Dancing With the Doc Ch. 3


Ellie got home and couldn’t believe what had happened in Ben’s office. She had not only made a man come while she talked to him, she had actually touched herself and come in front of someone. She had not even done that with Dale! She had never been in charge of anything, she had never been in control her entire marriage. Today, she had told Ben what to do and he did it all, happily, just to please her. She hadn’t thought she would like this, but she found she did, very much.

All evening, she was excited, remembering Ben. She knew she was wet and swollen and wanted some sex. Not the vanilla sex of her marriage, but some pounding, lusty sex. She just didn’t know how to go about it, how to get Dale involved. Usually, they had sex on his schedule, when he wanted it. Tonight, Ellie could not leave it to chance, she needed a hot cock inside her, needed to feel pounded and used. She kept reliving the afternoon in her mind, each time feeling herself getting wet and achy again. When the boys had gone to bed, Ellie showered and got ready.

She wore one of the sexy, lacy outfits Dale bought occasionally, which left little to the imagination and made Ellie blush when she saw her reflection. She wrapped herself in a robe and went to the kitchen, pouring herself a large glass of wine and downing it quickly. She waited until she felt the heat spread through her body, felt herself loosening, then Ellie walked over to Dale as he sat watching TV. She untied the robe and dropped it to the floor, standing before him in a skimpy red satin teddy. Her nipples were hard and bumply and her curlies dark against the thin fabric. Dale had barely had time to look at her when she lowered herself onto his lap and began riding his rough-jeaned crotch. Dale looked at her with surprise and amazement. She reached up and cupped his face in her hands and kissed his open mouth, running her tongue over his lips and then thrusting it into him. Her hips continued moving, the fabric feeling extremely erotic against her soft, swollen lips.

She pressed her full breasts against his shirt front, molding her body against his, her arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers in his hair. She was straddling him, her knees on either side of his hips, and now brought her legs tighter against him, feeling his cock swelling against her needy pussy. Ellie was kissing Dale, another first. Usually she followed his lead in sex and kissing was not a part of it. But now, she kissed him, exploring his mouth as she had always wanted to. When his hands reached for her clothing, she pulled away and jumped from his lap, leaving him open-mouth with amazement, his hands still outstretched.

“This is all for you, Sir, if you behave and follow the rules,” she said. Then she backed further away, moving to the TV and hitting the off button. She clicked on the CD player and some throbbing music began. Ellie was embarassed, but feeling very brazen. She had never, in all her years of marriage, made the first move. But she 1864 izle forced herself to continue, feeling the ache in her cunt and knowing this was her only chance to get what she wanted. She wanted Dale’s cock. Even though he was a selfish lover, he had a massive organ, and that was what she needed right now, to be filled and stretched and fucked. She began moving her hips with the music, swaying and slowly twirling before him.

She ran her hands over her breasts, pulling on the nipples through the gossamer fabric, making her nipples even harder and longer. As she turned, she let her fingers move over her body, touching and gently massaging the skin that was tingling and aching to be touched. Dale watched his quiet little wife seducing him and wondered what had happened. This was something he had hoped for, that she would wake up and enjoy the sensual side of life. He was tired of having to take everything he wanted, to feel apologetic afterward. Sex had become very compact for them and he regretted it. Now, suddenly, his sweet, shy woman was tantalizing him, tempting him, making him very excited.

Ellie danced to the music, bumping her hips and pelvis, cupping her breasts. She closed her eyes and imagined an exotic dancer and imitated her. She slid her hands down her hips and across her tummy, reaching between her legs and just gently touching there. She danced to Dale, her aching pussy near his face. He inhaled and caught the scent of an excited woman, something he had never found with Ellie before. As she stood there, he reached a hand to her cheek, caressing her. She liked that. She lowered her face to his and kissed him deeply, teasing his tongue, making him even harder. She took his hand and placed it between her thighs, resting the palm on the wet crotch of her teddy. He held her there, feeling the heat and dampness, and allowing her to use his hand as she danced. She rubbed her hot pussy against it, trying to get some release from the need overwhelming her.

Dale turned his hand sideways, pressing the edge of his palm on her slit, feeling it pushing the satin fabric inside her wet pinkness. He could hear Ellie moan, another thing he had never experienced with her. He was not sure what was going on, but he approved. He took both hands and held her hips, bringing her closer to his face. He buried his face between her legs, his mouth seeking the tiny snaps that held the crotch closed. He found them and pulled, smiling as he heard the snaps opening for him. As the fabric separated, the smell of her pussy became even more pronounced. It was a tangy, sweet, pungent scent that almost made him come at that moment. With his hands holding her to his face, he opened his lips and just sucked her soft mound into his mouth. This was something that Ellie didn’t like at all.

She felt her private places should remain private. Yet, she was wantonly offering him all of her and he was going to take it. She had stopped moving now, so incredibly 1899 izle centered on his mouth touching her. He pulled away and moved her legs further apart, once again diving for her brown curlies, his tongue snaking out and entering her swollen slit. He tasted his wife for the first time, and she felt the joy of his tongue for the first time. Both were mesmerized. Dale stood and picked up his woman, kissing her willing mouth with his pussy-tasting lips, fucking her mouth as he intended to fuck her very delicious cunt.

He carried Ellie to their bed, the bed that had been just functional until tonight. Now, it would simply be there to increase their pleasure. Dale gently placed her on the bed and stood before her, removing his clothing. Most nights, Dale undressed and redressed in the privacy of his closet. But tonight, he was beside the bed, slowly disrobing, exposing his lovely body to her gaze. The lights were glowing, and Ellie could see everything, and enjoying it. As he removed his shorts, she was totally enthralled by his cock. In the past, their lovemaking was furtive, quick and in the dark. He had hardly ever touched her, looked at her, or she at him. Now she observed his toned body, appreciating his efforts to stay fit. When he was naked and she had seen it all, he moved to lie next to her. She almost flinched. This was what she remembered, the quick, economical fucking of the past.

But tonight was different. Dale was different. He was beside her, kissing her softly, moving his tongue almost lazily into her mouth, washing her gently and thoroughly. He kissed her until she felt faint, apparently in no rush for the next step.

When he felt her moving impatiently beneath him, he moved his hands from her hair down her neck. His lips moved too, sliding down her dainty neck and moving to her shoulders. He slowly made love with his mouth, covering her flesh with kisses and nips. She shivered beneath him, moaning and wriggling. He stopped his downward path to unbutton the teddy, kissing the skin as it was exposed to him. Ellie felt on fire. This was so new. She was intrigued and tantalized and, then, angry. Suddenly, she wondered if it could have always been like this, always been exciting and fun, instead of routine drudgery? But she lost her thoughts in the joy of Dale’s mouth on her taut nipple. He covered it with his warmth and then sucked it deeply into his heat, causing her to jump and arch her back with pleasure. His mouth moved back and forth, sucking one nipple, then the other, making her moan and pull his head closer.

As he suckled, Dale pulled the red teddy down Ellie’s aroused body. She was not even aware of lifting her hips for him, helping him remove the clothing, offering herself to him. She remembered well the feeling of his mouth touching her THERE, and she wanted it again. As much as she wanted his mouth to continue its nursing, she also wanted to feel him deep inside her again. She tried to move his head down without 28 korkunç gün izle seeming obvious, but he noticed and chuckled. “Tell me what you want, Ellie. Let me hear the words. Say them for me, to me,” he said.

Ellie stuttered and stammered, not sure what to say to him, how to ask for what she wanted. Then she remembered Ben, and how she was in charge and could tell him what she wanted and he would obey, and she felt suddenly powerful. She lifted her head and looked down at her husband’s face, looked into his eyes and said, “I want you to lick me, kiss me, eat me. I want to feel you french-kissing me, your tongue deep inside, moving in and out. I want you to fuck me with your tongue, then with your very hard cock, Dale!”

The words coming from Ellie’s mouth drove Dale insane with desire. He lowered his face to her pussy, burying his tongue, then his entire face in her hot, wet warmth. He licked the slit, moving his tongue deeper and deeper with each stroke, feeling her wriggling and thrusting against him. Her fingers clutched his hair, holding him there, as if he would move! His tongue tip found her clit, and began to stroke it. He circled and nipped, flicked it, kissed it, while listening to her moans of ecstasy. He felt her legs tighten on his head, felt her become completely still and smiled. He knew what was happening and felt very proud. Suddenly she cried out, and the spasms started, from deep within her pinkness. He stayed in place, his tongue continuing its thrusting motions, slowing with her, until his tongue was completely still and just resting inside of her. He could feel her relaxing until she was limp under him. He gave her wet curlies one last kiss and moved slowly up her body, noting the increased swelling in her nipples, the light flush across her chest. Then he was even with her face and could see the smile of satisfaction on her pretty mouth, the glow in her eyes. Now he slid his erect cock into her. One stroke and he was deep within her, filling her wetness completely. At first, she was just lying there, enjoying the feeling of Dale deep within her. Then her hips began moving against him, with each stroke, helping him even deeper into her pinkness. She could feel how large and hot he was, how full her little pussy was. His face descended on hers and they kissed, their tongues mimicking what was happening between them.

Dale was too excited to last long. He felt the pressure in his balls, he felt his cock become even harder and ready. He looked into Ellie’s eyes and smiled, his come blasting into her, filling her hot pussy. He collapsed on her, holding her in his arms, feeling her heart against his. This was what he had always dreamed sex with his woman should be and tonight it was. He was content.

Ellie lay beneath him, marveling at the joy of sex, the incredible excitement of it. She quickly relived this evening, the reaction Dale had to her, the thrill of all of it. She also remembered that this was the first time for much of it and her anger that Dale had never made it like this before. It made it easier to continue with Ben. Her mind turned to Ben and what she would demand next time. The dance was in full bloom now and Ellie was ready for it.

To Be Continued…

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