Confessions Ch. 05


Chapter 05 – Lance

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As I grow in age I find that the desires I once had have diminished. The lust between my wife and I had simmered down, the looks from other women non-existent. My hair is starting to whiten, and wrinkles are starting to form on my face. I looked in the mirror the other day and admitted it, I was aging, and time moved far faster than it did when I was younger.

I am happy with my life, always have been. I have a great career, and am almost to the top in the company. I have a great wife, always giving me the support I needed. And my two children keep me smiling most of the time. But something was missing. I had kids later in life than most people so that i could be successful in my career as it is very important to me.

It was last summer that my eyes opened for me. I was bringing my daughter to a friend’s house, and she was to stay there overnight. This was not an unusual occurrence for her, as she had slept over this friend’s house many times. I loaded her and her bag into my car and drove off to her friend’s house, about two miles from my own.

I pulled into the driveway, and we got out of the car. As usual her friend and the mother met us in the driveway. I received a half-hearted hug and the two kids ran off into the house and right out the backdoor to play. I smiled to Karina as they left, “Okay. Well, what time would you like me to get her tomorrow?”

She shrugged at me, “Whenever really. They will keep each other entertained for a while, and I have no plans.” She bit her bottom lip and gave me a smile, “Would you like to come in for a bit. I have fresh coffee.”

Ah yes, coffee, I do love coffee, and accepted the invitation happily. She led me into the small kitchen and set a cup before me. I put some cream and sugar in and took a sip. Yes this was great, sitting down with coffee, and being relaxed, “Thank you very much, this is great.”

She smiled as she welcomed me and sat down next to me, and I looked to her. She was a beautiful woman in her late twenties, Karina had long black hair, almond eyes. Her body was slim, and fit. I knew she worked out a lot, but I never noticed how fit she really was. I chuckled to myself as I examined her, how odd it was, I had never really taken her in before, never really thought about it.

She sipped her coffee and set it on the table, “What? What are you laughing at?”

I tried to think of something quick and did, “You know, I have always wondered, where is Jasmine’s dad? I don’t think I have met him before.” She let out a sigh and shook her head, “That’s a good question. He disappeared about three years ago, and I have not heard from him since.” I bit my tongue, that was stupid, I should have left it alone, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

She laughed, the laugh of an angel and patted my thigh lightly, “Oh, its fine. No worries right. I have been raising Jasmine by myself, we get along pretty well if you ask me.” I nodded, “You seem to do well. I never heard her complain.” She offered istanbul escort that sweet smile again, and I felt her hand caressing my thigh lightly, and I found that I liked it there, “Yup, just us two girls holding fort you know. No need for a man here.” I set my cup down and patted her hand softly, “No man in your life at all?”

She chuckled, “No, not for some time now.” I nodded my head slowly, “Wow, that’s surprising, not that I think you need one.” She cocked her head to the side and stared at me for a moment before she spoke, her fingers moved from my thigh to my hand and they ran over my skin, “Why would that be surprising.”

I shifted in my chair as I thought of my answer, she was beautiful, very sexy, and I could not tell her without it being a bit uncomfortable for the both of us. I was her daughter’s friend’s father, and a married man. Yet here I was sitting with this young woman, feeling the urge to tell her how hot she was, “You are a very pretty woman, and you have a good head on your shoulders, I would think men would be running for you.”

She giggled and moved her hand off mine, placing it on my arm and caressed my skin, “You are too sweet Lance. No, most men run when they see a child.” she shifted in her seat and I noticed we were both a little uncomfortable. She stood quickly and pointed to an adjacent room, “I have to fold some laundry. Feel free to come talk as I do it.”

She spun and moved away. I felt my eyes move down her body as she did so. I had met with her many times, but this time I was really taking her in, she was so sexy, and the jeans she was wearing showed her ass nicely. I shook my head to clear my thoughts, how can I think like that?

I stood quickly when she left my view and headed toward the room. I was going over the situation in my mind, how could I be looking at her this way? She was at least ten years younger than I, and I was married. Why was I thinking of how sexy, how hot she was?

I stepped into the room and bumped into her backside. She had been leaning over getting clothes out, and in my lost thoughts I did not notice and found myself against her. I grabbed out towards her, pure reflexes, and latched onto her hips to prevent her from falling, which pulled her tighter against me. I left my hands there, holding her close, more lost on what to do than anything else.

She let out a small squeak when we hit, and her breath was heavy for a moment, but returned quickly. She moved her hands to mine and pressed them. She took a deep breath and seemed to move her hips, grinding against me. I stuttered over my words, “Sorry. You okay?”

I tried to release her, but, she held me there as she spoke, “I am fine. Just startled me is all.” I felt odd holding her there, but I swear I felt her hips move again, and I was starting to grow in my pants. She was making me horny and wasn’t even trying. I stepped back slowly, making a bit of room between us.

She let a small hum escape her and backed up into me once more as she kadıköy escort spoke, her voice sweet, “Lance, are you uncomfortable being against me?” I chuckled nervously and felt her hips move again. I was growing fast, almost completely hard being against her ass, “it’s a little different Karina. Um, I didn’t mean to startle you. Um, do you think the kids are okay?”

She giggled again and moved my hand, I let her take it feely and she slid it under her shirt and placed it onto the soft skin of her stomach, “The kids are fine Lance. Do you know how long it has been since I have been touched?’ She moved her hips again and my breath deepened, “Is my stomach smooth enough?”

I caught my breath and caressed her stomach beneath her hand, “Yes, yes it is smooth enough. I can only imagine what it must be like, looking as hot as you and not being touched.” She had me in her grasp, I was caught, she was hot and I wasn’t hiding it anymore. The feeling of her against me was intoxicating and I liked it. I had not touched another woman for many years and the stimulation from it was beyond belief. She leaned her head back and turned her head to me, “will you touch me Lance? Can you let me feel like a woman again?”

I moved my face closer to her and kissed her lips as my response. She took my kiss freely, opening her mouth for me, and we deepened it. She pushed my hand down her stomach to her waist and my fingers unfastened her jeans effortlessly. I slid my fingers lower, unzipping her and moved beneath them, sliding my fingers over her silk panties.

She let out a small moan as my fingers began to tease her clit and she rocked her hips, pressing against both my fingers and my rock hard cock. Her hand slid behind her and she pressed it against my leg, “Oh god Lance, I want you so bad.”

Her words hit me hard, making my lust for her deepen. I moved my hands to her waist and pulled at her pants. She moved away from me just long enough for them to slide out from between us, then she pressed back against me. I slid my hand between her legs as her pants fell to the floor and ran my fingertips over her panties.

She moaned quietly into my mouth as my fingers slid beneath her panties and ran over her folds. I parted her with my finger and pressed one inside her. She was wet and ready for me, and I started to pump my hand as I added another finger. She rocked her hips as I fingered her, her mouth locked on mine, and separated for just a moment for her to speak, “Oh god Lance, do me Lance!” I withdrew my fingers from her, her words once again driving me. I moved to my knees behind her and slowly drew her panties down her long legs. I kissed her lower back softly, licked at her ass cheek, and she pressed against me.

I nipped at her and she spun to face me, lifting a leg onto my shoulder, she thrust her pussy to my face and I took it. I kissed her, then licked at her, my fingers moved to spread her lips for my mouth as her moans rained down upon me. I rolled my tongue over her until I felt her kağıthane escort beginning to shake, her breath was rapid and I slid my finger inside her and pressed my mouth to her clit, sucking on it. Her hand grasped the back of my head as she cried out in pleasure, sending waves of her orgasm through her body.

I continued to suck on her, my fingers pressing against her, deep inside her until she pushed me away and I looked up to her. Her face was flushed, her breasts moved rapidly with her breathing and her smile was large and inviting. She spoke softly, “Take me Lance, please take me, let me feel you inside me.”

I stood and her fingers went to my pants quickly unfastening them and letting them fall to the floor. I kissed her mouth as she stroked me through my boxers. Then she moved her hands to the waistband and removed them from me. She grabbed my cock and stroked me quickly. Her mouth moved from mine as she looked into my eyes, her own full of desire, “Please take me now Lance.”

I required little encouragement and lifted her up. She angled my cock and I lowered her onto me. She wrapped her legs around me as I moved forward placing her back against the wall and began to pump my hips. Our mouths connected as I pumped my cock inside her. She moved her hips against me, taking all of me, pushing against me, the wall holding us up. She moved her lips from mine as she pleaded with me, “Please Lance, take me hard, make me feel like a woman again.”

I moved faster, harder, my desire to please her growing with every hot breath that came from her. Her arms grasped onto my shoulders, and her legs locked around my hips as she rode me. He mouth sucked in my tongue as my thighs smacked against her. She released my mouth as she spoke again, “Oh yes lance, make me cum Lance, I’m going to cum Lance, oh god yes!”

She latched her mouth to my neck and bit it as I felt her tightening and loosening on my cock, her orgasm taking her words, her breath, and I moved harder and faster, slamming into the wall behind us. I felt myself drawing closer to my own orgasm and moved my hands to her ass and squeezed her. Her breaths were quick and she moved her hips in response to me. I felt my orgasm climb my cock and released myself inside her with a loud moan. She bucked harder at me, bringing my climax to unimagined greatness. I felt wave after wave of me enter her, and she moaned and gasped with each one. My thrusting slowed and she slowly rotated her hips on me as I began to soften inside her. She looked to me, her smile wider than I had ever seen, “Thank you Lance. You were wonderful. I have wanted you to do that for so long.” I smiled as I slid her off me, and kissed her soft lips, “Thank you Karina, I had no idea how bad I wanted to touch you.”

She returned my kiss and nipped at my chin, “I did. We better get dressed before the kids know we are not around.” I smiled and we dressed quickly and moved back into the kitchen. She straightened her clothes and guided me to the front door, “Yes, around noon would be great. After they have lunch of course.” I nodded as I exited her home, and gave her a smile of satisfaction, “Sounds great, anytime you want her to visit, just call.” She closed the door, offering one more sweet smile, and I moved back to my car. I took a deep breath as I started down her driveway, suddenly hoping my daughter would visit her friend every day.

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