Dirty Story

Big Tits

Just a quickie…

As you come in the door, home from a long day at work, you notice the living room to be deserted. Only the light from the kitchen sheds enough light for you to turn and read the note on the bedroom door: “I’m wet, I’m horny, I want you” is all it reads.

You quickly remove your shoes and socks, hurrying off to the bathroom, where the rest of your clothing finds the floor and you jump into the shower, letting your imagination wander as to what might be awaiting you in the bedroom. You don’t bother with clothes after the shower, just quickly toweling off.

When the bedroom door opens, you find candles scattered about the room, casting deep shadows. Your eyes find me on our bed, dressed only in my red, lacey nightie. I smile deviously at you as you kneel on the bed beside me and kiss my lips. I feel your tongue slide into my mouth and rub along mine. Your hands slide up my legs, to my breasts and you begin to lightly rub my already hard nipples.

My hand finds your hardening ciplak izle cock and encircles you, grasping tightly. I begin to slide my hand back and forth on your huge cock, feeling you become more and more hard with every stroke. Your fingers have found their way between my legs, and to your delight, I’m not wearing any underwear, and my pussy is wet and ready for you. Your finger glides inside me smoothly. You feel the hot sopping wet pussy all around your finger as you slide it in and out of me. I feel your finger come out of me and begin to stroke my clit, rubbing just enough to make me catch my breath and squirm.

My lips move from your mouth to your fully hardened cock, licking the full length of you. Slowly I slide you into my warm mouth, keeping it as tight as possible. My hand wraps around you again as I begin to suck your cock, tightening my fist with each stroke. My other hand finds your balls and rubs them gently in my palm.

I lick and suck at your dick until you pull away commander fort izle from me and move between my legs. Your head lowers over my pussy and I feel your tongue push my pussy lips open, finding my clit. My breath becomes short as I feel my orgasm quickly building up inside me. Your tongue pulsates on my clit, faster and faster. I start to scream lightly, with my hand on the back of your head desperately pushing your face more into my wet pussy. With a multiplicity of moans and screams, I cum hard, squirming beneath your head, begging for you to fuck me.

You sit up with a smile on your face, wiping my cum from your lips. Without a word, you push my legs apart and thrust into me. I moan loudly, feeling my wet pussy take in your big, hard cock. You begin to move slowly inside me, pushing deep inside me, feeling my pussy over every inch of your cock. My moans are quickly becoming screams as another pending orgasm presents itself. Within minutes I cum again, my pussy convulsing copenhagen cowboy izle around your cock.

As the feelings of ecstasy wash over me, I feel you grab me by the hips, flip me over, lift me up, and bury deep into my pussy once again. Orgasm still wracking my body, I squeal with delight as you continue your assault on my pussy.

I feel your thumb begin to circle the outer rim of my tiny asshole. You gently use my own juices to lube up and press it in, loosening it up for the forthcoming invasion of my tight hole. I let out a sharp screech as you slowly remove your prick from my pussy and insert it in my asshole. Slowly, you begin fucking my ass while I pick up playing with my pussy where you left off. You groan in appreciation of such a tight little hole. Your fat cock feels so good filling me up, I can’t help but moan my satisfaction, then scream obscenities for you to fuck my ass harder.

I scream one last time before I explode into another orgasm, making it impossible for you to hold back any longer. You tell me your going to cum so I sit up and turn around to take your cock into my mouth, tasting my sex all over it. I stroke you with my hand and my mouth until your cock throbs and explodes with cum. I swallow your cum with a smile on my face, then gently lick your cock clean.

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