Deployment Sex


The sexual odyssey of two soldiers in Afghanistan continues.

This is a continuation of my earlier story Peachy Keen.

Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.


In the days following my nighttime rendezvous with Captain Bennet, I walked around ISAF HQ with my head held a little higher. I also felt more relaxed and conducted my missions and driver training classes with a renewed sense of purpose. A few times, usually during the day, I caught glimpses of Captain Bennet at different places around the base. On one occasion I walked right past her as she was leaving the dining facility and I was walking inside. She was with a couple of other officers from the public affairs office and we were both wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see her eyes, but I raised my hand slightly and waved. She didn’t acknowledge me, so I wasn’t sure if she recognized me.

Before long, a week had gone by and I hadn’t had any further interaction or contact with her. I thought about emailing her and joking about her having to retake the driver training but thought better of it. I had to contain myself. I was not on a college campus free to ask out any girl I wanted to. I was on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan and she was a captain. There were protocols; sergeants simply didn’t fraternize with captains. With a sense of disappointment, I tried to keep thoughts of Captain Bennet out of my mind and focus on my daily tasks including a new training class I was to teach later that morning.

Later that afternoon, while I was printing off new licenses for the soldiers who had recently completed the driver training course, an email alert popped up on the lower right corner of my computer monitor – you have one new message. I let it sit for a few minutes while I ran the new licenses through the laminator. By the time I got around to checking my email a few minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised. The email was from Captain Bennet. I paused before clicking on it. What could she possibly want?

I opened the email and slowly read it.

“Sergeant, I’ve lost the driver’s license you gave me last week. Please make me a new one and bring it to my room tonight at 8.”

Again, the email was simply signed Captain B.

I quickly replied. “Ok, ma’am. I’ll see you later.” And included my signature block.

I was excited, though I had to admit I was still perplexed by Captain Bennet. Did she really lose her license and need a new one or was this just a pretext to see me again? Not wanting to make any assumptions, I printed and laminated a new license for her.

The next few hours seemed like an eternity, but I kept myself busy. I went to the base gym and worked out for a bit, showered, changed into a fresh uniform and then had some dinner with a few of the guys on my team.

Before long, it was a quarter to eight and I started to walk to over to Captain Bennet’s room in the Nordstrasse barracks. Once again, I came to the front door of the building and read the sign “”Female officer ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle barracks. No males allowed other than for official purposes.” Crap! I realized then that I had left Captain Bennet’s license in my other uniform shirt which was now crumpled up in my laundry bag in my room.

I knew it would take over fifteen minutes to run back to my room and get it. I decided the most logical thing to do was still to go to her room, tell her I forgot the license but that I would go get it and be right back. Without further hesitation I walked into the building. This time, as I walked down the hallway, I saw a few women walking around. They were all in shorts and t-shirts so I couldn’t tell what rank any of them were, but I smiled and nodded as I calmly walked down the hallway towards the stairs. Once in the stairwell, I walked up to the third floor and turned right towards Captain Bennet’s room. By the time, I arrived at her door, my heart was racing with anxiety. What if she really did just need a new license and there was nothing more to it?

I gently knocked on the door. After a few seconds, I heard Captain Bennet’s voice. “Come in.”

I slowly opened the door. It was dimly lit like before. As I walked in, she was sitting on her bed, wearing a sexy pair of grey and blue daisy duke shorts and an Emory university t-shirt. She sat leaning forward with one knee bent upward and her foot on the edge of the bed as she polished her toe nails.

She stopped and looked up at me.

“Ma’am, I feel like an idiot, but when I got to your building, I realized I left your license in the pocket of my other uniform shirt. I’ll run back and get it now and come right back.”

“It’s ok,” she smiled. “I really don’t need a new license, sergeant; It was just a pretext to email you.”

I was overcome with a sudden sense of relief and excitement.

“Come in and close the door,” she said as she continued polishing her nails. I walked further into her room and closed the door behind me.

“Sorry, I’ll be done in a second,” she said as she put one last coat of bright red polish on her big toe.

After she was finished, she carefully stood up, walked over to her cupboard and put the nail polish away.

There was something different about her this time. Her hair was tied in bun, but that wasn’t it. Suddenly it hit me. She was closer in height to me now. She was barefoot and I was wearing my combat boots which gave me a couple extra inches.

As she slowly walked to the cupboard, I admired her sexy legs and perfect tan complexion. I also detected a hint of perfume.

“I have some vodka. Would you like a drink?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied a bit too excitedly.

She then took a bottle of Absolut pear vodka from her cupboard, opened it and handed it to me.

I took the bottle, but hesitated before drinking.

“I don’t have any cups,” she said noticing my hesitation.

“It’s ok,” I said. Without further thought, biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle I took a swig.

The vodka was warm and burned my throat a little as I swallowed.

I then handed the bottle back to her and she took a swig.

I looked down at her newly polished red toe nails.

“I like the color, ma’am,” I said.

“Thanks. It’s the only color I have now. I need my mom to send me some more.”

“It looks good.”

“By the way, you can stop calling me ma’am. I think we’re over formalities.”

I laughed.

“When we’re alone, you can call me Kristen,” she said as she sat back down on the bed.

Having not had any alcohol in months, the vodka made my stomach warm and my face a bit flush.

“That’s good stuff,” I said.

“come sit down?” She said motioning me over and patting a spot on the bed next to her.

I walked over and set next to her.

“You’re pretty shy,” she smirked as she took another swig of vodka from the bottle.

“I didn’t think I’d hear from you again,” I said.

After she finished swallowing, she said “I wanted to keep you in suspense. Can’t make this too easy.”

“Did you see me wave to you a few days ago in front of the chow hall?”

“Yes,” she replied as she stood up and put the bottle of vodka back in the cupboard.

“Oh, I wasn’t sure you’d recognized me.”

I sat on the edge of the bed slightly reclined with my hands resting on the bed, behind my back. As she walked back over to the bed, she smiled at me with a seductive grin and took her t-shirt off; her beautiful b cup breasts staring me in the face. I immediately sat up and began taking off my uniform. I bent down and took off my boots, then slid my pants off. Once my uniform top and t-shirt were off, she playfully pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. As she got on top, I could feel my erection grow in my boxers. She leaned in to kiss me. Her lips were soft and wet.

“Someone is ready,” she giggled as she could feel my throbbing erection through my boxers.

I blushed as we continued to kiss and I caressed her body and breasts.

After a few minutes she got off of me and stood up. She then took her shorts off and I followed suit, quickly sliding my boxers off. As she stood in front of me, I again couldn’t help but notice her ample pubic hair. I was momentarily transfixed.

Sensing my stare, she playfully pushed me down and got on top of me.

“I haven’t been able to wax, since I’ve been over here,” she said with a slight tone of insecurity.

“I like it. It’s really hot,” I said in an effort to reassure her.

“thanks,” she replied, not convinced of my truthfulness.

“No, I’m serious! I think a woman having some hair down there is very sexy.”

She laughed, then leaned in and kissed me again; Her tongue discovering my mouth as I caressed her back.

After a few seconds, she sat up and reached over to the small night bizi ayıran çizgi izle stand, next to the bed, and pulled a condom out of the drawer.

I stuck my hand out. “Want me to put it on?”

“I got it,” she whispered as she opened the wrapper and slowly slid the condom onto my fully erect penis.

As she eased herself onto me, I could feel her wetness. She then leaned slightly forward and put her hands on my chest, tickling my nipples.

As I looked up into her seductive brown eyes, I couldn’t help but think that two weeks ago, we had been complete strangers on a military base in the middle of Afghanistan. “Only in Afghanistan,” I thought to myself. I would never have this luck in college.

Since we were in a more conventional girl on top position, I had much more freedom to move my hands, legs and hips this time.

As she rode me, I reached out my right hand and tried to find her clit through her mound of pubic hair. She moaned as my thumb made gentle circular motions.

“That feels so good!” she whispered.

It felt so good being inside of her and she looked so sexy as she rode me that I began to worry I might blow my load right then and there. That would be embarrassing.

In the meantime, I continued rubbing her clit with my right hand while caressing her breast with my other hand. At the same time, I moved my hips up and down thrusting into her. I made sure to slow down if I felt like I was going to cum.

After a couple minutes, I could tell she was close to an orgasm. She sat up and really began to ride me, moving her hips faster. I continued to rub her clit and I could feel her body tense up a bit. Suddenly, her breathing picked up and her body spasmed. She removed my hand from rubbing her clit, continuing to ride me as she caught her breath.

After a few seconds, she stopped moving and opened her eyes. I could tell she was in a state of bliss.

“Did you finish?” she whispered.

I nodded moving my head side to side.

“Can I go on top?” I asked.

Without saying anything, she grabbed both of my wrists and held my arms down against the bed.

“Only if you can get up,” she taunted me as she tried to hold me down.

She was really strong and I struggled a bit to escape her grasp as we wrestled in bed. I eventually gained the upper hand by tickling her arm pits.

Once I was on top, she ceased her resistance and parted her legs allowing me to enter her. She felt so good that I knew I wouldn’t last long. I leaned down and kissed her lips, her neck and her breasts. She caressed my back and I soon felt one of her hands move down to my butt and squeeze it.

At that moment, I came; spasming as I ejaculated. Suddenly I was no longer in Afghanistan. I was a world away in a care free place. I closed my eyes and I was in a hotel in Miami beach, with the window open and a warm ocean breeze blowing into the room. Kristen was lying next to me.

My fleeting moment of fantasy came to a sudden end as Kristen brought me back to reality.

“You’re squishing me,” she whispered.

I slowly pulled out of her and rolled over.

As I lay down next to her, looking up at the ceiling and catching my breath, she leaned over and grabbed her bottle of water off the night table. She then took a big sip and put the bottle back without offering any to me. All I could do was smile.

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