Divorced Siblings

Big Tits

My sister Jen and I found ourselves in the same situation. We both just went through a divorce in our forties. My wife got tired of me, so she said. Jen caught her ex cheating on her. Jen would drop by my place to cry on my shoulder some days.

“I don’t know which way to turn Rob,” she told me.

I told her to just take her time and don’t rush into a new relationship. She said that she felt so alone.

“Thank God I have you to talk to,” she told me.

Jen is a very attractive woman. Her dark hair rests on her shoulders. She has a body to kill for, especially her tits. Jen likes to go without a bra sometimes. I try to avoid looking but it’s hard. Her nipples poke out from her shirts.

This was one of those times. I was staring and Jen caught me.

“Are you looking at my tits Rob?”

I know my face went red. The next part I could never have dreamed up. Jen stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head. Damn, she had beautiful boobs. They were full but they didn’t droop. Jen took her hands and cupped her breasts.

“I bostancı escort see you looking all the time. We’re single now so I guess I can show them to you.”

I wanted to do more than look. I stood up and walked over to my sister. I put both hands on her tits. I think Jen was surprised I did such a thing. I did even more than that.

I lowered my face and I sucked on both nipples. I just wanted to devour them. Jen let out these moans as we got into it there in my living room. I wasn’t content with just her tits. I pushed her pants and panties to to floor.

“Kick off your shoes and socks,” I told her.

My sister was now completely naked before me. I led her back to my bedroom. I stripped out of my clothes. Jen gasped when she saw my dick. I was already erect. All nine inches of me.

“God, your enormous Rob!”

I wanted my sister to be excited. I know I was. I spread her thighs and I buried my face in her crotch. I was like a madman. I licked up büyükçekmece escort and down her gash. Jen’s juices were coating my face. I managed to get her red hot. I got to my knees and took hold of my rod.

I rubbed my crown against her opening before I sunk in. Jen let out this cry as I pushed all nine inches to the bottom. I held my cock there as Jen squeezed my hard prick with her muscles. It all seemed so crazy. Here I was fucking my wanton sister. We both were full of lust for each other.

I began to piledrive her pussy. I went deep and hard as Jen took every inch of me. I could feel her pussy was soaked with love juices. I didn’t even think to ask if she was taking birth control. I had my bare cock inside my sister, as far as it would go.

We fucked a long time. I finally felt the urge to release. I didn’t ask or even say anything. I shot my hot streams of cum deep in my sister’s tummy. Jen screamed as she milked me dry with her pussy muscles. I had a lot stored çekmeköy escort up for my sister that day. It was pouring out her hole.

When I did pull out our juices came dribbling down to her ass crack. God, did that turn me on. Jen was shaking as she tried to compose herself. She finally sat up and walked to the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned. She kissed me on the mouth.

“I never got it like that from my ex,” she said to me.

Jen didn’t leave that day. She stayed overnight and we fucked again. This time Jen mounted me and rode my cock. There was more hot fucking as I pulled on her ass cheeks and then later squeezed her ripe melons. Jen bounced up and down my shaft that evening. It was like I had this hot whore in bed with me. She would do anything I asked of her.

We did come to a boil when I managed to give my sister another load of my baby cream. Jen took all of my love offering into her deep pussy. That was the start of a brother and sister love affair. We kept it very low key. We never kissed or held hands in public. Once we were in bed it was another story.

We have no reason to give up our love for each other. For now we live apart and visit each others bed every few days. Jen says she is in love with me. She wonders how it will all work out. I have no idea myself. I just need to feel my sister’s hot pussy wrapped around my cock.

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