Dark City Ch. 07


Jim paces the room, furious.

“Shan, where the hell did you get that?”

“A girl I met, at a club a few weeks ago. We have been seeing each other regularly. Sometimes things get a little – kinky.”

“Shan, I am going to need to know who this woman is and how you contact her.”

“Ok, her name is Jade and all I have is a cell number.”

Shan is sitting on the floor against the couch the button down shirt is wrapped around her, as her body shakes. “What the hell is going on?”

Before Jim can answer, Ieasha comes busting into the room, “We have another one.”

Jim kisses Shan on the head and looks into her eyes, “Honey, everything will be fine. I need you to go get that number, ok?”

Shan nods, gets up and leaves the room.

“Well, we actually have two. A Bambi and Summer Glenn.”

Jim suddenly feels weak.

“And I take it you knew them?”


“Bodies were found at the Landing Strip.”

“Ok, I am going. Watch Shan for me. I am also gonna send Smith and Clausen from the station house to sit and watch. Maybe this Jade person will come to us.”

Ieasha leans in and the two exchange a kiss.

Shan returns to the living room. “I tried to call her, but the number is dead now.”

“No worries love. I am going to run into work. I will leave you in good hands, I am sure.”

Jim leaves. Shan takes up her position on the floor, Ieasha sitting next to her.

“What’s going on? Jim has never been so mysterious.”

Ieasha sits next to her, putting her arm around Shan’s shoulders.

“There have been four murders, all women that Jim has known. All of them marked. Just like you are.”

Shan runs to the kitchen, sobbing. She grabs the neck of the red wine and begins to drink, wine leaking down her chin.

Ieasha wraps her arms around her waist, “calm down baby. I am here. We know about the marking. She can’t get to you. I am here.”

“It’s weird Ieasha. You being here makes me so much more confident.”

“Lets go sit down.”

The two return a private affair izle to the living room. Ieasha restarts the music and goes to Shan….

“What can I say detective. Two more are dead. GSW’s for both of them. Manager says they came back here for a private dance. Female customer, if you can believe it. We have a description and are getting it out.”

Chief Jackson enters the room. “Jim, we need to talk.”

“What’s up Chief?”

“I understand you have been keeping some information a secret from me?”

Shan straddles Ieasha’s pelvis, as Ieasha lays flat on her back. She looks deep in their eyes, both aware of the connection their souls are making.

With great dramatic flare, she unbuttons her wine soaked shirt, her glorious tits dangling in front of Ieasha. She cannot help but fondle the soft flesh as it dangles before her. Shan moans and arches her back toward Ieasha, reveling in the feel of her lightly brushing her nipples, forcing blood to rush toward them, giving them a rigid feel.

Shan leans forward, offering one to Ieasha’s warm wet tongue. Shan moans at the feel of a hot tongue rolling her bud. She is lost in her lovers warm mouth, feeling so feminine and so sexy, the kind of feeling only another woman can truly bring about.

Shan is able to remove her panties as she nurses Ieasha. Ieasha becomes very aware of the hot moisture coming from Shan’s now exposed cunt.

Ieasha reaches back, grips Shan’s ass and pulls her forward, she wiggles downward until the lips of her mouth first brush the lips of Shan’s nether-mouth.

Shan runs her hair through Ieasha’s hair, urging her mouth into Shan’s pussy. Shan feels all the tension, all the worry drain out of her body, through her vagina and out into the world.

Ieasha drowns in Shan’s taste, the tangy sweet nectar of her excitement. She loves how she can feel Shan’s heartbeat, her breathing all through her pussy. And how, with a flick of her tongue, she can speed up the process.

Ieasha grip on accused izle Shan’s ass intensifies, as Shan practically pulls Ieasha into her womb.

The orgasm that follows is like none that Shan had ever experience. The affection for this woman coupled with the alcohol and the stress forces her to cum from the bottoms of her feet, out through her hair. She violently fucks her pussy against Ieasha’s face, her eyes welling up with tears, her vagina releasing fluid in response to her release.

She climbs off of Ieasha’s face, which glistens in the candlelight with the cum of her new lover, and nestles into her shoulder. Shan’s feel no embarrassment at her tears.

Ieasha pulls a blanket over the two of them.

No words are spoken, until Shan breaks the silence. “I am lucky I met you.”

“So,” Chief Jackson says, “you have kept your familiarity from all the victims a secret from us?”

“Yea, Mike, I have.”


“Sorry?” jim asks, confused.

“You will address me as sir. And I am no informing you that you are under arrest for the murder of Bambi and Summer Glenn and obstruction of justice. We will see about the others later. So, do I have to cuff you?”

Shan wipes her eyes, looks at Ieasha. “So, my turn for a snack?”

The two begin to kiss deeply, the salt of Shan’s tears present on Ieasha’s tongue.

Shan kisses down Ieasha’s neck, helping to work off Ieasha’s v-neck t-shirt. Her enormous red nipples catch Shan’s eye, who cannot help but grin. “Nice,” is all she says.

She gently licks around the bud, rolling her tongue across the velvety surface. She licks the bud into her mouth, and closes her teeth around it, causing Ieasha to gasp.

“Mmmm,” she moans.

Shan travels down her long body, nestling between Ieasha’s legs. She kisses over the satin cloth that covers Ieasha’s pussy. “Wow, I can feel how it is in there!!”

Ieasha smiles. “How about a closer look?”

Shan pulls her thong off, and nestles in front of the vertical lips of Ieasha’s pussy. alef izle When she parts the lips of her new lover, she is greeted by a wet, hot vagina that has been primed by stopping and starting all night and the view of this hot blonde nestled on her face.

Her tongue runs up her slit, her cunt almost searing, it is so hot. She scoops under Ieasha’s ass, bringing her pelvis to Shan’s face. Shan goes on the attack immediately, sucking and nibbling her clit. Ieasha is primed, feeling her body exploding almost immediately.

Her eyes go half closed, as she cums onto Shan’s pointed tongue.

Shan brings her face up, replacing her tongue with her thumb, slowly massaging Ieasha’s clit. She wishes she could take a picture of just how hot her lover is, how magical she looks, laying their, her body covered in sweat and Shan’s drying pussy juice.

“We aren’t done sexy, I have to get out the magic suitcase.” Shan says, with a devious grin.

Jim sits alone in the interview room. Chief Jackson enters the room, sitting in the metal chair across from him.

“When do I get to call the Police Association for my lawyer?”

“In a minute. We need to talk first.”


Shan, in a bathrobe, emerges from the bedroom with a small duffel bag. Ieasha has put on a pair of Jim’s sweat shorts and a t-shirt. Shan hears voices, and follows them to the kitchen.

Ieasha is sitting on the counter, talking to two men. One is an African American male, about 6-2 with long thick muscles. The other is a white male, shorter, standing about 5’10 and much leaner.

“This is Detective Smith and Detective Clausen from the station house.”

“How are you counselor?” Matt Smith, the African American officer asks, extending a hand.

“Good to see you again Matt. And it’s Shan.”

“They are staying with us tonight, just to make sure. You can get some rest. Its after 10, so you may as well go to bed.”

Shan fixes a pot of coffee. “I could never sleep.”

Six blocks away, Jade cleans her 9 mm pistol. The Andersons are dead in their bed and have been since this morning. “Almost over,” Jade says, as she heads to the shower. She lathers herself up with soap. Using the showerhead, she works her clit back and forth, building toward orgasm.

“Almost over, almost together, Jim.”

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