Double or Nothing


“You want me, don’t you?” Jodi asked in a sultry voice.

Facing her, Matt Turner could only frantically nod. He had been going out with Jodi Slater for less than a week, and they had only just had their second date, but he had been dreaming about her every moment of it.

She was tall, matching his height at 5’10, with a slender, toned body and breasts large enough to be sexy without looking disproportionate to the rest of her body. Her dark brown hair fell down past her shoulders, and her beautiful face had a perpetually seductive look on it. It must have been impossible to look at Jodi and not feel desire.

On this night, their second date, Jodi looked gorgeous as usual, wearing a red sleeveless dress, cut low on the chest and high on the legs. Matt could barely take his eyes off her, and thought that he must have been dreaming when she asked him if he wanted to come home with her.

And now there they were, standing in her front room.

“You do want me, then?” Jodi whispered. “You want to fuck me?”

Matt swallowed nervously. She was clearly teasing him. “Yes, I do. You know I do.”

Jodi laughed. “Okay, then. We can have sex.”

A huge grin broke over Matt’s face, and he started towards her.

“But…” Jodi held up a finger to stop him, and Matt froze.

“If you do, you aren’t going to be alone.”

“What?” Matt asked, baffled.

“Henry,” called Jodi, “Come out now!”

A tall, middle-aged man walked into the room, then stopped and stared at the two young people.

“Dad!?” blurted Matt. “What the fuck are you doing here!?”

Henry Turner, Matt’s father, was clearly as confused as his son was. “I- I- what are you doing here!?”

“This is the girl I was telling you about, Dad,” stammered Matt. “The one I’ve been seeing. Are you really…with Jodi…”

“Now just one second, son,” Henry raised his hands for peace. “I didn’t know she was your girlfriend. You never introduced us. If I had, I never would have agreed to meet her here like this. And on that note…”

“Hold on a minute,” Jodi interrupted. “Look, I know this is awkward for you two, but I’m sure we can work around it. People have threesomes every day.”

“Maybe they do,” retorted Henry. “But I’d like to know how many of them include taksim escort a father and son. In any case, I have no interest in getting involved myself. I’m gone. Matt, I apologize for even being here.”

Matt felt a wave of pride for his father as he watched him defiantly stride to the door.

“Not so fast,” warned Jodi.

Henry’s hand froze on the doorknob. “This had better be good.”

“If you leave now, your son won’t get to fuck me,” Jodi said calmly. “You might not consider it a big deal to pass me up. But Matt still wants me. Even with you there, he wants to bang me more than anything right now. He has ever since he met me.”

Matt realized that she was right. He had no desire to share Jodi, and certainly not with his father, but he wasn’t prepared to just walk away, no matter how much she may have deserved it for her manipulative behavior. He just wanted to fuck her, regardless of the circumstances.

His father turned to look at Matt, and saw the truth in his eyes.

“This is a double or nothing deal,” Jodi continued. “I have sex with both of you, or neither of you. You walk out that door, and Matt follows you, limping with his blue balls.”

“Manipulative bitch,” Henry growled, turning back to look at Jodi.

She beamed. “I assume that means you’re ready?”

No answer came, but none was needed. Jodi sauntered over to Matt and kissed him deeply. After a few moments, she broke off the kiss, then reached for the straps of her red dress and slipped them down her shoulders.

Both men could only stare, wide-eyed, as the young beauty’s dress slipped down her torso, revealing a black bra. Every inch of her body was tanned to the perfect shade of brown. Finally, she stepped out of it completely, showing her only in her bra and panties.

Henry couldn’t help but start to stroke himself through his pants. Matt reached for Jodi and touched her torso. Then their bodies slid together as they kissed again. Jodi raised her right thigh alongside Matt, who grabbed it and did his best to grope it with only one hand, while his other frantically reached for her bra.

However, Jodi stopped him and broke off the kiss again. She slowly backed away from Matt and whispered, “My bedroom. topkapı escort And I think you boys are wearing too many clothes.”

As the beautiful woman walked down the hallway, Matt and Henry spent about a moment staring in shock after her, then snapped to life. They both pulled off their clothes as quickly as they could, neither wanting to wait a second longer to get their hands on Jodi. Neither one gave more than a passing thought to the awkwardness of a father and son stripping together. Lust overruled any reluctance or unease they might have had about the situation.

Henry managed to disrobe just a second faster than Matt and bolted down the hallway, his son at his heels. Finally reaching the bedroom, they were met with a glorious sight: The underwear-clad Jodi Slater standing next to a king-sized bed. She smiled at the sight of the naked and aroused father and son.

Wasting no time, Henry strode across the room, seized Jodi and kissed her, far more deeply and hungrily than his son had. His arms encircled her, started grabbing for her bra strap.

Matt watched the sight for a second, and then joined them. While his father was focused on Jodi’s upper body, Matt took the lower. He sank to his knees beside her, and only slid her black thong down her tanned, slim legs. Her ass was perfect, just like the rest of her, and it was clear that she kept herself shaved.

In the meantime, Henry pulled away from Jodi just as his fingers frantically undid her bra strap. It fell off her body almost at once, showing her firm, tanned breasts. Henry slowly touched them, amazed by their gorgeous shape and appearance. Then he lunged for her, knocking her backwards onto the bed.

Father and son worked as a perfect team. Henry kissed, felt, and did everything he could to Jodi’s breasts while Matt slipped in between her legs, bent down, and started doing his best to give her oral.

For a minute or so, all seemed well. The men were in ecstasy. But apart from a few murmurs, Jodi seemed to be unimpressed with the efforts. Raising a hand, she patted Henry on the head. As he looked up, confused, Jodi nodded towards Matt between her legs, still defiantly doing his best to please her. She shrugged slightly to indicate her lack tesettürlü escort of arousal.

Henry smiled. “Son?”

Matt looked up. “Uh, yeah, Dad?”

“Maybe we should switch.”

“Uh, okay. Sure thing, Dad.” Matt looked embarrassed, and Henry felt sorry for him. But this was not a good time for his son to be gaining sexual experience for a future person’s benefit. This was a “here and now” thing.

The two men switched positions. Matt attacked the breasts and torso with kisses and touching, while Henry gave Jodi oral. Within a few seconds, the benefit of his experience made an impact, as the young woman began to moan and twitch with pleasure.

Eventually, Jodi raised her head to peer down at Matt. “I think I should let you fuck me now, Matt. If we go any further, you’re going to burst.”

Matt felt his face turn red as the embarrassment hit him once again. But he wasn’t going to complain. As his father scooted aside, Matt straightened himself on Jodi’s body and entered her, then vigorously started to move up and down. They started to moan and groan together. Finally, they both cried out as he came into her.

Matt rolled off her, panting. Jodi stretched and grinned at him. “Not bad, Matt. Now I think it’s time for Henry’s turn!”

With a smile of his own, Henry dived on her. After a few moments of rolling around, Jodi climbed on top of him. Henry stared up her stomach, past her breasts, and to her face, where her beautiful hair hung unkempt in front.

Jodi started to slide up and down, her breathing coming faster and faster. She loudly moaned as his dick grew harder and stronger. After a while, the explosion finally came. Jodi screamed out loud as her orgasm erupted, far more powerful than what she had felt with Matt. They both slowly grew still as the shuddering eventually stopped. Then Jodi’s body, glistening with sweat, rolled off Henry and landed next to him. Matt was on her other side.

“And to think Henry didn’t want me at first,” Jodi finally whispered.

All three of them laughed.

“So…now what?” Matt asked. It was a stupid and awkward question, but he felt he had to ask it. This wasn’t exactly the average one night stand, after all.

“Well, we’ve got all night,” Jodi replied. “And tomorrow is Saturday, isn’t it?”

“Sounds good to me,” Henry quickly answered.

“Yeah,” grinned Matt.

Both men leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Jodi Slater smiled blissfully at the ceiling. Not only did she have two lovers, but they were a combination she never would have thought was even possible – a father and son.

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