Blossoming Ch. 04


It’s hard to know who was more nervous, especially after their last little get together with Anna after Nic’s intensely vivid dream more or less came true. Either way, here they were standing at the door of Entice on Riley…one of “classier” establishments in which singles or couples could go and be pampered by a girl of their choosing.

They had never done this before, and to say that there was a little trepidation surrounding the adventure would be an understatement but that trepidation also brought with it an immense amount of sexually charged excitement. It was the kind of excitement that neither of them had thought possible given the way they were so into each other and that nothing seemed taboo (aside from the usual), and both felt so comfortable with each other.

They stood outside the door and looked at each other, not in a way where the looks they gave each other were a signal to pull out, but a look that said “I’m so in love with you and feel so good around you that we are going to love this”.

Mark knocked on the door, never taking his eyes off Nic’s. The sensations flying through his body were bordering on being overwhelming. He had fantasised about something like this for a long time, and although they had their “fuck buddy” Anna, who, for all intents and purposes were both head over heels with mainly because of the sheer sexual delight she provided for both of them.

Nic stood there never taking her eyes of Mark waiting for the door to be answered, her head swimming in anticipation of what was to come, or cum….Not unlike the man that she could not get out of her head, standing next to her, the feelings, thoughts, and sensations rocketing through her were intoxicating and she was loving it.

They had found Lana after a debauched night of seeing who could out-do who with the horniest pictures or videos they could find on the internet. Needless to say it turned into a complete fuckfest that lasted until sunrise when, exhausted they jumped in the pool for an early swim, had a couple of hours sleep together and then woke up and did it all again.

The door opened in a manner somewhat reminiscent of an old horror movie when the overly tall, ugly and downright freaky servant answers and in a voice that sounds like a man with extra balls says..yeeeeesss. Only this time, there was no overly tall freak with a deep voice, but a very attractive and coquettish woman in what looked to be her 40’s who seemed to know just who they were and that istanbul travesti they were expected. Nicole relaxed at once. This woman was so graceful and elegant and downright attractive that the nervous couple relaxed at once and almost as if in a trance followed her inside.

Once inside the door, their senses were heightened thanks to the atmosphere created by the heady mixture of incense, low light and soft intoxicating music that wafted its way lazily through the rooms. Nic all of the sudden felt that all too familiar of dampness and tingling at the centre of her womanhood.

She wanted to tear her clothes off and just fuck something but she knew that would be inappropriate. Tonight was going to be special. Nic had spoken to Lana a couple of times over the phone and from their first conversation, she felt immediately at ease with her. Her voice was incredibly sexy and she sounded very sincere when they spoke about each other’s attraction to women. Nic was satisfied that Lana wasn’t just stringing her along and that she actually enjoyed the company of other women….that’s all that Nic needed. The last conversation with Lana had Nic in a lather which she had to attend to the moment she hung up the phone.

And now, here they were, being led through the ornately appointed hallways of Bliss, drinking in the atmosphere and hanging on to each other’s hands like their lives depended on it.

Mark’s cock was as hard as a rock, but that was nothing new. The only thing that he did know was that there was a river of pre-cum now making its way to the inside of his jeans leaving nothing to the imagination and essentially suggesting to anyone looking at him that he was a horny as hell.

The woman who answered the door poured them each a glass of champagne and told them to sit in the lounge area while she went and got Lana. They sat, a little nervous but more out of excitement and apprehension. The place was all class; there were no magazines on the coffee tables, no televisions playing cheap porn, and no overpowering cheap perfume. Instead there were books of erotic fiction on shelves and art on the walls that were very provocative but also very tasteful.

The low key items around the room couldn’t quell the heat building between Nic’s legs though, and she could also feel the first tiny droplets of sweat building up and running down between her breasts, which by the way were aching to be handled and sucked and whatever else came at them (or on them).

A istanbul travestileri door to the side of the room opened and in walked the madam followed closely by a young and gorgeous blonde girl with a gorgeous figure and wonderful looking tits that Mark just knew Nicole was going to go crazy over.

“Nicole….Mark…I would like you to meet Lana”, the Madam said to them and their eyes devoured the gorgeous figure standing before them. Lana looked to be in her late 20’s or maybe early 30’s. She had a slight French accent which Nic knew Mark would lose his mind over and a smile that would stop traffic.

Lana went straight over to Nicole and kissed her on each cheek in that typical European way and held her hand and said hello as if they were old friends. She then turned to Mark and did the same thing but this time ran a hand enticingly down over his chest as she sad hello.

The Madam left them all to get to know each other.

Lana suggested another glass of champagne to which Nic and Mark eagerly accepted and they all sat and the conversation just seemed to flow. This all seemed a little too easy, but they were all so comfortable with each other. Nic and Mark were in heaven.

The idle chat continued for about another 15 minutes until Lana suggested that the three of them retire to her room upstairs. This was it, the moment that Nicole and Mark had been waiting for. The hint of moisture between Nicole’s legs had now become a river and she could actually feel her juices running down the insides of her thighs……nice. Mark on the other hand had an erection like he couldn’t remember to the point where it was almost painful.

Lana led the way, walking seductively in front of the two lovers as if she were a temptress enticing them with the deliciousness of her arse and the scent of her sex. Needless to say that Nicole and Mark seemed to just float along behind her, hand in hand, their heads swimming with possibilities.

They arrived at the door of Lana’s room but before they went inside Lana turned to the two, looked deep into the eyes of Nicole first, put her right hand behind her head and drew her face to Nicole’s and kissed her deeply and with a passion that almost sent Nic over the edge…Mark stood there and watched in amazement at the scene in front of him. He could never get over (as with most men) the fact that when two women were together sexually, the whole thing just seemed right. The sensuousness of it, travesti istanbul the soft skin, the gentle curves, the perfumes…just the way that women care for themselves… really does get in touch with a males feminine side ……weird but true.

Lana was not going to let Mark get away without a kiss and after what seemed like an eternity, she broke of her kiss with Nicole and turned her attention to Mark. Mark closed his eyes and went almost into an instant trance but he tends to do that when he kisses….he loves kissing. While she kissed him, Lana’s hand made it way slowly down Mark’s torso and rested lovingly on his hard cock, feeling the swell through the front of his pants. He could feel the pre-cum running from the head of his cock, and later when he looked down, it looked as though he had wet himself….this was going to be good.

They went inside and found themselves in what was possibly the most tastefully decorated room they had ever been in, Soft furnishings, soft lighting, art on the walls, music that seemed to come from some faraway place….the whole room was made for a sexual journey…..all aboard.

They made themselves comfortable leaving their jackets on a chaise lounge, and Lana poured more drinks….she then turned her attentions once again to Nicole who accepted without protest….if Mark wasn’t mistaken, Lana really seemed to be quite attracted to his lover, which, he thought made sense as Nicole was quite possibly the most sensual and sexual woman he had ever met. He watched the two women intently and could see his lovers nipples stiffen under Lana’s attention, and that unmistakable look in Nicole’s eyes that seemed to scream for Lana to touch her…he knew that she wasn’t far off giving herself over to the two of them…..this was going to be some night.

Lana, once again kissed Nicole deeply, but this time placed her arms on Nicole’s shoulders and pulled her in close. Slowly and with such gentle loving she then proceeded to push the straps of Nicole’s dress off her shoulders and down her arms until it was around her waist leaving Nicole standing there in the new bra that she had bought just for tonight. The material was sheer, with light embroidered roses on it which was actually bought for her by Mark. He chose this set because the material was virtually completely transparent which afforded him the luxury of being able to see his lover in lingerie which he loved as well as being able to see her breasts and pussy through them.

God she was beautiful.

Lana kept going and slowly pushed the rest of Nicole’s dress to the floor leaving her standing there in her bra and G-string……so vulnerable, so beautiful………..and so wanting to cum. But that wouldn’t be long…….

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