Donnie Dates His Family Pt. 03

Big Tits

Roxy and Amber’s Doubts are Forgotten

Roxy woke up early. She had her back up to her naked son, Donnie, and he had one of his strong arms around her. She too was naked as they had just made love the night before, and Donnie’s morning wood was sticking up between them and rubbed against her ass. Roxy moved up and down, lightly rubbing her ass along her son’s hard, overlarge dick, but as she did she couldn’t help but worry. What had gotten into her lately?

Well, the answer was the glorious cock she was currently rubbing against right then. She sighed, and stopped her motions, despite how good it made her feel. Roxy thought about how she came home and caught Donnie fucking his twin sisters, her daughters, the night before when she came home. And even after catching him do that she still accepted him into her bed! And into her pussy! Her entire family was letting their overcharged sex-drives get the better of them apparently. Aunt Candi, Roxy’s sister, would be there around noon, and she would be able to talk sense into Donnie and the girls…Roxy hoped so anyway. She was just going to have to keep it together until then.

Roxy pushed her son’s arm off of her, and though she didn’t want to, she moved her butt away from her son’s huge cock, and stood up next to the bed. She glanced back once more at her sleeping son’s body, he really had become quite muscular over the past few years, it came from working out so much for track and field, something he never quite made the cut for, but he worked out just the same. Roxy admired again her son’s big hard cock. He was definitely bigger than any she’d seen before and she wouldn’t be surprised if it was at least ten inches, she admired her son’s chest and six-pack abs, and up to his head…Uh oh, she thought.

Donnie was awake and staring at her. Roxy knew she had to leave right then before she did something she regretted, just like everything that’s happened between her and her son for the past 2 days! She looked away, “Sorry, Donnie, I have to go to work early again.” She said as she got up to run to the shower again.

Before she could, Donnie grabbed her by the hand, keeping her from leaving, “Oh no you don’t Mom.”

Meanwhile, across the hall in Nikki and Amber’s room, Donnie’s twin sisters woke up at the exact same time. Since they attached their beds together the night before to transform two smaller beds into one big one so their brother could fuck both of them with ease, Nikki had come over to Amber’s side in their sleep and when they woke, they were both naked, their huge boobs pressed into each other as the sisters snuggled up to each other’s bodies.

Amber woke up to the feel of her sister lightly kissing her on the lips. In her half-awake state she kissed back for just a moment before she realized what she was doing. “AH!” Amber shouted, shocked at herself as she pushed her twin sister away from her on the bed. This fully woke both of them up.

Nikki glanced around, noticed both she and her sister were naked, then remembered all the fun they had the night before, she started to slide back up to her identical twin, “Hey, sexy,” she whispered sultrilly to her busty, buxom sister.

Amber sighed, unlike Nikki, she was trying to forget everything that happened yesterday, “Don’t call me that.” Amber said, “What we did yesterday was wrong, and we shouldn’t-HAAH!” She had a sharp intake of breath as Nikki suddenly lunged forward at her sister and started sucking on one of her nipples on her DDs.

Nikki knew her sister. Unlike Nikki herself, Amber would talk herself into any reason to not do something. Nikki knew that Amber’s biggest problem was she thought about things too much, unlike Nikki, who mostly just wanted to have as much fun as she possibly could get away with. Nikki discovered something about her brother and sister yesterday, that they could all fuck like crazed wildebests, and she was not going to let Amber ruin this for her.

One thing Nikki knew about her sister, was whenever she was thinking her into not doing something, the best way to distract Amber was to get her to think about something else, such as her twin sucking one tit while groping the other with her other hand.

“Oh God Nikki, why do you have to feel so good!” Amber moaned out as Nikki moved, rolling on top of Amber as she moved her other hand to her sister’s already quite wet pussy.

Back in Roxy’s room, Donnie held his naked mother’s wrist so she couldn’t run away like she did yesterday, “But Donnie,” she said, forcing herself to look her son in the eyes so she wouldn’t glane down at his huge, hard cock and be tempted, “I have to go to work,” she said, “I was called in.”

“I didn’t hear your phone,” Donnie said as he stood up off the bed and looked down at his mother, his cock sticking between them, just long enough so the head pressed lightly into Roxy’s belly.

Roxy kept staring into her son’s eyes as he moved but she could feel his cock head against sarıyer escort her belly. She gasped lightly in surprise, and could feel herself get wet, as she was reminded how large Donnie’s cock was, and how much pleasure she knew it could bring her. “But Donnie,” Roxy told her son, mentally calming herself down, “I have to work today-” she started to say.

“No,” Donnie said, closing the distance and pushing his cock up her belly until his cockhead was resting on the underside of her enormous EE tits. Roxy gasped again, despite herself, “You don’t have to work on Wednesdays, you and I both know that,” Donnie went on, “And nothing is going to stop me from fucking you all day.” He declared as he moved his head into hers and started kissing her.

Roxy didn’t want to argue with her strong son. Donnie is the man of the house, she thought as she kissed him back with just as much intensity as he was her, and I’m the woman, it’s my duty to keep him satisfied. She rationalized. She didn’t want to hold back. She wanted this as much as her son did, maybe even more.

Roxy broke the kiss, she had something to say, “Donnie, I want you to know something,” she said as she pressed her head to his chest and inhaled his manly scent, “these past few days have done something to me. You’ve reawakened a part of me that I didn’t know existed anymore, and I don’t ever want to forget again.”

“Which side is that?” Donnie said as he moved his hand down his mother’s back as she held him close and gripped Roxy’s ass firmly.

Roxy moaned in happy pleasure at her son’s touch, “My sexual side, silly.” she said as she pushed her son back on the bed and then climbed on top of him, “And Donnie, I’m done fighting you.” She rubbed her cunt lips up and down her son’s thick shaft a few time before reaching the top of his dickhead so that just the tip entered her wet opening, “I’m ready to be your woman now.” Roxy sat down on her son, taking the entire length of his cock inside of her, “OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOODDDD!” She moaned out loudly, not even caring that her daughters were only two rooms away.

Sisters Interrupted

In Nikki and Amber’s room, they had transitioned from finger fucking and making out to sixty-nining with each other. When her mother screamed out, Amber stopped eating her sister’s cunt for a second, “What was that?”

Nikki kept on lapping though, “Hmm,” she said as she stuck her tongue in Amber’s snatch.

“Oh fuck!” Amber yelled as she did that, “Mmmm, oh sis, I love you so much.” She said as she started licking Nikki’s pussy again. They went on like that for a moment, but the noises only grew from her mother’s room.

“Nikki, stop for a second,” Amber told her sister and she pushed Nikki off of her.

“Aww,” Nikki pouted on the bed beside her sister, “But I wanted to make you cum!”

“Me too,” Amber said, “But just listen for a second,” they did, there was definitely the sound of her mother moaning out as if she was having some great sex in the other room.

“Hmm,” Nikki said as she listened, “Do you think Mom is touching herself?”

To answer her question, they heard Roxy cry out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD DONNIE! YOU HAVE THE BEST COCK EVER!” And Nikki and Amber ran out of the room, totally naked.

When Nikki and Amber ran into the room, Roxy couldn’t stop bouncing on her son’s cock if she wanted to. She was getting ready for her first big orgasm of the day. Donnie pulled her in as she bounced, and started sucking on his mom’s tits hanging down to his mouth in full view of his twin sisters standing in the doorway looking about as shocked as one could look when one catches their mother fucking her own son.

For some reason, getting caught by her daughters only turned her on even more, “FUCK ME DONNIE!” Roxy shouted out looking directly at Amber and Nikki, “SHOW YOUR SLUT SISTERS JUST HOW GOOD YOU FUCK YOUR MOTHEEEEERRRR!” She shouted as she came, hard on her son’s dick.

Donnie hadn’t noticed at all that Amber and Nikki had come in the room, and hearing that they were watching was so incredibly hot to him he started to cum right along with her. He grunted as he filled up his mother’s pussy with his spunk.

“Holy hell,” Nikki said, watching her mother and brother cum together. It was a hot sight, and her mother was fucking beautfiul in the midsts of orgasm, “Whoo! Ride him Mom!” She shouted her encouragement.

Amber just scowled, “That’s your son!” She shouted, feeling slightly disgusted with herself knowing that she was really just jealous and wished she was riding Donnie’s huge dick instead of her mother.

“HE’S MY SON AND I LOVE IT!” Roxy shouted back at her daughter as she came down from her orgasm. She wanted more, lots more, but she started to feel embarrassed too so she begrudgingly got off her son. Her creampie now fully evident to her twin daughters. “Look, I’m sorry if I-”

“That’s fucking hot!” Nikki shouted sefaköy escort as she jumped on the bed and stuck her face between her mother’s thighs, she started licking the cum out of Roxy’s cunt and swallowing it down. Roxy did nothing to stop her.

“Oh fuck Nikki, ugh!” She shouted in pleasure, “Tongue fuck me sweetie!” Her sexually charged body was just aching for this, she didn’t care anymore who was doing it.

Amber scoffed at them, “Jesus Nikki, control your-ACH!” She shouted as Donnie got up from the bed, grabbed Amber’s naked body from the doorway, and lifted her up over his shoulder. “Put me down Donnie!” She shouted, and he did, after he crossed the room back to the bed and threw Amber down on her back. He then copied Nikki and dove right into Amber’s snatch with his tongue. “Ooooohhh,” Amber moaned out, forgetting that she was even upset, “Donnie, don’t stop!” She cried as her brother sucked on her clit.

Amber was now lying right next to her mom so Roxy grabbed her daughter’s tits and tweaked her nipples as she and Amber began making out.

After a few minutes of this duel cunt eating, Amber, still very excited from her 69 with her sister earlier, began coming on her brother’s face, she moaned in pleasure as she continued sucking her mother’s tongue. Donnie loved it as his sister came in his mouth. He stood up and plunged his cock into his sister’s cunt while she was still coming.

Roxy still hadn’t cum yet though and gripped the back of Nikki’s head and she ground her cunt into her daughter’s mouth, “Eat my fucking pussy, my sweet daughter. You’re so good at that. You should eat my pussy once a day…FUUUCK! At least once a day.” she lazilly told her daughter, stoned from her sexual high. Roxy was in such a sex-haze she felt she’d probably allow anyone there to do anything they wanted to any part of her body, but especially her talented daughter Nikki.

On the bed next to them, Donnie continued to royally fuck his sister, “Oh my God Amber,” he shouted, “You’re so fucking hot! I love watching your tits jump as I fuck you!”

“Fuck you, I love it too!” Amber shouted as she watched her tits bounce as she felt the intense pleasure of her brother’s major assault on her cunt with his enormous dick. She began cumming again in seconds. “FUCK ME BROTHER! YOU’RE THE BEST FUCK I”VE EVER HAD! OOOOOHHHHH!” Amber moaned out as she came on Donnie’s dick.

“Oh shit, Amber!” Donnie shouted as he started to cum as well, he pulled out, wanted to see his sister’s body covered in his cum. With a guttural moan he began to orgasm. The first few blasts still shot out of him so hard that it arced over his sister and landed on the bed.

“OOOHHhhh! BE MORE CAREFUL SON! DON’T WASTE ANY OF YOUR DELICIOUS SPUNK!” Shouted Roxy as she watched her son cum in the midst of her own orgasm on her daughter’s face.

“FUCK! I’ll try, Mom!” Donnie shouted as he re-aimed his cock to spew the rest of his load all over Amber’s face, tits, belly, and finally all over her pussy. He knew quite well that Roxy and Nikki would soon be eating his jizz of their daughter/sister and he wanted to make sure they licked Amber everywhere.

Donnie was right too, as soon as his orgasm subsided, Nikki switched from lapping at her mom’s pussy to doing the same to Amber’s cunt. Donnie took a step back to make room for Nikki but once she happily eating his cum from in and around her sister’s snatch, Donnie lined his still hard cock up with Nikki’s pussy and pushed into her soaking cunt without any resistance.

“OOoooH! FUCK!” Nikki moaned out as Donnie began fucking her with all his might.

“Wow Nikki, you’re pussy is so tight!” Donnie shouted, he had started getting quite vocal that morning, “I love fucking you!”

Roxy was sucking cum off of Amber’s buxom breasts but hearing her other children moaning in pleasure caused her to stop and watch as Donnie fucked Nikki doggy style while Nikki was moaning like a mad woman into her sister’s cunt, lapping away like crazy. “Son, you fuck your sisters so good! I need you to fuck me again too!” Roxy shouted as she spun around on the bed and presented her wet cunt to her son, her side right along Nikki’s as Donnie fucked her.

“Fuck yeah, Mom, I’d fuck you until the end of time!” Donnie shouted as he pulled out of Nikki and stuck his huge cock into his mother’s cunt. “You’re pussy feels so fucking good, Mom! You’re so tight and wet!”

“Fuck me son!” Roxy yelled, “Fuck me even harder than you fucked your sisters!” She then moaned out loud and long as Donnie did exactly that and started pistoning his cock out of his mother as fast as he could possibly move his hips.

“Holy shit! This is so fucking good!” Donnie shouted out as he watched his sister eating her twin’s cunt, it was too much for him, “I’m going to fucking cum Mom!” Donnie shouted.

“ON MY FACE!” Roxy yelled, “ON ALL OUR FACES!” She added realizing just how hot that would be.

The şerifali escort twins didn’t have to be told twice. Nikki stopped eating Amber’s pussy and all three women in the Brixworth family got down on the floor in their mother’s bedroom to get their cum bath. Roxy was in the middle with Nikki and Amber on either side of her.

“Cum on me first!” Amber shouted at her brother, “That means you love me more!”

“No! You love me more you know you do!” Nikki chimed in as she held her big boobs up to make a better target for her hung brother, “I’m your favorite sister because I’ll fuck you whenever, wherever!” She licked her lips as she got ready for Donnie’s load.

“Girls, don’t fight.” Roxy told her daughter’s while slobbering at the image of Donnie jerking his giant cock in front of her, “Besides, you should know by now Donnie’s a momma’s boy, and he’s gonna give his Mommy the load of cum she desperately needs in her mouth right now.” She said, smiling up at her boy with a sexy grin, before opening her mouth wide for his cum target.

Donnie groaned, “UGH! Fuck I can’t decide!” As he came a load as impressive as he had the first time that morning. As he came he twisted his hips back and forth so that his first rope would splatter against all three of the buxom beauties that sat before him.

“Holy fuck Donnie!” Amber yelled, not expecting quite so big a load from her younger brother after he came twice already that morning, “You’re covering me!” she glanced at her mother and sister, “You’re covering all of us!”

Nikki and Roxy were already making out and licking the cum off each other’s faces as Donnie kept on cumming all over his family. He was still coming when he heard a voice behind him.

“Oh my,” Aunt Candi’s voice came from the hall, “Well, I see Donnie’s inherited our family’s genes.” She gasped as her nephew kept spewing his load all over her sister and nieces. Not to mention all over the floor of his mother’s room.

“Um,” Roxy stared at her sister through cum covered eyes, as soon as Candi announced her presence, Roxy had stopped making out with her daughter, though that didn’t stop her son from cumming on all of them. She could tell Donnie just didn’t care if his Aunt watched or not.

Donnie really didn’t. In fact, he found her watching to be really hot. “Oh god, Auntie, do you see how good my mom and sister sluts are to me? They’ll literally do anything I want them to.”

Candi gasped at her nephew again, “Wow, Donnie, you’ve definitely gained a lot of confidence since your birthday.” She admired his body, especially his giant cock still spewing loads of cum all over the rest of his family, “Well, I think I’m going to have to call a family meeting, in an hour, first you guys should probably take a shower, separately, and I’ll make lunch.”

At the word “lunch” all the members of the Brixworth family’s stomach grumbled, each realizing they hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast the day before. Apparently they were having so much sex, they just forgot.

Aunt’s Lesson

They all showered, though Donnie was more or less ready to take them all in the bathroom again, he decided it was probably best to not piss off his aunt after she literally just caught him in the aftermath of fucking his beautiful mother and sisters. He showered first, and quickly so he could get some lunch fast and maybe start fucking his mother and sisters again while they were taking their showers.

Donnie ate the sandwich his aunt made for him and tried to run out but she stopped him and sat down at the table with him, “No Donnie,” Aunt Candi said as she sat at the table, she really was the spitting image of his mother, though Candi kept her hair shorted and had a snake tattoo on her forearm. She had the same-size EE breasts of his mom, along with a perfect figure, Candi spent a lot of time at the fitness center with his mom so they could help each other exercise. Candi spent a lot of time working at her job, though she never talked about what she did for work, not even to her own sister. Donnie never really cared about her job though, he spent too much time staring at her tits. “No, Donnie,” his aunt said again as she grabbed his hand, “I’m going to tell you first since I know your mom and sisters are going to take forever in the shower. But our family has a bit of a, well, I guess you could call it a disease of sorts. Definitely a genetic disorder.”

“What’s that, Aund Candi?” Donnie asked his aunt, trying not to stare at her glorious breasts but totally failing.

“We all have incredibly overactive sex drives.” Aunt Candi explained, “so much so we’ll forget to do things like eat or shower, or live! It takes some getting used to, especially for the males in the family.”

This surprised Donnie, “What do you mean? What’s wrong with being a man.”

“Well, shortly after our 18th birthdays, the people from our family has our sex side awaken. Your’s happened very early, I’m guessing your mom’s lessons had something to do with that.” Donnie nodded, and Candi continued, “Well, I’m not surprised, Roxy hasn’t had a man in a very long time I’m sure even my own son would look appetizing to me if I hadn’t had sex in over 15 years, but I don’t have a son, and have lots of sex, so I guess I wouldn’t know.”

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