Daddy Explores Jessica

Big Tits

Part 1

It was 7.30 in the evening. I was wiping the tops and cleaning up the last scraps from the small tea party I had staged for my daughter Jessica’s 18th birthday. There was only the two of us and although I knew she was off to celebrate with her friends tonight – I wanted to do a little something myself. I had organised a light spread with hors d’oeuvres, nibbles and a cake with ‘Hello Kitty’ in pink icing that harked back to younger days. I had decorated the room with balloons and streamers to surprise her when she came in from school.

It all went very well, she had hugged me and thanked me for the gifts, nibbled at the food and laughed at my jokes – but I could see she really wanted to get off and be with her friends so I had kissed her forehead and ushered her away to go and make herself beautiful for her night out.

So there I was, wiping down the worktops in my scruffy jeans and comedy apron, when this vision of femininity appeared at the doorway. She was wearing a low cut and very short black dress, which I had not seen before, with black patent high heeled shoes and little else.

She beamed at me, “How do I look daddy?” she asked as she did a little twirl to show off her ‘outfit’.

“Umm”, I swallowed, “you umm – you look very – you look very grown up sweetie.”

I looked her up and down, careful not to linger on any of the less well covered areas and asked, “Will you be warm enough like that lovey?”

“Oh, daddy!” she giggled, “You know it’s a house party at Suzy’s, and her mom is picking me up.”

“Of course, and yes you look beautiful sweetie, have a lovely time and I’ll see you later”

“I may be quite late daddy, and you know Suzy’s mum is bringing me home so you don’t need to wait up!”

“OK lovey, but I probably will, I know you are a grown woman now but you are still my little girl and I would rather see you home safely, you know daddy loves his little girl”, I smiled warmly at her.

“Yes daddy”, she said in a mock, long suffering, way “I know!”

There was a tap at the door and Jessica quickly kissed me on the cheek then ran to the front door. Moments later I watched her walk down the drive with Suzy’s mum, Heather, who waved and smiled as I did the same. I knew Heather well, her husband was away on business a lot and as her daughter and mine were best friends we had a lot of contact. Heather was an attractive woman, just a couple of years younger than me at 39. She was obviously attracted to me and would flirt with me whenever we met, often shamelessly in front of the girls. I was flattered of course, if a little embarrassed but to my shame it was her 18 year old daughter Suzy that brought out the lustful feelings in me.

With the house all to myself now I grabbed a beer from the fridge and settled down to watch a movie. I watched 2 movies and drank several beers

I kept thinking about Jessica, it was her first ‘grown up’ party without supervising adults in attendance. Well, Heather was going to be there but she had promised the girls she would stay in her room, barring emergencies, while all the ‘youngsters’, the 18’s to early 20’s, partied on.

It was 2am when heard the doorbell. I had dozed off in the armchair and the room was in darkness apart from the flickering TV screen. I pulled myself up and stretched as I walked to the front door. Heather was there with her arm round Jessica, obviously holding her up.

“Hi Tony, sorry it’s so late… umm – Jess has had a little more to drink than either of us would have liked I think! Sorry”

Jessica’s eyes were shut as Heather helped her over the threshold. I put my arm around her waist as Heather passed her to me, altyazılı porno draping my daughter’s arm over my shoulder to complete the handover.

“Got her?” she asked unnecessarily, as I led her into the house.

“Yes Heather”, I smiled, “Leave her with me, thanks for playing taxi and all that – I’ll just get her straight up to bed.

Heather bent and removed Jessica’s shoes, placing them by the door.

“Do you want me to stay a while and help you Tony?” she asked.

“No I’ve got it, you get off lovey, thanks for everything, and you probably have a lot of tidying up to do at your place!” I smiled, “Just a guess…”

Heather gave me a little nod and a symbolic ‘tut’ as she acknowledged my comment. She gave me a little wave as she closed the door.

I held Jessica a little away from my shoulder as I looked at her face, “You OK sweetie?”

“Yes daddy” she murmured with a little smile on her face and eyes barely visible through heavy lids.

“OK – let’s get you upstairs then.” I walked her to the foot of the stairs and after briefly considering the difficulty of walking her up I decided it wasn’t possible without waking her fully. I lifted her up over my shoulder and carried her up the stairs, my hand on the back of her bare thigh, along the landing and into her bedroom. Finally lowering her to a seated position on the bed.

I stood with my hand on her shoulder as I looked down at her.

“Now, are you OK to get into bed? Do you need the bathroom? Can I get you anything?”

She slowly raised her arms till her hands were at head level. “help me daddy?”

“Of course, sweetie, what can I help you wi… , oh” I realised she wanted me to help her off with her dress.

“Oh, uh, yes of course sweetie, you can’t sleep in that can you” I agreed.

I reached behind her and found the zip tag. I pulled it and the zip slid down to her waist. I tentatively took hold of the hem of her dress and freed the small part that was under her bum and lifted it up. I pulled the dress up over her bare back, slightly shocked at the minuscule thread of black thong that vanished between her two round buttocks. As I pulled the dress up over her head, I switched to pulling with one hand while the other held one arm to keep her steady on the bed. The dress came free in my hand and I placed it on the bed beside her.

As I turned back to her I realised that I had pulled her bra up with the dress. The skimpy black lace strip was laying on the top of her small pert breasts. I reasoned that pulling the cups down over her breasts would mean me touching them, I quickly reached behind and unfastened her bra instead, slipping it right off and placing it with her dress.

“Let’s get you tucked up in bed now lovey”, I tried not to look at her naked flesh as I turned down the quilt in order to slide her under.

“Mm yes daddy…” she mumbled as I prepared to lay her in bed, then, “Daddy… I need to pee!”

“Oh, uh, do you sweetie? Of course. Daddy will take you…”

I helped her stand, gently guided her into her en-suite bathroom and sat her on the toilet.

“You OK from here sweetie?” I asked, hopefully.

“Yes daddy” she replied, eyelids flickering a little as she tried to look up at me.

I took my hand from her shoulder and took a step to leave, but quickly replaced it as she swayed to the side.

“Oh dear, well, I’ll stay here and hold on to you while you, um – do what you need to do lovey, OK?”

“Yes daddy, sorry daddy” she mumbled.

“Its OK baby” I assured her.

As I looked away I felt her moving, slowly, with difficulty, as she obviously pulled down her panties. There followed a long, türkçe altyazılı porno intermittent, tinkling sound interspersed with the pitter pattering of water drops in the toilet. Then the sound of the toilet roll holder spinning.

Finally, “I finished daddy.”

I turned to help her stand. Her panties hadn’t quite made it all the way up and were around the tops of her thighs. I could see a tuft of fluffy blonde hair between her legs, obviously heavily trimmed.

As she stood I wondered whether I should tell her about her panties or should I just pull them up for her? Which would be the least embarrassing for her if she remembered in the morning? But she hadn’t finished.

“Gotta clean my teeth daddy!” she mumbled as she took a step toward the sink.

“Yes dear”, I sighed, helped her take the couple of steps to the sink then placed her toothbrush on its back and squirted toothpaste onto the bristles. I placed it in her hand and guided her hand to her mouth. She went through the motions of cleaning her teeth with slow up and down movements but to little effect. When she decided she had finished I wiped her mouth with the face flannel and led her back into her room, her walking hampered further by her panties working lower with each step. We arrived back at the bed and I pulled the quilt fully back and sat her down.

“There, now let’s get you into this bed!”

I lay her head on her pillow and swung her legs up onto the bed. Her panties had worked their way down to just above her knees. I looked at them for a moment then thought how silly I was being. She won’t remember any of this so I might as well make her comfortable. I hooked my fingers over the waistband of her tiny panties and slid them down her legs and off. I looked at the tiny scrap of black lace in my hand then placed them with her bra and dress at the foot of the bed.

When I looked back she had moved her knee up, opening her legs and revealing her pale pink labia, bald below the tiny tuft of blonde hair on her mons pubis. So sweet, so pretty, so perfect… and her little breasts were rising and falling with each breath she took. I stared at one then the other, back and forth, transfixed by the naked perfection.

I suddenly felt a great shame as I realised I had an erection tenting my jogging pants. I hadn’t been this stiff for a long time! What was I thinking!? I reached for the top edge of the quilt and pulled it over her, tucking it around her chin. I kissed her on her cheek, lingering a little longer than I should and whispered, “Good night sweetie” and took a step back.

I turned to leave but just before I did I picked up her clothes from the bed and placed them on her desk. I left the room and closed the door, leaving it slightly ajar so I could hear if she cried out, if she needed me. As I moved down the corridor I realised I had something in my hand – lifting it I saw – I had her tiny lace panties in the palm of my hand!

Part 2

I pushed the door of my room, went in, stepped out of my jogging bottoms and sat on the bed. I opened my hand to look at my prize, my soft lacy souvenir. I brought the tiny panties up to my nose and inhaled deeply picking up a slight scent of – musk? I placed them against my cheek and felt the softness as my hand slid into my pants, into my boxers, feeling the stiff shaft. I put the soft fabric ball in my mouth and rubbed myself slowly, my rampant urges overwhelming any feeling of guilt. I moaned softly as I pictured her stretched out naked body, her perfect proportions, her pale pink, white flesh and soft blonde hair. I let my body fall back on the bed as I rubbed my stiff vertical shaft. Oh god, if only I could…

“Daddy”, hd altyazılı porno came a cry from across the corridor, “Daddy!”

I jumped up, pushing my cock back in my boxers, striding to the door and across to Jessica’s room – pushing the door open. “You OK baby? What is it? Daddy’s here!”

“I feel sick!” she moaned softly.

“OK, give daddy a moment”, I pleaded then ran to my medicine cupboard, and the kitchen and back with tablets, bowl and glass of water within a minute.

“OK, now take these”, I placed two tablets on her tongue.

“And drink this”, I lifted her head slightly and put the water to her lips allowing her to swallow the tablets. I stroked her hair and after a while asked, “How you feeling now sweetie?”

There was no answer, she was fast asleep, breathing softly. I decided to stay with her in case she awoke. I carefully slid her to the side of her bed and lay next to her, forgetting my earlier inappropriate thoughts and actions, just wanting her to be safe and well.

I kept watching her, watching her breathing, stroking her hair, looking at her lips, her smooth cheeks, her shiny blonde hair, so pretty. She is fast asleep, she wouldn’t know if I… no I mustn’t, but, it would do her no harm if I…

My erection was back, I wanted to touch her so much! I wanted her to touch me. I slowly worked my hand under the edge of the quilt, slowly sliding it under, further, till my fingertips touched her breast, further, till my hand was on it, feeling it, cupping it, stroking it, and squeezing it gently. I played with her breasts, feeling the soft curves, feeling her nipples harden at my gentle touch.

Lifting the quilt further I could see my hand on her breast. I could see her arm at her side, her hand so close to me. I pushed myself closer. I took her hand and eased it up away from her side and opened her fingers, letting them rest and then close on my stiff shaft. Oh god! I stared intently at her face to detect any glimmer of waking as I placed my hand over hers and moved it up and down my erection. “Oh Jessica baby” I whispered imperceptibly under my breath, “Daddy loves you!”

With her fingers curled around my cock I lifted the quilt more, revealing her blonde tuft. I moved myself slightly lower and slowly reached my hand onto her smooth slightly rounded soft tummy, and slowly lower, lower, slowly sliding onto that tuft. I stroked in little circles then gradually moved my middle finger down onto the bud of her clitoris and lower to slowly rub the opening of her special little slit. After a while a slight moistness started to lubricate my finger allowing it to slowly curl and sink into the warmth of her special place. My finger was inside her, it was deep inside my Jessica, feeling the softness, the warmth of that special place. I moved my finger slowly in and out, curling and uncurling, exploring the warm wet hole, feeling her wetness.

Suddenly she groaned softly and I could see her eyelids flutter a little. In moments I had pulled out my finger, and pressed the quilt back into place taking her hand with it.

Her eyes slowly opened and a soft smile appeared.

Then her face reddened and she said, “I think I am OK now daddy, I’m sorry I drank so much, thank you for looking after me.”

“Always baby”, I smiled as I slowly sat up, relieved that I hadn’t been caught, careful to keep the front of my boxers out of sight. “Are you OK if daddy goes back to his room now?”

“Yes daddy”, she smiled softly as her eyes closed again and she drifted back to sleep.

I slowly left, closing the door softly behind me and returned to my room. I slipped into bed happy at the thought of where my finger had been. I lifted my hand in front of my face and looked at the carefully preserved glistening wetness. I sucked and inhaled as I finished myself off, wondering if I will ever get the chance to explore Jessica again, I hoped so!

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