guests into the car.

“I don’t think we were followed, I kept checking,” Ian said. His conspiracy theory mindset is like this way too much.

“I am surprised they haven’t found us yet. It doesn’t matter too much now, but I didn’t want to make it any easier for them.” I said. I laughed with Wendy about how serious Ian was about anything cloak-and-dagger.

We drove back to the farm, chatting about the testing that they would be doing. When we pulled up, everyone was clothed in at least wearing swimmers. I took the pair to the accommodations they would be using for the time being and let them unpack.

“We will be around the pool when you are ready.” I said, and went back to the family.

“So, did the drug work?” Wendy asked barely containing her excitement, as they both looked on with interest.

“I have some agreements for you to sign before we talk anymore. You will be paid well, but this all has to remain strictly between us.” I said, as I pushed the papers in front of them.

“They both read the papers then looked at each other, then with a silent nod, signed and pushed them back.

“Yes, we had a little accident, and we all ingested a sample. It was a little tough, but now we have come to terms with the effects.” I said, as I saw them relax the shoulders.

Is there any chance we could be pre-test subjects? We have been together for years and have slowly watched our sex drive drop to almost nothing. At thirty, I should still be raring to go, but atakent escort it’s just not there today. I am worried I am losing Ian.” Wendy asked, hanging her head before she lifted her glasses to wipe the tears away.

“What about you, Ian?” I asked, to see if he was on board too.

“I still like sex, but once a month is okay now. I used to be after Wendy everyday. Thinking about it in the end, I am glad I am not that way or I might have strayed by now.” Ian said, looking at me hopefully.

“The first few days are pretty full-on. I expect you saw the lab animals reaction. I must ask if you are absolutely sure you are ready to commit?” I asked, as they held hands and looked at me.

“Honey, why don’t I get a sample for each of them?” Em said, putting her hand on my shoulder, letting me know she approved too.

I took them down to the Lab, and we gave each of them a test tube. Wendy skulled hers with a grimace, and Ian shot his too. Em did the measurements, and we went back to the pool to relax before dinner.

” You should be aware by tomorrow night you will be ready to shed some clothes, and be unable to stand wearing them at all by the next day. Stay close to each other, and you will be alright. The effects will peak in four to five days, and after a week or so, you will be able to stand clothes for a few hours.” I said, as we sat having a few drinks.

“How many times a day does the increased sex drive manifest itself in humans?” Ian asked, his scientist side clearly kicking in.

“By day three, you will be almost constantly erect, and begging Wendy for somewhere to put it. That will settle to a few times a day after a few weeks.” I said, smiling.

“Okay, we are heading to bed now, it’s been a long day. And it looks like you need to get some clothes off by all the scratching going on.” Wendy said, as she smiled at us.

“Don’t worry; you will be right where we are in a few days.” I said, as they were leaving.

I looked over to Em, and she was already pulling her bikini off. The twins followed soon after, by the time I turned back to my family, I found that I was last to drop my pants. I handed a drink to Eve and then sat down on one of the loungers with my glass.It seems I never get tired of watching the three younger girls and Gabe splashing in the water.

“She wants you so badly, Tim.” Eve whispered to me as we looked at them, but Mia kept looking back to Eve and me.

“I love her too.” I said, as I put my hand on Eve’s thigh.

“Where does that leave me, and Em for that matter?” Eve said, putting her hand over mine, and bringing a little look of jealousy from Mia as she watched us from the pool.

“I have loved you for almost twenty years, and I am still in love with you. Probably even more now than when you looked up into my eyes and started to cry after the first time we made love in the back seat of my Dad’s old Ford. But this drug has changed everything. The people society thinks I must not see naked, I now see naked all the time. The people I am never to have sex with, I am having sex with all the time. I am now in love with three ladies, and they all know each other! What do I do?” I asked Eve, because if I were going to get through this, it would only be with her help.

“What do you want? Do you still want us; you and I together?” Eve asked, her face telling the story of the worry she was considering.

“I will never touch any other woman again if you say so. I can’t live without you.” I said, looking deep into her eyes for the answer.

“I feel it too, and it was exciting to have sex with Gabe. I needed the sex desperately then, but now he makes love to me. There is a real difference.” Eve replied, her lip trembling.

“I know what you mean. Iam no longer having sex with Em and Mia, now it’s more than that, like you said. So if you want me to stop, I will. But I must confess I don’t want to stop loving them either.” I said, drawing her in, so our noses were touching, and as I breathed in, she breathed out.

“Mia is starting to fall apart watching us., Call her over to us.” Eve said, as I turned and saw Mia’s bottom lip quivering with tears welling in her eyes.

“I am so sorry Mom. I will stay away from him. I can see how much you love each other.” Mia said, as she curled up in her Mother’s lap and sobbed onto her chest.

“That’s the problem with being intimate with someone. You have to open yourself up to them and show them your heart. It is important you understand Tim and I have never just had sex. We make love. I don’t want you to hide your love. You or Em.” Eve said, as she looked over to Em, Tony, and the girls having a deep conversation, probably sparked by watching ours.

“I am in love with him, Mom, I can’t stop it.” Mia said, looking over to me with pleading eyes.

“So, it comes to this. It is obvious we all need to talk this out.” I said, waving Gabe and the rest of the family over to us.

We all gathered around, and Em started ataköy escort off the conversation by waving her hand to get everyone’s attention.

“This is getting a lot harder, and it’s harder on the adults here. We have been in a marriage committed to just one person for over twenty years each. But I can see the younger ones are also suffering from doubt and stress. We need to be very clear about our feelings, or many of us are going to get important feelings hurt, and now we need to prevent that from happening.” Em said, looking to her husband and then me.

“I don’t think there is any playbook for this. I would have happily gone through my life only making love to Eve, but that’s not true now. I can never go back; none of us can wind the clock backwards and forget this has happened. Also understand, I would not take a second of it back now that my love for Em and Mia is out of the box.” I said, and watched Tony and Gabe shift uncomfortably.

“How would I have ever known I would be in love with my daughters without this mishap? But I can’t be jealous of you and Em. It seems that I have loved her forever, but you actually have loved her all of your life.” Tony said, pulling his crying daughters to him and Em.

I looked over to Gabe, and he just sat there, his face blushing red. “I don’t know what to do with the feelings that have come rushing to the surface. I am in love with Jenny, but she loves her Dad, and I can never hurt him. And I am in love with Mom, and she loves you, Dad. What the fuck do I do?” Gabe asked as it all came out as a blubbering mess. Eve pulled him into her embrace.

“You love them both as hard as you can, and hold on for dear life.” Tony said, pushing Jenny towards Gabe, and she wrapped her legs around him, crushing her breasts and pussy into his side.

Mia came to me, wiping her eyes, and slid onto my lap, pushing her pussy onto the underside of my cock, trapping it between us. Looking into my eyes she said, “So, I am going to hold on to you as hard as I can too, and hope I don’t lose you completely to Mom or Aunty Em.”

“You can’t lose me Mia, I am your Father.” I said, in my best Darth Vader voice.

This brought a giggle from Mia and her Mom; who both knew I was a Star Wars nerd. I ran my hand down Mia’s back to her ass and cupped her cheek in my hand. God, she had a beautiful little body. She was like a blend of Em and Eve, but not exactly like either. Her body felt so much like her Mother did when we were young. My cock had been confined to my pants for most of the day, and it was now leaking pre-cum all over Mia’s belly.

I felt Mia jerk her hips, and when I looked over her shoulder, I could see Em licking between Mia’s legs. I pulled her cheeks apart to give Em better access, and Em licked at Mia and sucked one of my balls as well.

“Oh, Dad, Aunty Em is licking my ass.” Mia said in a breathy groan, making my cock jump.

I felt a hand wrap around my cock as Em directed my cock to Mia’s opening, and Mia lowered herself onto my shaft. She looked at me intently, and I couldn’t take my eyes off my beautiful daughter. She raised herself then dropped back onto my hips as Em licked from the base of my cock up to where Mia’s pussy joined us. I felt Em licking at my balls, before her tongue snuck between my legs and licked at my ass. Wow, Em was a dirty little minx.

“What is Aunty Em doing to you Dad? I can feel your cock swelling in me.” Mia said, as she thrust down on my rod.

Mia was smiling at me until Em wormed her tongue in her bottom, and Mia let out a breath. That’s when Em came around to my end of the lounger cupping Mia’s boobs in her hands and straddled my face, letting herself down. I now had the chance to repay her for the licking by swiping her from her clit through her pussy to her rosebud.

The only downside to this was that I was looking at a beautiful pussy while one was riding my cock. I was trying to make it good for Mia, but I was now getting close to cumming. I started to grunt and bucked my hips. Mia just rode me harder and Em ground her pussy down on my tongue, directing me to where she liked best at any moment. With one last hump, I started to cum, blasting my daughter full of my seed.

“Oh, Daddy, you are pumping cum in me.” Mia said, prompting Em to lean forward and kiss her.

When I stopped spurting, Em rolled Mia off me, and they merged into a sixty-nine with Em licking all my cream out of Mia’s pussy. I moved up behind Em’s ass and helped Mia lick her pussy to an orgasm as Mia came on Em’s mouth.

We stopped and held each other, as we watched Gabe cum in Eve; while the twins took turns riding on Tony’s cock and mouth. Gabe looked over to me with a little guilty look. But I just smiled back, proud he was handling it just about as well as the adults.

The next day Ian and Wendy came down to breakfast and wanted to start working. I took then up on it because they would be only good for fucking each other silly by tomorrow, atalar escort which would continue for the following week. Ian and Wendy put in a good day’s work, preparing the testing samples we would need in a few weeks. By dinner that night, they were scratching at their bodies, and everyone at the table knew what that meant.

“So, by morning, you will probably need to ditch the clothes. If you want to remain in your room, you are welcome, or you can be out here with us if you like. I need you to keep any erotic behavior between just you two, as it’s your re-bonding effect we are after.” I said, as they bid us goodnight.

We were right on the money. The next day, they were running around naked and not caring who saw then, and the day after, they had sex on the back deck as if no one else could see then.

“So, you all have sex together?” Wendy said, as she lay on top of Ian, recovering from her most recent orgasm.

“We only hid that from you because without being where you are now, you would never understand.” Eve said, to answer the question.

“Well, we have no problem understanding now, I couldn’t stop fucking someone if I tried. If it were my sister, mother, or wife, it wouldn’t matter.” Ian said, as he started to hump into Wendy again slowly.

“And Ian’s cock is a little bigger, and my nipples and clit are bigger too. I am so sensitive I cum more than once as we make love. And I never did that before!” Wendy said, with a dreamy look on her face.

By the fourth day, they were like rabbits fucking everywhere they went. I kept an eye on them, but they were usually just fucking near the pool. We all liked the look of love we saw coming back into their eyes, they were in love again, and we were all proud to see it working. It’s almost impossible not to love someone when you can see the passion in your partner’s eyes.

That night as I was sleeping between Eve and Mia, I got a tap on the shoulder from Tony. “Put some pants on and follow me.” He said.

“What’s up?” I asked, when we got into the hallway.

“I got an alarm in the top paddock, let’s check it out.” Tony said, handing me his old Winchester model 94, it’s easy to use, and we had been shooting vermin in the farm with it for the last twenty years.

“Is it a mountain lion?” I asked, but saw the serious look in his face as we passed an outdoor lamp, and he didn’t have to have an answer.

We got into a cart, took it part of the way to the tree line, and then walked the rest of the way. Tony had a spotlight with a battery on his belt, and as we came to another clearing, he stopped me, and we sank into the long grass. Two guys dressed in black carrying guns were creeping up about thirty yards from us.

Tony waved for me to go around behind them, and when I was in position, he switched on the light. They fired at Tony within seconds. I moved forward to close the gap as fast as I could, as Tony fired his rifle. One gunman yelled out, falling to the ground, clutching his leg, and the other fired at the light. Then I pulled back the hammer with a loud click and put the barrel to the base of his neck. “Drop the gun dickhead, or you will never walk again.”

He slowly put his gun down, and I kicked it away. Tony Came down from well to the left of the spotlight, as he had hung it in a small tree before turning it on, so he would be out of the firing line. He rolled the other guy over and hogtied him as I watched the one standing. Then he pushed him to the ground and bound his hands and legs. I have seen him do it a hundred times with a calf, but he was almost as good with a man. “Ok, who sent you guys here?”

They said nothing. So, Tony stepped onto the wounded man’s leg bringing a scream from him. “Now, let’s try that again before I leave you two out here for the mountain lions to eat. Who sent you here?”

“We were just hunting.” the wounded man said, but he just got stood on again with the same scream.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ok, Ok, we had a job to do.” He said. The other guy said “Shut up!”, so I kicked him in the guts for interrupting.

“Who sent you?” Tony asked again as he searched through his pockets.

“We only knew we had to get some samples from the Lab. We had an aerial photo to work off. No names were ever used.” He said, and Tony waved me over, and we walked off towards the buggy.

“You can’t just leave us here,” the injured one said. His voice was almost breaking.

“What would you have done if one of our family got in the way tonight? We will be back with the police when they get here. I suggest you try not to bleed too much, it attracts the Mountain lions.” Tony said,

When we got to the buggy, I asked about the mountain lions, and Tony said, “I have only ever seen one or two in twenty years, so they are reasonably safe.”

It was dawn by the time the police were driving away, following the ambulance. We would have to find out where the money came from. The police said they would work on it, but it could take a while. I was feeling a bit down about the whole thing when Tony pulled a card from his pocket.

“I found this in the pocket of the guy I shot.” He said, holding up a card with a phone number written in pencil on the back.

“I don’t know who it is, but it might be worth putting someone on it.” I said, as I took the card from Tony.

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