Daddy, I’ve Been Naughty


Molly snuck in the front door and set her backpack down behind the door. She knew she looked guilty. She felt it was written all over her face, and she knew her father would be able to tell also.

Molly jumped when her dad came out of the kitchen. “Daddy!” She sighed with surprise.

“Hey sweetie, what’s wrong?” he asked her. She looked stressed. His daughter was 20 and in college, and he just couldn’t believe how she’d filled out in the past 2 years. She’d been a late bloomer. Her breasts were larger and rounder than her mother’s had ever been and her ass was just begging to have his hands on it, among other things.

“Wrong? N-nothing,” Molly lied horribly.

“Molly,” her dad said sternly. His tone indicated he wanted the truth.

Molly blinked stupidly. “I–I–I–I was naughty today,” she said quietly, her head down.

“Naughty?” Her father’s interest peeked–and he felt a pleasurable twitch below his waistline. “How naughty? Did you skip class again?” That had been a problem when she was in high school.

Molly giggled. “No. I let a boy–well, I let him feel me up.”

“Oh.” He’d been expecting something worse. “Well–you know you’ll have to be punished for that,” he sat down in the chair at the dining room table. “C’mere,” he beckoned her over and patted his lap, his tone of voice indicating her punishment would be now.

Molly took a few steps towards him. “Daddy, I’m too old for spankings,” she told him as she sat on his lap anyway.

“Those kinds–yes. But you’re getting a new punishment today.”

Molly looked shocked. “Will it hurt?” She asked him naively.

“Part of it might,” he shrugged, smiling at her. “Take your shirt off,” he ordered her. Molly did as she was told. “Now, use my hands and show me what you let that boy do to you.” He put his arms around her, his hands in front of her.

Molly took her bra off as well. She took her father’s hands and put one on each breast. “Now squeeze,” she said quietly. That’s just what she’d let Derek do in his car when they’d gone out for lunch.

Her daddy happily obliged. “Is that all he did?” he asked, squeezing his daughter’s tits in his hands.

“Mmmhmmm,” she smiled, closing her eyes.

“He didn’t do much,” her father mused. “He should’ve Ankara escort done this,” and he pinched her nipples between his a thumb and forefinger of each hand and rolled the nipple around. “Doesn’t that feel good?” He asked, pulling gently on her nipples as he rolled them between his fingers.

“It does, Daddy, really good,” Molly smiled and looked down, seeing her father’s large hands manipulating her breasts.

“Turn around for me,” he told her, letting go of her boobs. Molly turned around and straddled his lap.

“He should have also done this,” he leaned forwards and engulfed his young teen daughter’s hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked on her nipple, gently biting.

“Daddy,” Molly sighed, it did feel nice, “we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It’s okay, someone’s gotta teach you what you like,” he said, switching to her other nipple. They tasted like baby powder, he thought.

Her father made sense, Molly thought. She looked down, and he smiled up at her with her nipple between his lips.

“Stand up, sweetie,” and Molly did. Her dad reached over and unhooked her pants and pushed them down over her hips. He smiled. “You shave your pussy?” It was a nice surprise.

Molly shrugged. “I like to be smooth.”

“That’s great, Mol, just great. Hop up on the table.”

Molly did as she was told, excited for what came next. Sex was sex, she’d always been curious, and masturbating was getting old. She wanted to have sex with Derek, but he was shy. And her father was a good looking guy, so why not?

He undid his own pants and let them drop to his ankles, his cock poking towards his daughter’s crotch. He spread her legs apart and knelt at the edge of the table. He slid his tongue up Molly’s slit, around her clit and finally poked his tongue inside her eager body.

“Daddy!” She giggled and sighed at the same time. It felt awesome, she thought.

He pulled her closer to the edge of the table, licking her puckered, pink asshole every few licks. He stood up after a few minutes and looked down at her. “You like that?”

“Oh God, Daddy! It was just–awesome!” She cooed.

“Have you learned your lesson?” He quizzed her.

Molly coyly shook her head. “No, Daddy, I don’t think I have.” Ankara escort bayan There was no way he was stopping at that, she thought.

Her father stuck a finger inside his daughter’s cunt. “Has a boy every done this to you?” He asked, pumping his finger in and out of her wet hole.

“No. Never.” She smiled.

“How about this?” He removed his finger from her pussy and tapped her asshole.

“Daddy! That’ll hurt!” She protested.

“Relax then,” he instructed as he slowly stuck his thick finger in her ass. “See?” Molly nodded. He pushed his finger in farther, removed it, and rammed it back in.

“Ohhh,” Molly sighed, fondling her own breasts, her nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Her dad took his finger from her ass and guided his cock to her slippery slit. He slid the head between her pussy lips a few times, spreading her wetness around and onto him, before sliding inside her warm pussy.

Molly was surprised, but pleasantly pleased, that her dad was doing this to her, but it felt so good she didn’t care. “Daddy, put your finger in my ass again,” she whispered.

Her dad was thrilled she learned so fast. “I’ve got something better,” he said, removing his dick from her cunt. He sat in the chair again and pulled her down onto his lap. She faced him and he eased her down on his cock until he was deep inside his daughter’s twat. “KEVIN!” he yelled.

Kevin, Molly’s 19 year old brother, appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “Yeah?” Then he took in the scene in the dining room. “Whoa.”

“Your sister has requested a cock in her ass,” their dad informed them.

“Daddy, no! It’d be too big!” Molly said in near fright, bouncing slowly on her dad’s cock, her breasts in his face.

Kevin didn’t need to be told twice. His pants her left on the floor and his cock was harder than a rock in seconds. He stepped behind his sister and spit in her ass crack, rubbing it around with his dick.

“Daddy! Don’t let him–“

“Ram it in, Kevin! Fuck your sister’s ass!”

“Daddy!” Molly cried.

Kevin rammed his swollen cockhead inside his sister’s ass.

Molly squealed in pain, but it quickly subsided once she relaxed.

Kevin slowly pumped in and out of her ass, feeling his dad’s cock inside her Escort Ankara as well only added to it.

The front door opened and the youngest of the brood, Rachel, only 18 as of last month, walked into the dining room. She gasped.

“Daddy?! Kevin? MOLLY?”

Their father let go of Molly’s nipple that his teeth had held. “Rachel, baby, c’mere,” he grunted as he thrust up inside Molly. “Take your clothes off and hop up on the table.”

Rachel obeyed. If her brother and sister were doing it, it had to be okay. “Now what?”

“Spread your legs,” her father told her.

Rachel did, then felt a finger slide into her vagina after she’d closed her eyes. “Daddy?” she opened her eyes. It was Molly’s hand between her legs. “Oh,” she smiled.

“You like that, Angel?” Daddy asked her.

“Yes, I do!”

“Lay on your side and put your leg up in the air,” he told her quietly. Rachel did. “Kevin, you too,” he gestured to Rachel.

Kevin, thrusting in Molly’s ass, reached over and slid a finger into Rachel’s tight ass, while Molly fingered Rachel’s equally tight cunt.

Their father grunted a few times and came inside Molly.

“Can I suck your cock, Daddy?” Molly asked.

“You and Rachel can share,” he said, placing his wet, sticky dick between his daughter’s faces.

Rachel instinctively licked up the shaft, tasting her sister on their father’s dick. She was still enjoying the feeling of her siblings finger fucking her pussy and ass.

Molly licked the shaft as well, touching her sister’s tongue. They both licked their father’s balls, smiling when he groaned softly.

Their mother tapped her feet in the doorway. “Next time,” she warned, “you let me in on this!”

The kids looked surprised. “Mom–” Kevin stammered.

Their father instructed them to continue and his daughter’s returned to his hard-again dick, and Kevin thrust a few more times into his sister’s ass, before pulling out and coming on her back. Their father nodded towards their mother.

Their mom, now topless, walked up to the action and began licking her son’s cum from her daughter’s back. “You girls suck your daddy off good,” she said gently, stroking her son’s cock. “and maybe we can all do this again later.” How she hated to miss anything her kids did.

Molly grinned, before taking her father’s dick into her mouth as she rubbed her sister’s clit furiously. She’d have to get into trouble more often, she thought, as she felt her little sister begin to tremble.

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