The elevator lurched to a stop with a jerk as the lights flashed on and off for two seconds and then went off completely. A number of things happened simultaneously. I dropped the phone in my hand and heard the sound of cracking glass, my heel broke and as I lost my balance I fell against my co-passenger – and I felt a huge cramp in my right leg. I let out an involuntary scream more out of pain than fear. I tried to keep my leg straight and collapsed to the floor, blinded by excruciating pain. I think I tried to hold on to my co-passenger for support but within seconds I was in a sobbing heap on the floor of the elevator.

We were in complete darkness and the elevator was suspended between two floors, it was lurching occasionally and we could feel the tremors through the floor – but all I could think of in that moment was the blinding pain.

“Are you OK? Is there something I can do?” I heard a concerned voice through the haze of pain.

“My leg ….. cramp …. help ….” I almost sobbed out. I tried to reach the place where the cramp was and let out another shriek as the pain of stretching was unbearable.

“please … ” I was a mess by now.

I felt, rather than saw someone gently take my foot in his hands and take off my heels. I heard a dull thud as they were tossed to a side. His hands moved softly up my denim clad legs as he tried to massage the knotted muscle over my Jeans. I writhed in pain as he tried to unsuccessfully ease my pain over the thick material.

“Would it, ….. could you, …. should I take off my jeans, if you think you could do something… would it help” I whispered hesitantly, my only concern being free of the pain that was driving me crazy by now.

“Don’t do that, let’s see what we can do here, try and stand up or change position that might help”, came his authoritative voice out of the darkness.

I groped around a bit in the darkness and then my hands found his. I tried to stand up but couldn’t and collapsed to the ground again.

“I can’t”, I wept.

“Yes, you can. Try again now'” he held both my hands and as I tried to rise up from the floor, he probably got impatient with my feeble, weakened efforts. He put his hands under my underarms and raised me up almost as though I was a child or a rag-doll.

For the first time, I became aware of his strength, as his muscular body supported me. He helped me to stand against the wall of the elevator and put my hands on the railing. My eyes were slowly getting accustomed to the darkness and I could make out my surroundings. I noticed his gym bag lying in one corner and my phone smashed to pieces. He was a big built man, broad-shouldered, lean, and well-muscled. He was wearing track pants and a simple tee shirt, but still he looked strong. He towered over me and I was once again conscious of my diminutive 5’3″ petite frame.

He roughly ordered me to turn the other way and face the elevator wall, just as it gave another shudder. I looked at him questioningly, “the elevator” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a power outage and this building doesn’t have a backup. Once the power is restored, everything will be fine. We are only trapped here for a few more minutes. ” He tried to reassure me

“Now let’s look at that leg of yours, so just turn around. Trust me, I know what I’m doing”, he needn’t have said that. Somehow, I already did trust him.

I turned to face the wall, as he knelt down once again, his hands expertly moving over my stiff muscles, trying to get them to relax. I felt the tension drain out of my body as I gave in to his ministrations, I could already feel the knotted muscles relax and the pain subside a bit, when he stopped.

“No, good,” he said after a few minutes. “I can’t do any more over the thick fabric, can you step out of the jeans for a few minutes, like you suggested?” he asked me

“Look I wouldn’t ask if there was any other way, you can get dressed when the power is restored, and I promise not to look.” He sounded almost apologetic, “Not that I can see much” I heard him whisper under his breath.

But he needn’t have asked. I trusted him completely by now, and as I was unzipping my Jeans I heard him let out a slow gasp. I pushed my skin-tight Jeans down my hips but then I couldn’t bend more.

“I can’t bend, can you….” I left the question dangling.

In reply he wordlessly rolled them down and I immediately felt the pressure on my muscles relax.

“I wonder why you young girls wear such tight clothes”,

“Excuse me I’m not a young girl”, I protested, “I am 22 and am here to finalize the premises for my first business”.

“… and I’m 47, so you are still a young girl to me. I own this building and was coming over to meet a new tenant, but got delayed on the way from the gym”.

“Looks like you are in this mess because of me, so I need to make doubly sure you are alright”.

All the while his hand sarıyer escort had been kneading my calf muscles, his fingers finding one knot after other and easing them out. I was whimpering at times, sighing with relief and letting out small gasps, just focused on the feel of his hand on my thigh, by which he held my leg in place.

All of a sudden, the elevator gave a few jerks, slipped down a bit and again shuddered to a stop. I was once again thrown off balance. But this time he’d quickly straightened up and held me upright by throwing his body behind me. I was trapped between his body and the wall and I felt a warmth building inside me.

“This is not good, this is not good at all.” I could sense the worry in his voice. “Look can you stay still for a few minutes, just stay where you are.”

I watched as his hands probed some sort of a lever or a button on the sides of the elevator door, and then he pushed the door open. We both stared incredulously as we saw that the elevator had come to a halt midway between two floors. there was almost a five-foot gap between the floor of the elevator and the floor below. The stairwell and the rest of the building was completely dark. The only light available was his phone which he had switched on for giving light.

“We’ll have to climb out of here, do you think you can manage to jump down”, he asked me with what sounded like fear.

“I’m not sure”, I answered nervously, more afraid because he was afraid.

“OK! I’ll go first, you hold the phone to give light and then I’ll catch you”.

“I…o….ok”, I agreed even more afraid now, I didn’t want to be alone in that elevator for even a second without his reassuring presence.

My hands shook as he gave me his phone, and then he easily swung down to the floor below, landing safely.

My palms were clammy with sweat, ‘how did I sweat so much in just a few seconds’, I wondered,

“C’mon, now, there’s no time to delay”, he called out from that abysmal darkness.

I sat on the floor and then slowly slipped down, leaving his phone on the floor half in, half out, facing downward so he could see me.

He probably didn’t need the light, as he caught my foot and then slowly pulled me down. I felt my tee shirt ride up as I slid down in his hands – first my thighs, then my hips, my waist, the sides of my breasts, my lips were almost inches from his face when he pulled the t shirt above my head, over my arms and tossed it aside. I don’t know what came over me, that I put my hands around his head and lay my head on his shoulder, just savouring the feel of him.

…. and then the elevator fell down the shaft with a squeaky, thundering groan. The aftershock of the crash was so immense that he lost his balance and fell on his back with me on top of him. I could feel his heart beat violently as my head lay on his chest.

He rolled over and I lay under him, my body completely trapped under him and we both were panting hard, as we tried to steady our breathing. We lay there for several minutes like that, after what felt like an eternity, he asked,

Are you OK?

Yeah and you?

Your leg?

Your back?

Your phone?

Your clothes…

Are you OK?

And then our lips found each other. We both hungrily kissed each other as though our lives depended on it, like it was the first kiss of mankind, like it was the last kiss in this world.

His tongue probing my mouth, my hands running in his hair, trying to pull him deeper inside and closer, his hands roaming over my body, finding the clasp of my bra and releasing it, cupping my breasts, my hands trying to slip between us to the waistband of his pants, his hands slipping inside my underwear, kneading my hips, finding the crack in my ass cheeks, my hands inside his pants, finding his cock, stroking it, we both rolling on the floor, sometimes he on top of me and sometimes I on top of him – and still we kissed. At last we broke apart, lay next to each other, panting with unbridled passion, looked at each other, barely able to make out the faces and then we fell on each other again.

I hurriedly rolled down my underwear and threw away my bra, and he slipped out of his track pants, his hands finding their way to my sopping cunt, my hands reaching out to his cock. I was hungry to taste it, to feel him in my mouth, my pussy. His fingers slipped easily inside the folds of my lips and I was stroking his cock, massaging his balls, when he pulled me to him. I climbed on top of him and guided his hungry cock inside me. He was enormous and I had never felt so full in life. He guided me a bit as I rose up and down on his shaft taking more and more of him in each thrust. And then he rolled us over, making sure that he did not slip out of me.

My legs were wrapped around his waist now, but he pulled them up over his shoulder, pulled out of me little bit sefaköy escort and then thrust forward with his full strength as he buried his full length inside me.

“Ohhh God, yes”, I whimpered, and then again, he pulled out excruciatingly slowly and thrust in with full force. My head was rolling from side to side in a mixture of pleasure and pain. My eyes glazed over with passion, my back arched up to meet every one of his thrusts, my hands on his hips holding him both for support and pulling him in, his hands on my breasts, as he set a rhythm going. Soon we both felt the tide of passion carry us over the edge and I felt a ginormous orgasm building up inside me. He was probably in the same state because he quickened his speed and then we came crashing down from the peaks of our ecstasy as he spilled his seed deep inside my womb.

He then collapsed on top of me, and I once again wrapped my legs around his hips, my hands gently stroking his back, soothing him, as I felt his erection subside and slip out of me. Still we lay there on the floor in front of the gaping elevator shaft and the stairwell, just going over the incidents of last few hours, savouring each other’s body, revelling in the fact that we were both alive.

Slowly we became aware of our surroundings, the sounds of sirens in the distance, the clouds of dust and smoke that we had not noticed so far, far away sounds of people rushing in, climbing stairs.

“Looks like we are about to be rescued”, he said.

“I don’t want to be”

“What do you want then”

“Ummmm…..”. I buried my head in his arms and drew closer to him.

“We can’t lie here forever, or be found like this, come with me”, he said as he got up.

“C’mon be quick, they’ll be here soon”, he was insistent and I didn’t want this moment to pass. He half pulled, half carried me to the nearest door. It was locked. Another, then another, the feet were getting closer. He finally found an open door and pushed me, following closely behind as he pulled the door close. There was hardly enough space for both of us to stand, as it was a closet of some kind. “This was supposed to be the broom closet”, he whispered.

His proximity was again driving me crazy and I held him from behind, resting my head on his back, running my hands down his chest. I finally had the time to discover him. I felt the toned back, the taut muscles, abs, flat stomach,

Shhhhhhhh …. he put his hand on my mouth as he turned abruptly and slammed me against the wall.

whuuut, what, I was bewildered.

Be still, can’t you” he whispered

“No, I can’t”, my devil was leading me down a precarious path.

I was without a stitch on my back. I had just escaped a near death situation. I was locked in a broom closet of a nearly abandoned building with a complete stranger and all I could think of was my need to feel his cock inside me once again.

Perhaps it was panic, perhaps the reaction to the intense situations I had just been in, but I was crazed woman in that moment. And I was aware of his growing need for me, as I felt his hard shaft lying against my stomach. I tried to wriggle out of his firm grasp and slide down, but his grip was too firm for me.

“Please let me, I’ll be good I promise”, I begged him and almost wept with relief as he pushed me down. I knew that he was too big for me but the desire to take his manhood in my mouth had become a physical need. My jaws ached to be stretched to their limit, my lips felt on fire that could only be quenched by wrapping around his penis.

I licked my lips as I stared at his dick. It stood straight out from his groin. It was long and big enough around to be intimidating. I reached out and grabbed the beautiful cock before me with both hands and pulled it to my face.

I began licking the underside of it, with long strokes beginning at his balls and reaching the head. Then after each stroke I teased the eye with the tip of my tongue. I continued licking for a few more strokes, and then I sat up straighter and put my mouth over the head of his cock.

He pushed forward with his hips and finally I had a mouth full of warm hard cock. I let his prick explore my mouth for a few moments and then I pulled my head back, sucking on the beast as I withdrew.

And it felt so good.

I didn’t want to stop.

I dropped my head again, taking him in as far as I could while I jacked the remainder of his now saliva-covered shaft with my hands.

Then I pulled back, sucking again, and again, and again. Soon there was a regular pattern of my inhaling and sucking back on this big hard prick. By this time, he had both of his hands entangled in my hair, pulling my face to and from his groin as he fucked my face.

I could feel his prick swelling, when we became aware of the noises outside.

“Looks like they survived the crash”, a voice wafted şerifali escort in the stillness of the air.

“At least she did, we found a woman’s pants in the debris of the elevator and the rest of her clothes outside. She’s got to be somewhere around. Check all doors”.

I broke out in cold sweat. He pulled me up and just held me close, “not a sound” he whispered in my ear, “not even a whimper”. I nodded into his arms, once again finding my security in his strength.

We heard the men try one door after the other, kicking the locked ones, and then a thud on the door outside. I almost jumped, but he held me fast.

“Looks like they left”, their voices again invaded the silence.


“Yeah, I found a man’s track pants near the stairs’.

“It’s been quite some time since the crash, they must’ve left. Just secure the place and check the other floors for other survivors. We’ll come back in the morning to check if there are any other damages.”

The sounds faded away and I felt the tension drain out of me as I sagged into him. My hands and legs felt like they were made of jelly.

There was no way I could’ve explained to anyone why my pants were in the elevator, and I sure as hell didn’t want to be found in this condition by a group of strange men.

Suddenly the lights came on and I turned to look at my saviour. His hair was a warm auburn brown and his eyes also were a deep brown colour. He was tall, muscular, well-built but not beefy like those body builders. His body exuded strength and power.

I blushed as I felt his eyes travel over me. My shoulder length hair had come undone from the clip holding them and now lay in thin straggly strands – full of dust and sweat. His eyes travelled down to my full mouth, where a thin string of his cum had slipped out, conscious of his stare I nervously licked it. And then my breasts felt the fire of his scorching gaze, they perked up as though to invite him, i was all of a sudden acutely aware of how small they were, just a modest 34B, I tried to cover them, and he pulled my hands away, holding both my arms above my head in just one palm. With the other he fondled my, by now, aching breasts, His mouth descended to one perky nipple, his tongue flicking over it teasingly, his other palm almost covered my other breast entirely. He kneaded it, fondled it almost as though it was some kind of stress ball. “Perfect” I heard him whisper into my neck, as his lips descended to kiss me into the nape and then playfully bite down.

Then his hand went southward, slowly leaving a trail of fire down my stomach, his fingers scorching the rim of my navel, downwards over my neatly trimmed cunt, parting my nether folds, finding my clit and rubbing another fiery trail over it. I was whimpering and he pinched my clit as he commanded me to be as still as possible, jerking his head towards the door. I understood and bit down hard on my lips as he kept tormenting my inflamed body.

What’s your name, he asked as his fingers invaded my sopping cunt

My name…..

I had a name…….

He picked me up and lowered me onto his shaft, slowly pulling me up and lowering me as he set a rhythm

I don’t uuuuuuu……..



Bre …uhhhh….a……pleassssssssssssee uhhhh…..annaaaaa…………

“Well Breanna, I’m Paul”, he grunted as he filled my cunt with his seed for the second time that evening.

Sometime later, as we sat next to each other in the aftermath of yet another round of fucking each other, he suggested we get out of there. we searched for and found his tee shirt which he insisted I wear. It came almost to my mid thighs, and I was enveloped by the strong smell of his deo and sweat, unleashing another wave of desire.

We were only on the 6th floor, and as we tiptoed down the stairs, him leading the way and me following closely behind, we stopped at each floor to listen for sounds. Every so often we would stop to kiss each other or at other times he would push me against a wall, push up tee shirt and just suckle at my breasts or nip at them playfully. His naked body in front of me had me crazy with lust and I felt a trickle of my juices trailing down my leg. Soon we were in the basement, he made me wait by the stairwell, as he went to get his car.

I heard him revving up the car and wondered where he found the keys, soon I was hopping into it. He pushed the car seat back and just fell on me like a man denied food for so long, kissing, biting, fondling every inch of my skin, branding me with his ownership. I revelled in his touch, his power, his passion.

“Where to”, he asked after a few minutes

“I don’t know, I can’t go back to the hotel this way”

“My place”

“Your family”

“No one there”


I still didn’t know if he was married or not, was he alone temporarily or not, who was he, where did he live and I had blithely agreed to go to his place.

But come to think of it, he knew nothing about me either and he was taking me to his home (hopefully).

Well plenty of time to get to know each other in the morning. For now, I couldn’t wait to get in his bed and get better acquainted with him.

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