Defrosting My Marriage Pt. 04


Sunday was finally here. I got out of bed early and went for a run. Ellen was still in bed when I returned an hour later. I looked down upon her. She looked exceptionally beautiful. In fact, she positively glowed.

I put up coffee and stepped into the shower. I scrubbed myself and took special attention to my cock, balls and ass, cleaning them thoroughly. My nude pubes and cock felt good, the cock in my hand felt better. I felt ready.

Ellen was up when I got out of the shower. “You look beautiful today.”

“Why, Thank you. I feel sexy. No. make that I feel sensual. I’m so in touch with my body.”

We spent the morning cleaning the house. Ellen went out for a while to pick up some groceries. When she returned, we settled back with The Sunday New York Times. At one, Ellen got a call from Rita. She said that she’d be over in an hour but that Maurice called her and said that he had to stop at his office first and would be by a little later. Neither of us minded as we were knee deep in The Gray Lady, with newsprint all over our hands. Also, while I was a bit on the nervous/anticipatory side, I felt that it was good to give my penis a little more rest.

We were hard at work on the crossword puzzle when the doorbell rang. It was Rita and she looked so fine; very hot and very sexy. She looked like she was ready, too. She was wearing a low cut modified catsuit. We sat down in the dining room as we drank our coffee.

“So, I want to hear why you and Maurice never hooked up,” said Ellen abruptly.

“My, oh, my. How bold! What have we unleashed in you, El? Have we created a monster? A bit pushy, are we?” She laughed. ” I’m only kidding. I’ll tell all. Let me say this, if Maurice and I had hooked up, I might never have turned bi. I know that sounds silly but we had a very strong bond. I mean, ever since we were little kids living next to each other, we were tight, we even told each other our secrets. But we never played “Doctor” or explored each other and for me, this was frustrating. He was polite and courteous, a perfect gentleman, you couldn’t help but love him. And I did. And then we went off to college and went our own ways. We kept in touch regularly but when I found out that Maurice had turned bi, and then I had a opportunity to go bi, too, so I took it. And that’s where we are today, two very close friends who happen to be bisexuals.”

“How did you come to call him for us?”

“Maybe I had an ulterior motive. I thought this would be good for both of us…to share something intimate, to get even closer. Was I wrong? When I asked Maurice to join us, he asked for some pictures. I sent a few of you, the ones you sent me to him and he asked to see me, as well. So I sent him those. He sent back those nudes of him and it got me all worked up. I’d never seen his penis and he’d never seen me naked. He told me that it got him worked up, too.”

We were quiet for a few minutes when Ellen spoke, “Here’s what I think. I think Ray will get his chance to feel what a man feels like but I think that will wait. I think that I would like to watch you and Maurice make love for the first time. Does that sound good to you, Ray? Rita?”

I spoke, “Yes, I think that’s the least we can do. I think it would be wonderful to see you two pop your cherries. I suppose I can wait, I mean I’m waited this long…but you have waited longer. It will turn me on even more to see that. And anyway, I was taught ‘Ladies First.”

“I would love that,” said Rita. “It’s beautiful that you would do that but I don’t know if Maurice will go for it.”

“And why would he not? And what is keeping him?”

“He had to stop at his offices. He said that it wouldn’t take long.”

“What does he do that he had to do this on a Sunday?”

“He’s a big architect. He builds public spaces and buildings.”

“Wait. Is he the the guy who designed and rebuilt parts of the the Javits Center and Lincoln Center?”

“That’s him. He’s very smart. He’s classy, too. I think you will like him. I know you will.”

We chatted for a while and then the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was greeting by a tall and very handsome black man. “Maurice, come in.” We shook hands and he entered. Rita burst out of her chair.

“Moe, my baby!” She held out her arms and they hugged.

“Heyyyy! Bonita Rita, The Downtown Won-Ton! Aren’t you looking fine!” They hugged again. “And you must be Ellen. Hello.”

“Come in. Please have a seat. How do you like your coffee?”

We sat around the table. The two of them were like giggling kids. They hadn’t seen each other in a few months and they were quickly catching up. Ellen and I kept asking them questions. I kept calling him Maurice and he told me to call him Moe.

“So, let me get this straight, although that seems to be an odd way to put it. Rita told me that you were exploring your sexuality and fulfilling your fantasies. Is that right?”

“Exactly,” I said. “Ellen and I have been married for a couple of years and we were going through baddies west izle somewhat of a rough patch. We went to a therapist and she suggested that we be honest with each other, to put everything on the table and not to be afraid…to trust each other. That night, we did and we discovered that we loved each other but had some roadblocks to our well-being. We found that we each had homosexual fantasies. We decided to play them out together…as a couple. Ellen chose Rita and Rita chose you. And here we are. I’d add that the last few days have been totally fantastic for us.”

“Yes,” added Ellen, “we have been so uninhibited. I feel like the baggage we’ve been checking in have become carry-on. Yesterday with Rita was incredible and last night… Last night, he went all anal on me!”

We all roared. “You have an interesting way of expressing yourself, Ellen,” remarked Moe.

“Was it a first? Did you love it?” Rita wanted more.

“Yes, it was a first for us and yes, I didn’t love it but I liked it a lot. I’d do it again.”

“You’re so nasty!” The ladies smiled.

Moe looked straight at me and said, “And you want to know what sucking is all about, is that right? Why now?”

“It’s not like it hasn’t been in the back of my mind for years. I had several opportunities to act on it when I was in college, but, for one reason or another, it never happened. So there’s that. And so, I’m curious.”

“Curious, how?”

“A lot of things. I want to know what a woman feels. Why does Ellen love to suck me? Like, I said, I’m curious. I want to feel it between my lips, in my mouth, I want to taste it, I want to feel it shooting…like I said, a lot of things.”

“It’s all about the cock, right? No kissing?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“It’s hardly unusual. In my experience, I’ve known guys who were actually jealous that I enjoyed both sexes. Few had the balls to act on these feelings. I admire you.”

Rita got up from the table. “Let’s move this party into the bedroom. But first, Moe, I have something for you to see .”

We sat upon our king-sized bed. Ellen and I were at the headboard and Moe was at the other end. Rita looked at Moe and said, “Just watch, baby. This has been a long time coming.”

She stood in front of him and slowly unzipped her suit. She slowly slipped off her heels and peeled off the legs. The stood in front of him wearing a matching black lace bra and a black lace thong that barely hid her fertile delta. She wore black thigh-highs. Sitting down, she slowly peeled off her thigh-highs making a big show of it. She got up again and twirled around, showing us her sweet apple ass. She turned to Moe, her breasts a few inches from his face, and said “Stand up, baby, and let me…”

He stood and she began to untie she shoes and take off his socks. She unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall. Bare chested, he reminded me of Denzel, a Black Adonis. She unbuckled his belt and let it drop. He was wearing a pair of mesh boxers that hugged the length of his penis. She dropped to her knees and began to lick him through the mesh. She then stood back up.

“Moe, I’ve been waiting nearly all my life to do this. Let’s do this.” She rubbed her hand over his chest. He put his hands on her butt and pulled her in. She moaned.

Pulling her down on the bed, they began to kiss. Moe, seemingly suddenly aware that he had four eyes watching him, looked up. “Are you good with this?”

“Moe, I think I’d rather suck your dick with Rita’s juice on it. If you don’t mind. I can wait.”

Ellen said, “Go ahead, I want to see how bisexuals make love.” That broke the tension in the air and we laughed.

“Good. I don’t mind you two as an audience. I have wanted to make love to Rita for always but have always been to scared to even broach the subject, afraid that it would kill our friendship. Now, we will get to fulfill our fantasies and Ray, you’ll have to wait. Thank you. Now, baby, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“No, no, my dear Moe, I’m yours. Ravish me. Do whatever you want.”

“I want to kiss you.” They began to kiss, or for my British relations, snog, but while this started sweet and gently, within a few minutes, it was torrid. Moe put his hand on her bra. “May I?” She answered him by unhooking it and letting it fall. As he pressed his face in her breasts, he groaned. She rolled on top of him, smothering him. They starting kissing again as Rita slid her hand down his body.

Ellen and I watched from a side position. We hardly breathed for a few minutes. Rita’s hand slowly made it’s way down to Moe’s crotch where she alternatively caressed and groped him.

“I want this. I want this cock in me. Fuck me, Moe. First, let’s fuck and then fall in love again. Fuck me now.” She was nearly begging.

“Yes, Ma’am.” He stood up and peeled his boxers down. Ellen and I were focused on his cock and he did not disappoint. Standing straight out from his bare pubes were eight, maybe nine inches of cut man-meat. barbarians izle Ellen and I, and maybe Rita, too, let out an audible outtake of air. Moe peeled down hare lace thong and got between her legs. Taking several slurps over her puffy vulva, he got on the bed and got between her knees. She held his cock and guided him in, not that he needed any direction. I do believe he was auto-pilot. As he slid in, his face was beaming, his smile joyous. He let out a very quiet “aaah.”

Rita spread her legs even more and sucked his cock into her womb. They seemed to fall into a natural rhythm, rocking, giggling and murmuring to each other. You could tell that they were born to do this.

I felt like asking Ellen to pass the popcorn but she was busy, holding my hand in hers while she gently fondled herself with the other. My other hand was rubbing the head of my penis through tented underwear. Ellen picked up Rita’s camera and took some pictures. The flash and the click didn’t bother the lovers in the least.

“Let me ride you, baby.” Rita rolled Moe over and mounted The Matter Horn. She slowly slalomed down until she was at base camp. Moe flexed and made her bounce. He held her tits and pulled at her nipples. She began to bounce deliriously. “Oh, that feels so fucking good, baby. You’re doing me right.” She said this between squeals. Both Ellen and I seemed to want to join in but we held back, watching this erotic spectacle. My dick was desperately trying to get out of my boxer shorts. After just a few minutes, Rita whispered, “Oh, Moe baby, you’re going to make me cum…so hard…fuck…oh my god, oh my god…”

“I can’t hold back, I’m going to cum, too…I’m going to cum in you…”

“Yes, yes…let me feel you, baby…” She started to grind herself down against his root. Her face was positively beatific. She shook and contorted in ecstasy and she came. Moe arched up and you could just tell that his fire hose opened. “Oh baby, yes, yes, yes…fill me…ah…ah…ah.” They peaked nearly simultaneously and then she collapsed on his chest, both of them gasping, panting, smiling and satisfied. It suddenly got quiet in the room. It stayed that way for a few minutes.

Ellen began to clap. I joined her. She pulled us up so that we were standing on the bed and, while we were still applauding, she said, “Bravo! Bravo! Standing Fucking Ovation! That was awesome!”

Rita and Moe turned their heads toward us and they had the biggest smiles upon their faces. “Yes, indeed. That was worth waiting for. Glad you liked it. We liked it, too. But I need to rest for a few minutes. That drained me.”

“Me, too. She literally drained it out of me.”

“You rest up. I’m going to go fix a tray.” Ellen jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen.

Rita asked, “So, was it good to watch, Ray?”

“Actually, it was amazing. My own personal live sex show. You two should film it and release it as art-house porn. Lust and love, a perfect combination.”

“So, why are you still dressed?”

“I’m waiting for Ellen to make the big reveal.”

Ellen returned a minute later with the large bed tray filled with a bottle of wine, glasses, cheese, crackers and a couple of joints. Moe eyed the joints and said, “I’ll pass. No weed for me. It makes me fall asleep. But wine, on the other hand…”

“So Rita asked me why we were still in our underwear, shall we?” Ellen and I slowly disrobed, displaying our shaves.

“Girl, you are something else. Your pussy looks beautiful! Let me feel it.” She cupped Ellen’s mound and moaned appreciatively. Then she reached over and felt my testicles. Again, an approving moan. “Come here, Moe.” Moe, did the same.

“I know a licensed waxer who is very, very good. In a few days, when it starts to grow back and itch, you should see her. If you like, I’ll make an appointment for both of you.”

We sat naked in a circle drinking. Three of us smoked. After a while, Ellen said, “Now, Rita and I are going to sit over here and play with each other while we watch you suck. Right, Rita?”

Moe said, “Since this is your first time. Go slow. No teeth. Enjoy.”

He leaned back on a few pillows and spread his legs wide. His penis was still wet with Rita’s copious fluid and there was pearly cream dripping from his helmet. It was my time to fulfill a long-standing desire and I was just stoned enough to have no inhibitions. I crawled between his legs and marveled at his beautiful, and I should say, mouth-watering cock. I slowly felt it. I ran my fingers along it’s length. I cupped his scrotum. I ran my fingers down the shaft. Then I leaned forward and licked the head. The taste and scent was an aphrodisiac. I began to lick the staff, sucking in Rita’s remaining juices. Yes, it was very enjoyable.

How is it possible to describe the first sensation of putting a cock into your mouth? How you describe the moment it passes your lips and it slides across your tongue? The incredible feel of the soft, spongy helmet and the bay patrol izle rock hard shaft is monumental. Yes, I am now a cocksucker and I cannot see the harm in that. Quite the opposite, it is a feeling of pride that I can do it at all.

I was lost in his cock, his scrotum, his taint. I moved back up and took him between my lips and worshiped the head for a few minutes. I could hear the girls diddling each other; they were both sloshing around. But I was in another world. I began to suck on him in earnest. The feel of his cock sliding along my tongue felt so good, so right. His cock tickled the back of my throat. Some precum leaked from his pisshole lubricating my mouth like an STP treatment, it sped up everything. I had the power to make him cum. Ah, precum – The Cocksucker’s Edge. The feeling I had was like nothing else I’d ever had. My concave cavity was filled with his throbbing convex spongy meatus. I sucked in while running my tongue along the flange. I was liking this a lot.

Moe moaned, “So good. You’re doing this so good. You haven’t done this before?”

“uh-uh.” I moaned because my mouth was full.

Ellen was encouraging me, telling me how much I was digging it and to be in the moment. She needn’t tell me because that’s exactly where I was. I was in the moment, I was all there. Moe stirred and moved around the bed to position us in a sixty-nine. The girls cooed.

I felt him take me into his mouth but I didn’t care, I was not even hard. It was all about his cock and my enthusiastic sucking. I moved down his shaft until I felt him hit the back of my throat and I gagged. Pulling back, I breathed through my nose and moved back down. Again, I gagged. I moved back to the head and pumped him while sucking and licking.

“Yeah, man. Do that.”

I continued pumping him with my mouth while I played with his testicles – nice big oval balls. I sucked on the head and licked all around. He tensed and I felt his cock thicken. I began to stroke his shaft while sucking the head and moving a few inches down. It seemed to be a natural movement. It also seemed to be getting the required results. I wanted him to flood my mouth. I wanted to give him a great blowjob. I pulled myself out of his mouth so I could fully focus on him and his enjoyment. I liked that I was his giver of pleasure.

I went at this for a while when he tensed up again. “You’re going to make me blow. Do you want it? Tell me you want it!”

I spoke eagerly, “Cum in my mouth. Let me have your cum.”

“Here it comes.” He let out a long groan.

Suddenly, it was like someone opened a tap. I expected some blasts like from a cannon, several volleys hitting my tonsils but it wasn’t like that, at all. No, it was a tap that opened and fed me a stream of his salty, musky cum. No, it wasn’t a stream but a flood. I couldn’t swallow it all and it dripped out the corners of my lips. And it didn’t stop, it flowed and flowed out of his penis thoroughly coating my mouth. Finally, I siphoned off what I could and he withdrew, soft, flaccid and very tender. He rolled onto his back.

He was quiet until he caught his breath and settled down. “That was excellent, Ray. You really got into it.”

“I did, didn’t I?” I felt proud.

“That means you must have liked it.”

“Yeah, I did. It was different. Enjoyable even. Yes, it was very enjoyable.”

“That was so erotic,” offered Ellen. My pussy is flooded.

Rita added, “You can say that again. We’re sitting in a puddle!”

Moe said, “But you haven’t cum yet. Let us take care of that.”

I was still basking in the glow of taking my first cock through to completion. I was on my back as I felt two tongues, one sucking the head and one licking the shaft. Oh, that felt good. Then I felt a third tongue washing my balls. Was this heaven, I wondered?

They took turns on the different areas of my penis. The helmet sucker moved to double on the shaft while the ball washer moved to the head. In ever changing combinations, they rotated. With little giggles, I could tell that they were having fun, too. I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to cum. The helmet sucker was now seriously vacuuming my pisshole. I began to shake and arch my ass up to them.

“I gonna…oh my God…I gonna blow.” And blow I did, issuing volley after volley of salty baby-makers. I felt as though I had lifted off and achieved orbit. Cum and more cum shot out of me. They each took turns swallowing some of my seed until I could take no more. I pulled back to watch them share a three-way kiss. Ellen pulled away and kissed me, sliding her tongue around mine.

We were grouped together on the bed and we spent a few minutes resting. The phone rang a few times but we ignored it. Finally, Moe got up to get his phone. “Jesus! Do you realize it is eight-thirty already? My office has been calling, let me see what’s up.” Moe got up and made his call. I was admiring his physique from the bed.

Moe was speaking on the phone. “Okay, we’ll take care of it tomorrow. What are you still doing at the office? Go home, have dinner. Tell you what, use the company credit card and go have dinner anywhere you want. And take your boyfriend. Good, see you tomorrow.”

“You have some dedicated employees,” I said. “I can’t imagine how they work on a Sunday.”

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